Xampp Ftp Mac

By default, XAMPP has no passwords set and it is not recommended to run XAMPP with this configuration as it is accessible to others.

Simply type the following command (as root) to start a simple security check:

sudo /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/xampp security


If you are using XAMPP for Mac OS like me, and was asked to enter FTP login information when you upgrade WordPress core and download themes or plugins, then this guide is for you. After searching for solution online, I found that this is a permission problem due to your Mac’s username is different compared to the default user name in XAMPP. Mac osx 環境に簡単にローカル環境を構築するには他に mamp を使うこともできます。 関連ページ:mamp のインストールと初期設定. Xampp の mac 版には、xampp for os x と xampp-vm が配布されています。.

Now you should see the following dialog on your screen:

Xampp Ftp Mac

XAMPP: Quick security check..
XAMPP: MySQL is accessable via network.
XAMPP: Normaly that's not recommended. Do you want me to turn it off? [yes] yes
XAMPP: Turned off.
XAMPP: Stopping MySQL..
XAMPP: Starting MySQL..
XAMPP: The MySQL/phpMyAdmin user pma has no password set!!!
XAMPP: Do you want to set a password? [yes] yes
XAMPP: Password: ******
XAMPP: Password (again): ******
XAMPP: Setting new MySQL pma password.
XAMPP: Setting phpMyAdmin's pma password to the new one.
XAMPP: MySQL has no root passwort set!!!
XAMPP: Do you want to set a password? [yes] yes
XAMPP: Write the passworde somewhere down to make sure you won't forget it!!!
XAMPP: Password: ******
XAMPP: Password (again): ******
XAMPP: Setting new MySQL root password.
XAMPP: Setting phpMyAdmin's root password to the new one.
XAMPP: The FTP password for user 'nobody' is still set to 'lampp'.
XAMPP: Do you want to change the password? [yes] yes
XAMPP: Password: ******
XAMPP: Password (again): ******
XAMPP: Reload ProFTPD..
XAMPP: Done.

(1) Setting a password will protect the XAMPP demo pages (http://localhost/xampp/) using this password. The user name is 'lampp'! Skimming in marketing definition.

Mac Xampp Apache Cannot Start

After running this command, your XAMPP installation should be more secure.

How To Use Xampp On Mac

XAMPP v1.8.3 (PHP 5.5.11) will install an Apache HTTP, MySQL, PHP, and Perl web stack.Relative to AMPPS Apache HTTP, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and Python web stack. (which is my current primary web), i have the following observations:XAMPP• After starting the Apache/FTP/MySQL services, quitting the XAMPP manager does not quit the services.• No Preferences on the XAMPP manager-osx.app• Control panel is simple start/stop/restart/configure.text file. • Webadmin GUI .. does not really have one.• ProFTPD• approx 20 add-on packages like Wordpress via Bitnami.AMPPS• Quitting AMPSS will stop the Apache/FTP/MySQL services.• Preference available for 'Start on Session Startup'• Control panel include start/stop/restart/configure.text file + access log + error log + restore default config + PHP version control + PHP extension control• MongoDB• cPanel type interface for webadmin GUI• Pure-FTPd• approx 329 add-on packages like WordPress via Softaculous installer It's nice that quitting XAMPP manager-osx.app does not stop the services..However, I find that XAMPPS has room for catch-up and improveme in areas such as PHP control, application install selection, webadmin interface and preferences such as 'Start on Session Startup'