Zindagi Gulzar Hai

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  • Zindagi Gulzar Hai. 10M likes 14,838 talking about this. Written By: Umera Ahmed-Produced By: Momina Duraid-Directed By: Sultana Siddiqui.
  • Zindagi Gulzar Hai is a great Pakistani serial about love and family life. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry, but its greatest asset is that it will make you THINK!

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We all can agree to the point that classic Pakistani hit show “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” has paved the way for the Pakistani serials in Indian drawing rooms. The show was a mega-hit in Indian sub-continent due to the relatable issues & simplicity of the characters. From regressive patriarchal society to women’s issue, these topics literally connected the audience of both the countries. The struggle story of a young lower-middle-class girl ‘Kashaf Murtuza’ & her family of two sisters & one old mother, working day & night to survive the wrath of this harsh world, where her father abandoned them to full-fill his desire to have a ‘son’. Facing all kinds of hardships, set by the patriarchal society, Kashaf was determined to give a better life to her family & prove that you don’t need a son to look after your family. On the other hand, the main male lead ‘Zaroon Junaid’ coming from a well-privileged family have different rather regressive opinion on women. The story unfolds between the two polar opposite characters & how they come together to make their ‘Zindagi Gulzar’.

But despite all these path-breaking factors in the story, there are some elements in the show which were really problematic & due to the positive storyline these elements either went unnoticed or the writers just simply got away with it, as it’s a regressive yet common practice in both the countries. So let’s discuss “5 problems went unnoticed in classic hit “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”.

1) The idea of a perfect life– ​often you have noticed that ‘Kashaf’ proclaimed the idea of a happy life doesn’t require the wedding picture, Meaning you don’t have to marry, to live a happy life. Life is beyond that. But the same girl often compares her fate with her sister ‘Sidra’ who didn’t have to face many struggles in her life as she was married at a young age.

Inessa task chair. 2)The stereotype of independent women– ​one thing on which we all can agree is the portrayal of stereotypical ‘independent women’, the one who wears western clothes, who goes for parties, who put forward her thoughts fearlessly, basically a natural thing which every human does. But what is shown the serial is really problematic as the three women- Zaroon’s mother, his sister ‘Sara’ & Zaroon’s fiance ‘Asmara’, who all had the same traits, good fashion sense, free spirit lifestyle & outspoken nature, also the most notable thing which was common between them was, they all failed in their relationships, where Zaroon’s mother failed as a mother & a wife, Sara got divorce from her husband & ‘Asmara was dumped by Zaroon, all just because these women were outspoken & fearless, who wanted to live their life on their own terms. But according to the makers of the show, if a woman is ‘independent’ she will never succeed in her personal life, she will fail as a mother as a sister & most importantly she won’t be a “wife-material”.

3) The same old pitting women against women- ​ we have to grow up from the typical ‘cat-fight’ show, it has been our guilty pleasure to see two women fighting, but now enough of this woman against woman drama. As in the show, ‘Nigar’ Kashaf’s stepmother envies ‘Rafiya’ Kashaf’s biological mother, Nigar was often plotting against Rafiya for no reason at all. There was no need for this plot, it was just introduced to put ‘masala’ content in the show.

4) Zaroon & his attitude-​ now talking about the protagonist of the show ‘Zaroon Junaid’. Zaroon was the typical chauvinist in the show who himself admitted that he had a problem with outspoken, free spirit girls & he would prefer to be a “chauvinist” rather than a “slave” of a woman. First of all not objecting a woman or anybody for that matter of fact will make you their “slave” its called minding your own business, secondly how can someone openly admit the fact of being a sexist chauvinist & be ok with that. From objecting Asmara’s ‘western clothes’ to stopping his own sister for going out in the night, with full authority. Who gave you the authority to direct someone else’s life! & the worst part is that he remained this sexist hero till the end. For his own misunderstandings, Kashaf had to reconcile with him, there should be no ego in a relationship & one should do anything to save their loved ones, but this principle applies to both & not just the girl. In the end ‘chauvnisim= 1, feminism= 0’

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5) The husband is always right– lastly, the most problematic plot of the story was the fight between Zaroon & Kashaf. now I’m not saying couples don’t fight but here the reason behind the fight is complicated as when Zaroon finds out that his friend Osama had proposed Kashaf (which she declined) he got angry on her without uttering a single word to his friend who approached her first, because it’s easier to take out your frustration on your ‘wife’ rather than asking your own friend right! But on the similar situation, he expects his wife to understand “why he was hiding his meetings with his ex-fiance”. what was the message the makers want to give? that you should be an understanding wife even if your husband is hiding things from you or you should be apologetic for things you haven’t even done. The unapologetic husband wins ultimately as Kashaf says ‘sorry’ at the end (god knows for what).

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No doubt that Zindagi Gulzar Hai was a breath of fresh air in Indian drawing rooms & it broke many stereotypes, from having a greedy desire for a male child to proving that women don’t need a man to look after them. But these are some points which were necessary to highlight, as it’s not ok to normalize daily sexism in a society who is itself a victim of age-old patriarchal practices.