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Would you like to have a chair that looks like Herman Miller Aeron, have similar features but costs about 3 times less? I’ll bet you would!

FURNITURE WorkPro® 1000 Series Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair, Black - $179.99 ($249.99 - $70.00). WorkPro 1000 Series Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair, Black - Whether you're managing the budget or managing your business, you can work comfortably and efficiently in this WorkPro 1000 Series Mid-Back Task Chair. This modern task chair helps you stay cool and comfortable during the workday thanks to the mesh back that allows air to flow freely.

There are few low-budget Aeron knock-offs, for example WorkPro Quantum 9000, but are they really worth buying?War thunder best nation for tanks.

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Here I present you my comparison: WorkPro Quantum 9000 vs Aeron Chair by Herman Miller where I will show you if this cheap office chair can be a good alternative for famous Aeron.

Over the last two decades Herman Miller Aeron has been one of the best ergonomic office chairs that ensures maximum of comfort and support for user’s back even during long hours of sitting. When you choose this brand you can be sure you’re getting a top-quality product with modern and stylish look. However, not everyone can afford Aeron as it is one of the most expensive chairs on the market!

Workpro 1000 series mid back mesh

Fortunately there are few cheaper models that look very similar to this high-end chair. WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series is one of the Herman Miller Aeron knock-offs that is worth mentioning. At the first glance it has the same design as Aeron chair, but when we look closer we notice few differences.

If you’re wondering if this cheap alternative is worth buying, my comparison of WorkPro Quantum 9000 vs Aeron should help you to make the right decision.

WorkPro Quantum 9000 vs Herman Miller Aeron – Similarities

First of all both chair have similar appearance. They look modern and stylish and definitely will suit any business or home office.

Both chairs are mid-back which means the backrest supports user’s back up to his shoulder blades. Moreover the backrest on both chairs is S-shaped and features lumbar support – great thing for people who struggle with lower back pain.

WorkPro Quantum 9000 and Aeron have adjustable armrests that move up and down. You can also pivot them left to right to adjust their angle. Herman Miller offers also more adjustable arms that additionally move forward and backward. They cost a bit more.

These two chairs have also other similar adjustments like chair height, backrest recline with lock and tilt tension.

What Are The Differences Between WorkPro & Herman Miller?

As you can see both chairs have similar functions, but you’re probably wonder what are the differences between WorkPro Quantum 9000 and Aeron, especially since the former one is about 3 times cheaper than the latter one!

Let’s start with the size. Herman Miller Aeron is available in three different sizes (A for people up to 150 lbs and 5’4’’, B for people from 150 to 230 lbs and from 5’5’’to 6’2’’, C for people from 230 to 300 lbs and above 6’2’’), while WorkPro Quantum 9000 comes only in one size. According to customers this chair is comfortable for short and average in height user (5’2’’ – 6’0’’) but may be less comfy for very tall person (for example 6’4’’). Moreover it has weight capacity of 250 lbs so as you can see it’s not designed for big guys who would fit comfortably Aeron size C.

Another difference is the material on the seat and backrest. Aeron has innovative patented Pellicle woven suspension material which you won’t find on chairs from other brands. This material is very flexible so it adjusts to user’s body and doesn’t cause any pressure on his back or thighs. At the same time it’s strong enough to give excellent support. It’s also breathable so it won’t make you sweating even when you sit for extended periods.

Workpro 1000 vs 9000

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On the other hand WorkPro Quantum 9000 has a mesh fabric on the backrest which allows the air to circulate through as well, but it’s not as high-quality as Aeron’s material. I mean it’s not poor or anything, but it’s a bit worse than Aeron’s. It’s just a standard fabric, with good breathability that will prevent your back from getting hot.

Workpro 1000 series chair

Another difference is how the backrest works on both chairs. WorkPro Quantum 9000 has non-adjustable lumbar support, however the whole backrest is height-adjustable. It means that you can lower or raise it to find the most supportive position, depending on your height and spine natural curves positions. Herman Miller Aeron backrest doesn’t go up and down, but you can set the lower back support higher or lower and even flip it (to adjust its thickness).

So on WorkPro Quantum 9000 you cannot move only the lumbar support or flip it, but you can move the whole backrest up and down. On the other hand, Aeron’s lumbar support is fully adjustable, but the backrest itself is static.

Moreover, Herman Miller Aeron features 5 degree forward tilt, which the cheaper chair lacks.

There is however one feature that may encourage you to buy WorkPro Quantum 9000. It has an adjustable seat depth, which Aeron lacks. Thanks to this function you’ll be able to find the best supportive position for your thighs and set your knees at the right angle which in turn may help improve the blood circulation and prevent you from crumps and numbness.

WorkPro Quantum 9000 vs Aeron – Is WorkPro Worth Buying?


As you can see both office chairs have some similarities and differences and depending on your needs and preferences one of them may suit you better.

WorkPro Quantum 9000 have many advantages that may encourage you to buy it: adjustable armrests, seat depth and backrest height, recline with lock and tilt tension adjustment. The biggest difference between this chair and Aeron is the type and quality of fabric on the backrest and seat. Besides, it comes in only one size. So if you’re short or average in height person (up to 6 ft tall) and you’re okay with a standard mesh fabric, you can go for the WorkPro Quantum 9000.

But if you’d like to have a chair with an innovative, flexible suspension fabric and forward tilt – choose Herman Miller Aeron. If you’re a big guy (over 6 ft tall and 250 lbs) WorkPro Quantum 9000 may be too small for you and you should rather go with Aeron size C.