Xampp Mariadb Version

As of XAMPP 5.5.30 and 5.6.14, XAMPP ships MariaDB instead of MySQL. MariaDB is not 100% compatible with MySQL and can be replaced with the “orginal” MySQL server.

About the mysql Command-Line Client. Mysql (from MariaDB 10.4.6, also called mariadb) is a simple SQL shell (with GNU readline capabilities).It supports interactive and non-interactive use. When used interactively, query results are presented in an ASCII-table format. Download the ZIP version of MariaDB making sure that the version matches as closely as possible to the version of MySQL you currently have installed. Shutdown your XAMPP server if it is running. Rename the xampp/mysql folder to mysql.old. Unzip the contents of the MariaDB ZIP file into your XAMPP folder.


  • Windows
  • XAMPP for Windows
  • Administrator privileges to restart Windows services

MariaDB version numbers follow the MySQL's numbering scheme up to version 5.5. Thus, MariaDB 5.5 offers all of the MySQL 5.5 features. Amazon delivery drones images. There exists a gap in MySQL versions between 5.1 and 5.5, while MariaDB issued 5.2 and 5.3 point releases.


  • Backup the old database into a sql dump file
  • Stop the MariaDB service
  • Rename the folder: c:xamppmysql to c:xamppmariadb


  • Download MySQL Community Server: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/
  • Goto: Other Downloads > ZIP Archive 5.7.22 (mysql-5.7.22-win32.zip) >No thanks, just start my download.
  • Create a new and empty folder: c:xamppmysql
  • Extract mysql-5.7.22-win32.zip to: c:xamppmysql
  • Create a new file: c:xamppmysqlmy.ini and copy this content:

Xampp 3.2.2 Mariadb Version

Xampp check mariadb version

Xampp Older Version

Initializing the data directory¶

  • Copy the old data directory from c:xamppmariadbdata to c:xamppmysqldata
  • Start the MySQL server. You can use the XAMPP Control Panel (MySQL > Start) to start the MySQL service.
  • Repair all corrupted tables in the c:xamppmysqldata directory. Press ENTER if your password is empty.

Update structure to latest version:

Check the tables for errors:

Xampp Check Mariadb Version


Xampp Change Mariadb Version

If you don’t want to copy and migrate the old data directory, you can create a fresh directory with this command: