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Upvote for the coldfusion note. If you install cf, apache looks for the service (i don't know the technical details). If the service doesn't start up or is stopped, apache will hang for exactly 15 seconds, which is the timeout. I was trying to speed up my localhost by not running the cf service, but added 15 seconds to every request! I suppose i should also comment out the LoadModule for. The main cause for slow xampp on windows is the MySQL service and the slow access times slow the whole page loading process. I used the MySQL ini file my-huge.ini and these settings from the drupal site both the PHP and innodb. Other settings might of been applied at testing but I dont think so.

I'm using XAMPP for Windows 5.6.21-0 in Windows 10 with latest updates.
Currently I'm working in a website made with last version of Wordpress.
But it doesn't a matter what version of Xampp I use, or what kind of web I develope: Xampp always is very slow.
For example, Worpress is unable to do some massive changes in posts, as author. Because when I select more than 3 posts at the same time and run the change Xampp is so slow that at the end Worpress returns just a blank page without doing any changes.
I'm using Xampp from more than 10 years now, and I've been having this kind of problems since minute 1.
Not matter if I use Windowx XP, 7, 8 or 10. Not matter if I use Symantec AV, ESET, or Windows Defender.
Xampp is always been slow after clik on any link, or I try to reload a page in localhost.
Lastly I modified file host to add this line:

But it doesn't fix the problem.
I really feel envy when I see videos of developers showing how their plugins works: most of them works with Mac and Wordpress and I can see that combination really goes fast.
I have not a lack of HW resources in my PC. I'm using Windows 10 and Windows Defender, and I excluded Xampp directory from Windows Defender.
I also permitted any kind of ports in Windows Firewall from Apache.
I don't know what else I can do to accelerate Xampp in my PC.
Any help will be appreciate.
Thank you!I've been quite the happy XAMPP user for about seven or so years now, and I recommend it to pretty much anyone who even remotely thinks about getting into web development.
And for years I've just had a standard cable connection, and I was always able to easily saturate the small 1-4mbps upspeed that I've had.
Late last year I've gotten a 35/35 fiber line and noticed that this Windows machine can barely upload at all, I tend to just shove files onto a Linux machine before sending things to people, since the other machines have nearly no limitations on it's upload. And judging from the use of torrents, or speedtest ( http://www.speedtest.net/result/1328102468.png ) it's only apache that's suffering from slow upstream.

Xampp Showing Error

Notice that the IPs are the same, Both are real machines not VMs, and both are using Apache
Xampp slow downloadThe windows machine is significantly slower than the Linux machine is, the XAMPP setup is pretty much stock when it comes to the apache setup. And a stock setup gives the same results anyways.

Xampp Slow Motion

XAMPP is running under Win7 64bit, with a quad3.0ghz and 8GB of ram, the server is significantly faster than the other Linux machine

Xampp Slow Drive

Xampp Slow Drive

I've tried googling for any information regarding slow upload speeds for apache/windows, but the majority of things are for Win2003 issues, and ignorant people with slow upstreams on their connections.

Xampp Slow Wordpress

I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything specific that might help resolve this issue, I've done things like tweaking various network settings and the such.