Xampp Oracle 11g

enable oci8 in php.ini

PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C: xampp php ext, On the Instant Client download page, the next line after the download link for instantclient-basic-nt- states: The 12.2 Basic With Oracle 12c libraries use extension=phpoci812c.dll or extension=phpoci811g.dll or extension=phpoci8.dll. Only one of these DLLs may. Oracle Instant client download, extract and set ENVVARIABLE (i have tried with 32bit and 64bit) Copy all.dll files from oracle instant client folder to c: xampp php and c: xampp php ext. 6pm serial. File c: xampp php ext phpoci812c.dll exists.

info in xamppConectar xampp con oracle 11g
OCI8 Support enabled
Version 1.4.7
Revision $Id: bf2eaf558b050b6d2e6d098bed6345af7e842ea4 $
Conectar xampp con oracle 11gActive Persistent Connections 0
Active Connections 0
Oracle Run-time Client Library Version
Oracle Instant Client Version 11.2
Temporary Lob support enabled

Conectar Xampp Con Oracle 11g

Collections support enabled

Xampp Oracle 11g

i create php file to test connection with oracle, but get error
Warning: oci_connect(): ORA-24315: illegal attribute type in C:xampphtdocscartindex.php on line 4
$conn = oci_connect('hr', 'hr', 'localhost/XE');
please . help me to configure connection . T_T

The first time we install xampp for windows, by default, the only active database connection is MySQL. Therefore, if user wants to activate connection to oracle database, user needs to set it up first. How to activate/set up oracle database connection in xampp for windows? Here are some things i did to successfully activate oracle connection:

  1. To check whether your oracle setting has been activated or not, go to phpinfo, look for string oci8. If string found it indicate that connection to oracle is available, otherwise to activate connection do the following steps:
  2. Open all php.ini files in xampp folder (or you can open only the currently used php.ini file by looking at the phpinfo), then make the following necessary changes:
  3. Find string extension=php_oci8.dll. You’ll find there’s a semicolon ‘;‘ ahead of the string.
  4. Remove the semicolon to activate the oracle extension.
  5. Save the php.ini file.
  6. Install oracle client. Simply just install it on your computer, there is no settings required. You can download it from this oracle site.
  7. Activate or restart xampp.
  8. To make sure that connection to oracle database has successfully activated, go to phpinfo. Find string: oci8. If founded, then now xampp can communicate with oracle database.

Works for me 🙂