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Having successfully installed and tested the components within XAMPP, I now want to begin testing some of the web pages I've authored that have SSI, use PHP scripts and will access a MySQL database. I'm completely new to all this (I simply let XAMPP do the configuration and answered the questions on the command line to the best of my ability - thank God it didn't present a bible for me to swear on before answering the questions . I was reading an article at http://www.devshed.com/c/a/Apache/Configuring-and-Using-the-Apache-HTTP-Web-Server-on-a-Windows-XP-PC/1/ which made the following statements:
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On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 10:36:42 +0100, bob XAMPP in WIndows Vista environment. Start xampp (apache & mysql) Verify localhost page in browser Remove any 'MyDomain' from htdocs folder Start Netbeans.Copy support failed. Continue?. messege appears. View htdocs folder for copied files. MyDomain is created and files copied except files located in 'images', 'mobile' and 'templates' folder. As said above, place your Drupal files (or any other php folder or files in 'htdocs' which is the Xampp root folder. When installing Xampp, you will be asked if u want to set Apache & Mysql as a 'service', which would be wise, so they start automatically on starting your PC, OTHERWISE you can start them manually via the Xampp control panel.

Additionally, you need to at least make some minor changes to the configuration file in order to enable SSI includes and CGI, which of course, you want to do (don’t you?)
But first a little groundwork; in the My Documents folder, create a folder called My Website, and within that, create a folder called localhost. Now create two folders in the localhost folder; one called www and one called cgi. That’s your directory structure set up.

I should say, first, that I normally don't use the My Documents folder for anything other than what Windows prefers to store there (and, frequently I even redirect those files.) The website I'm developing lives on another partitionfolder: J:webroot, which Windows recognizes as a web folder. Inside that live all my web pages and subfolders like databases, scripts, css, images, includes, etc. The XAMPP folder structure is in yet another partition: K: (I have setup my drives to separate/partition different classes of applications and data, which are numerous.)

Xampp Webroot

So, my questions are the following:
(1) Is the quoted article accurate?
(2) If so, where, in relation to the J:webroot folder do the folders referred to go? (This is somewhat confusing, because, even though I assume that his 'My Website' folder equates to my J:webroot folder, I thought that localhost was configured in the WindowsSystem32driversetchosts file and simply gave an IP address for localhost.)
(3) Do I also need to modify the hosts file? If so, how?
Xampp Webroot(4) Do I need to modify any configuration files within XAMPP? If so, which ones and which directives, etc.?
(5) Finally, is there anything else I'm not knowledgable enough to ask but need to attend to?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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