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Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 10th march 2020

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s Shivangi Joshi calls 2020 ‘roller coaster’ in emotional note & gears up for 2021 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai PROMO: Naira to die in upcoming twist; Kartik. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai makers are keeping the audiences hooked to the show with latest twists and turns. With Shivangi Joshi aka Naira's death, makers introduced new characters Sirat, who is.


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The Episode starts with Suwarna feeding sweets to everyone. Dadi says its good Samarth will get his own blood now. Gayu gets upset and goes. Naira stops her. Gayu cries and hugs her. Gayu says Vansh and I didn’t get the right place in this house, what’s Vansh’s mistake, if anyone tells him that he isn’t from this family, then what will happen. Naira says no one will tell him that he isn’t a Goenka. Lav hears this and is shocked. He goes. Gayu says after baby comes, Samarth and everyone can get more biased. Naira says no, don’t think negative, stay happy, I will care for you. Kush asks what. Lav says I heard Naira saying it. Kush says he is Vansh for us, it doesn’t matter. Lav says he isn’t a Goenka. They see Kairav and Vansh at the door.

Vansh says sorry to disturb you, dad asked us to give you sweets, I think the baby should be a boy. Kairav says it should be a girl. Lav gets irritated. Kush asks them to stand at once place and talk. Kairav asks shall we celebrate now. Lav says let the baby come first, thank God we both came together, Mansi was jealous as we got more love. He goes on a call. Kush says Lav was just joking. He goes. Kairav says Lav was joking, everyone loves Naksh and Naira.


Vansh says everyone loved you more. Kairav says everyone loves you, will you not love me when your little brother comes. Vansh says you are my best brother. Kartik lifts Naira. He says why are you surprised, we are married, first romance and then a child. She says you are so shameless. He says you will ask me to leave now, fine then, do your work. She says I have no work, what were you saying, romance…. He says you have no interest. She says I have interest, its fine if you have no interest. He holds her hand. Chukar gai….plays… They hug and romance. Lav asks Trisha did she win for the first time that she is so happy. Kush says leave it. Lav taunts her. She also taunts him. They argue. She goes. Kush says forget it. Lav says I will not leave her. He calls Kairav and Vansh for a game. Naira comes. Kairav asks Vansh not to tell anything to Naira.

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Naira asks what’s happening. Lav says nothing, bro code. Naira says its good, bonding started. Lav asks Kairav to throw the balloon, they will shoot a video. Naira comes. Kairav throws balloons. Naira gets hit. Lav, Kush and Vansh hide. Naira asks Kairav what’s happening, come here. Kairav says nothing. Naira laughs and says why did you get so scared, I was joking, smile. Trisha says Naira doesn’t scold if we do mischief, we used to trouble Naira in ashram. Naira says play well, but don’t hurt anyone. She gets hit by another water balloon. She asks who is this. Kartik says so much favoritism, different reactions, you have smiled when Kairav did this and scolded me, very dad, anyway, its fine. They have a moment. Dadi asks them to listen. Kartik says everyone has become an enemy of my romance. Naira goes. Kush says we got saved, Naira is cool. Lav says I think it was for Kairav, if we do this, it will look misbehavior, we couldn’t make any video. Kush says let it be. Trisha looks on. He says so they did that mischief, what problem Lav has with me. Naira says its Lav and Kush’s birthday tomorrow. Akhilesh says you remember. She says yes. Kartik says she planned their birthday. They talk of Lav and Kush’s childhood. Everyone smiles. Surekha says they grew up so soon, maybe because they went away.

Naira says sorry, I m the reason for this. Kartik says they were sent to hostel because of our separation, I wish to get their old days back. Samarth asks them to forget t and plan something. Naira says they will always be before Kairav for me. Manish says do something youthful like Lav, Kush and me. Suwarna says yes, he is the youngest. Kairav and Vansh make cards for Lav and Kush. Vansh asks where are you going, mumma and Papa. Samarth says we are going to doctor, Gayu needs to get check up done regularly. Vansh says I will also take mumma, I m elder brother. He prays for baby. He says I thought of girl and boy’s names, I kept toys safe. Kairav says I will tell my mum and dad to get a small baby for me. He goes. Kartik and Naira romance. Kairav comes shouting. They get away. Kairav says its urgent. Naira asks what do you want. Kairav says small baby. Kartik asks what’s the urgency. Kairav says Vansh is getting a baby, I also want a baby, but not a brother, I want a sister. Kartik and Naira recall their baby girl.

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Kairav says I want a sister and goes. Kartik and Naira cry and hug. He consoles her. He says who knows, we get a baby girl, we shall plan Lav and Kush’s birthday now. She says it will be superhit. Lav and Kush come for the puja. They greet everyone and hug. They do the aarti. Kairav prays to get a little sister. Kartik smiles and sees Naira. Dadi blesses Lav, Kush and everyone. Dadi says we shall have breakfast and then go to temple. Manish says we got late for office. Kartik says yes, we have many meetings lined. They all go. Kush says they forgot our birthday. Lav says yes, they didn’t wish us, even mumma forgot. Kairav and Vansh scream. Everyone sings and wish Lav and Kush. They get happy. Naira thinks this is just the start, see what happens. Kartik thinks your happiness will be restored.

Kairav says let us try this. Lav says Naira shouldn’t know. They party with friends. Kairav and Vansh get the drinks. Kartik shouts stop. Kartik and Naira look on.

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