Xxl Vacuum Seal Bags

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  2. Don’t fill Space Bag ® products beyond the “Fill Line.” To vacuum out the air, use standard vacuum cleaner hose over the valve. For Travel Bags, no vacuum is required as compression is activated by rolling the bag. Down-filled items should only be reduced to 50% as further compression can damage down.
  3. Instructions: Directions Fill the bag with pillows, sweaters, blankets and other items. Use the Ziploc seal to secure your items. Vacuum air out through the valve. For travel bags, roll out the air. Store, stack, or hang your Ziploc Space Bag almost anywhere! Fabric Care Instructions: none. Explore this item.
  4. Jumbo XXL Vacuum Storage Bags, 47 x 35' Space Saver Bags for Clothes, Comforters or a Mattress Topper, Thick & Strong XXL Size (3 XXXL bag pack) 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,643 $20.95 $ 20.
Xxl Vacuum Seal BagsJumbo vacuum sealer bagsXl vacuum seal bagsSeal

XXL Vacuum Storage Bags for XL Cushion Packing or Bedware, The Largest Space Saver Bag size made by Vacwel (4 XXL Size Bags Pack) 4.3 out of 5 stars 266 $19.95 $ 19.

Jumbo Vacuum Seal Bags For Clothes



We love our memory foam mattresses, but that love is often lost when it comes time to pack and move it. The combination of weight and lack of structure can make memory foam mattresses difficult to handle, especially when it becomes necessary to move them in and out of tight spaces. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to compress your memory foam mattress down and roll it up, the same way it came from the factory? We created the VacuFlat Mattress Bag for just that purpose. Our bags allow you to compress your mattress to a fraction of the original size, making it significantly easier to move, ship, or store.

Xl Vacuum Seal Bags

Did you know that storing your memory foam mattress on it’s side may damage it and void your warranty? Memory foam mattresses consist of multiple layers of different density foams that are sandwiched and adhered together. When a memory foam mattress is stored on end, it can cause these foam layers to separate. Eve online api key. Worse yet, storing a memory foam mattress on its side for any length of time may void the manufacturer’s warranty on your mattress. Don’t take that chance — pack it in a VacuFlat Mattress Bag.

Hefty Xxl Shrink-pak Vacuum Seal Bags 4-pack

Note: Before purchasing a VacuFlat Mattress Bag, please check with your mattress manufacturer to ensure that compressing and storing your mattress in a VacuFlat Mattress Bag will not void its warranty.