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Australian designed, made and celebrated, Zipscreen has thrived to deliver cutting-edge technology and go beyond the average outdoor shade solution. Developed in 1988, our patented zip-guided system, z-LOCK™, is the only one of its kind and has prevailed over the last 3 decades to be one of our most distinguishable differences, and a true benchmark for our innovative design. Since then, our modern technology, has been continuously refined over the last 30 years to deliver only the highest quality products and solutions. Thanks to our dedicated Innovation and Design Center, we’re constantly finding new ways to design, lock, control and install our shades, to ensure our end result is easy-to-use, contemporary and perfectly suited to your needs.

The zip screen can be installed in front of the window either in a concealed, top-mounted box, or in a visible, surface-mounted box. The guide rail, with 25 mm the narrowest on the market, integrates in. Remove ZIP-ROLL Screen from the carton and unfold on the floor with the head strip on top. Assemble bottom plastic tubes with connectors and slide into the bottom pocket of the screen. Refer to Figure 2. Measure across the top door facing and mark the center of the opening. Refer to Figure 3A. The ZIP SCREEN is a unique screen system. With its sophisticated technical design, it creates a modern touch to administrative buildings and family homes. Thanks to the special stitching of the fabric in the side guidance, the ZIP SCREEN basically increases the roller blind’s resistance to wind. A zip screen is a custom made screen for outdoor areas or windows. These automatic shades are fully encased in an aluminum frame that allows for them to be electronically raised or lowered to your liking. They are sturdy and custom made to meet the.

Committed to delivering state-of-the-art solutions for homes and businesses, Zipscreen has helped re-imagine thousands of commercial and residential properties around the world. See why we’re trusted by thousands and visit your local retailer to experience the Zipscreen difference, today.

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30 years of history, innovation and design, tailored to perfectly fit you…

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When it comes to keeping patios comfortable and free of insects and other pests, zip screens are becoming the choice of more and more consumers. Unlike conventional shades of years past, today's zip screens are made to be not only functional, but also fashionable. Using the latest technology, zip screens can be installed in both existing buildings, as well as those that are just being built. Whether it's using the latest in smart home technology to control the shades through mobile devices, relying on collision detection systems that keep the shades from being damaged, or having them be resistant to wind speeds up to 80 miles per hour, installing zip screen shades can turn virtually any patio into a paradise.

Solar Protection

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While sitting on a patio can be fun and relaxing, it can be difficult to enjoy the experience when the sun is making the area unbearably hot. To keep this from happening, zip screen shades offer solar protection, enabling them to keep covered areas much cooler, often as much as 20 degrees cooler. But by having a retractable system, you'll always have the option to raise or lower the shades as you wish, creating the perfect area for relaxation and entertainment.

Easy Installation

While this system may sound as if the installation process may be difficult, it's anything but that. With three different types of installation options, customers can get the exact look they desire for their patio. For example, if choosing surface mount installation, which is the most common method for pre-existing buildings, the zip screen is applied to the wall with mounting fasteners. But for some customers, in-wall installation is their preference. With this method, railing and other installation hardware are hidden inside a wall. Most often used for buildings that are currently being built, it can provide a clean look that many people prefer. However, whatever method is chosen, zip screens can be installed on many different types of surfaces, making them perhaps the most versatile shades on the market today.

Reflect Your Personality

To ensure the shades you choose do indeed reflect your personality, Rollac zip screen shades offer many types of fabrics and colors. From standard and twill-weave fabrics to colors that can be neutral or bold to coincide with your building and personality, Rollac shades offer a durable mesh that will stay looking great for many years to come.


If you're like most people in today's modern homes, you know all about the many benefits of smart home technology. While many people use this to help control appliances, lighting, garage doors, and windows and doors, many consumers are discovering the same technology is now applied to Rollac zip screen shades. By downloading the myLink app to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, it's possible to operate the shades whether you are at home, on the job, or at the grocery store. Thus, if you're planning an evening of entertaining friends after work, simply use myLink to raise or lower the shades on your patio, creating the perfect environment you and your friends will enjoy.

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See for Yourself

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If what you've read sounds intriguing, then it's time to see for yourself what makes Rollac zip screen shades the perfect addition to your home. By visiting today, you'll be able to download brochures, installation methods, and much more. And if you like, you can fill out the online contact form, which will allow your questions to be answered by an industry expert. Or if you like talking to a live person, you can pick up your smartphone and call toll-free 1-888-276-5522.