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If you are running your PHP or PHP/MySQL project using XAMPP then enabling xdebug will be very easy, since xdebug will be already included in the xdebug. We just have to enable xdebug in php.ini to start debugging. Open the php.ini file which will exist in this location, C: xampp php. Note: File location may vary based on your xampp path. This repository is a web application that interfaces RiotGames Developer API with AngularJS and PHP. Time links in description. Appache http.conf Notice. If you're using XAMPP, in the XAMPP control panel, click on the config button for the Apache module, and select 'Apache (httpd.conf)'.


More information, you should check here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-origin_resource_sharing
How CORS works:
The browser sends the OPTIONS request with an Origin HTTP header. The value of this header is the domain that served the parent page. When a page from http://www.foo.com attempts to access a user’s data in bar.com, the following request header would be sent to bar.com:

The server may respond with:
An Access-Control-Allow-Origin (ACAO) header in its response indicating which origin sites are allowed. For example:

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Preflight example
When performing certain types of cross-domain AJAX requests, modern browsers that support CORS will insert an extra “preflight” request to determine whether they have permission to perform the action.

If bar.com is willing to accept the action, it may respond with the following headers:

Virtual Host: (allow the methods that come as Cross Domain Request)

.Htaccess: (allow options method and rewrite rule)

Angular code: (allow cross domain request)

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Nginx code: (allow cross domain request)