Xampp Hamachi

Hi, I made this blog to teach people how to make habbo retro, Let's begin.

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You dont need to pay money cause you will use crack :D

How to make a non hamachi server. 1.) You must set a VPS server 2.) After you set it Run the loader on your VPS so that the game will start 3.) Set a database on your xampp folder 4.) After that you can start and play with your friends now. I did make otses 10or more years ago, I remember my first yourots ots on hamachi but also servers 7.92, 8.1 8.4 or 8.6. Version 8.6 I did make with sql etc and played there almost 100ppl, I think of those years it was good score also I hosted that on my own komputer and datapack was download and only little edit. Now, By using the Network ID and password, other computer can join your network. That's it for configuring your hamachi. Now to play multiplayer, you need to create server in game as usual and other computer can connect to your game server by using your hamachi network's IPv4 address as IP. Which is written right above the name of network. Like xxx.xxx.72.72 in the picture.

i made another easy name blog www.makeretro.blogspot.com
I'm NoobLess in habbo.com.
My Name is Hesham Emara, From Egypt, 14 Years Old.
visit my deviantart : www.hedesigns.deviantart.com
i can design habbo layout retros too :)
Foo in habsort.com and foo in killer hotel and TheNoobLess in bubbo.co.uk and iRotate in fatalhotel.
You Will Need The Following [Download the 5 things then lets start] :
1. XAMPP - http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html [63mg]
2. Phoenix Pack - http://www.mediafire.com/?4lj5p1nv6tc07b2 [98mg]
3. MySql Connector - http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/ [2mg]
4. Microsoft Visual C# Express Edition - http://www.microsoft.com/express/vcsharp/ [3mg]
5. WinRAR - http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar371.exe [1mg]
There's proplems but i will say to you how to fix it, If you got proplem while you are doing steps so use google or see the questions and answer in the bottom of this post, Google is the best to help.
[[[thats mean comment dont type it in ur files, i just type it here to show you what u do]]]
Right Here We Go.
01. Install the MySQL ODBC Driver.
02. Install XAMPP, don't install one of the three services while you're installing XAMPP.
03. Open XAMPP Control Panel and start Apache and MySQL.
04. Install Visual C# Express Edition, make sure it also installs .NET Framework 3.5.
05. Now Lets Set Some Important Things Up

Xampp Hamachi Free

06. Go to http://localhost/ and select your language, make sure Apache and MySQL are running with XAMPP Control Panel all the time if you want your hotel to be accessable! [ if you changed the port to 8080 so type localhost:8080/ .. dont type localhost/ cause it will not open]
07. Now go to http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php.
08. Setup a password and don't change the settings again, just click on 'Change password'.
09. Go to C:xampphtdocs and delete everything in that folder.
10. Install WinRAR.
11. Extract the phoenix pack.
12. Now, you got 3 files in the pack [The Crack, PhxPack , SQL File].
13. Open phxpack by capostrike93, you will find folder called www open it and copy the files in www to C:xampphtdocs
Xampp14. Go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin and type your username and password.
15. Make new database called test.
17. Open config.php with Notepad. [[[this file in the C:xampphtdocs]]]
and you will find
$dbhost = 'localhost'; [[[dont change it]]]
$dbusername = 'capos'; [[[type your username . the default is root so change it to root]]]
$dbpassword = 'YOUR PASSWORD'; [[[type your database password here]]]
$dbname = 'test'; [[[thats the datebase name, change it to your database name that you created, we created database called test so change it to test]]]
$currentstyle = 'Default'; [[[thats the style of the retro, dont change it]]]
$sitemail = '[email protected]'; [[[type your email]]]
$twitter = '; //Twitter account [[[leave it]]]
$language = 'es'; // en - es - fr [[[thats the language of the retro, change es to en]]]
18. Go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin and go to test [[[you will find it on the left side]]]
19. Then click import and click browse then upload phoenix sql.sql [[[thats too important]]]
20. Go to Phoenix 3.5.5 (13372) + Crack + HoloCentral [[[this file in the pack]]]
21. And edit config.php and edit username and database name and password.

Xampp Hamachi Software

22. Run File called Crack Phoenix In Phoenix 3.5.5 (13372) + Crack + HoloCentral, Run it As Adminsator and click yes, And leave it load until it open www.pphoenix.co.cc then quit it.
CONGRATS, now type localhost/ in your browser and you will find the retro :)
Some proplems will meet you :D so here is the fix [[[Q mean Question and A mean Answer]]]
Q:when i start apache or mysql, it doesnt start....so what i do?
A:exit skype and go to C:xamppapacheconfhttpd open this file in notepad and you should find this . Listen 80 [[[80 is the port so change it to 8080]]] change Listen 80 to Listen 8080, or use google..google help me alot in the proplems.
Q:Can i edit the footer of the retro [[[the footer is the bottom of the retro that you will find
[[[PHP By LoRis .. blah blah blah]]] ?
A:Yeah, you can edit it, go to C:xampphtdocssystemfooter and edit, do NOT delete all, just edit between <.p>.> and
.> [[[sorry i type it .> cause if i type the true it will not appear cause its html and this post contain html so i type it .> do NOT type it same as i type]]]
Q:How to i make the hotel public? So others can access the hotel without Hamachi?
* Go to No-IP - http://www.no-ip.com
* Register On No-Ip
* Click Hosts/Redirects
* Click Add Host
* Add the hostname you wish to have ( This is the URL )
* Change the IP Address To
* Scroll down the page, then click 'Create Host'
* Give that link out to your friend's!
CONGRATZ =D .. If you got proplem use google to fix it or type comment here and i will say to you how to fix it.