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XAMPP v1.8.3 (PHP 5.5.11) will install an Apache HTTP, MySQL, PHP, and Perl web stack.Relative to AMPPS Apache HTTP, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and Python web stack. (which is my current primary web), i have the following observations:XAMPP• After starting the Apache/FTP/MySQL services, quitting the XAMPP manager does not quit the services.• No Preferences on the XAMPP manager-osx.app• Control panel is simple start/stop/restart/configure.text file. • Webadmin GUI .. does not really have one.• ProFTPD• approx 20 add-on packages like Wordpress via Bitnami.AMPPS• Quitting AMPSS will stop the Apache/FTP/MySQL services.• Preference available for 'Start on Session Startup'• Control panel include start/stop/restart/configure.text file + access log + error log + restore default config + PHP version control + PHP extension control• MongoDB• cPanel type interface for webadmin GUI• Pure-FTPd• approx 329 add-on packages like WordPress via Softaculous installer It's nice that quitting XAMPP manager-osx.app does not stop the services..However, I find that XAMPPS has room for catch-up and improveme in areas such as PHP control, application install selection, webadmin interface and preferences such as 'Start on Session Startup'

Xampp Download For Macbook Pro 64-bit

From XAMPP Application window (manager-osx) click = Open Application Folder htdocs. Now you opened your target folder. You can see process by image below. XAMPP Application window (manager-osx) Open Application Folder. Application (xamppfiles) folder opened. Click on 'htdocs' Your target folder 'htdocs' opened. Now begin your development. I have a MacBook Pro 2017, running macOS Sierra 10.12.6. Thanks for kyleedwardyoung for your post explaining you succcessfully returned to previous version 7.0.22. I deleted the 7.1.8 version of XAMPP in Applications folder and downloaded 7.0.22 version instead. Sreekanths-MacBook-Pro:htdocs sreekanth$ ls applications.html composer.phar favicon.ico index.php bitnami.css dashboard img webalizer. But when I ran “composer create-project laravel/laravel –prefer-dist”, I was getting. Sreekanths-MacBook-Pro:htdocs sreekanth$ pwd. 1301 utc to est. Final version of XAMPP for Mac OS X 1.7.3 released. This time it took us a little longer, but now the waiting has come to an end: Yesterday, we released the a new (so called) final version of XAMPP.