Workpro 1000 Office Chair

One of the best things about getting the Workpro 1000 chair is that you can take it with you anywhere with no difficulty whatsoever. This chair is not only important for the office person. You can also use it at your home, chat with friends, and other organizations. For the popularity In this Workpro 1000 Chair Review, we are going to show the pros and cons.

According to different reviews from various people, one of the best features of this chair is the headrest. Since it tends to support the head and neck. An added advantage to this is the wheels. Those are helping one to swivel around and move across the room completing tasks with ease. Read on to find more details about this chair.

This item: WORKPRO 1000 Series Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair, Black $189.99 Office chair wheels replacement rubber chair casters for hardwood floors and carpet, set of 5, heavy $38.95 Compare with other chairs. Tackle everything on your to-do list, from managing your budget to managing your business, in this WorkPro 1000 Series mid-back mesh task chair. This office chair is designed with a mesh back that. To the new location please click here. WorkPro Office Chairs at Office Depot & OfficeMax. Shop today online, in stores or buy online and pick up in store. Select image or upload your own 20% off qualifying reg. $500 - $1000 (12). This chair has changed the way I think about office chairs, I can sit for the things I need to sit for, and not have to be in pain afterwards. At 6'-2' and 210-lbs, I'm probably well suited to this chair, with the top of my shoulder blades coming to the top of the seat back, so consider that in your own thoughts about this particular chair.

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  • The Workpro 1000 Chair Review

The Workpro 1000 Chair Review


The headrest adds an even bigger advantage to the marketing of this chair. Since it is adjustable and effectively holds your neck. It has its back support as well. So anyone is able to sit comfortably in a tireless manner and for at least 8 hours or more without any complaints.

The good thing about the back support is it has played a big role in reducing and improving back conditions. Its size also contributes to its efficiency. This chair shape gives good posture support and good comfort. So anyone can work for a long time without getting tired.

Easy To Assemble.

Unlike other products that one tends to purchase online, the Workpro 1000 chair is quite easy and surprisingly fast. One good thing about this chair is that no level of skill is required to set it up. Because ordinary people can easily put it together.

In addition, it comes with a manual with the instructions written and is easy to follow and understand. Even in most cases, one does not need to read the manual. You can just see how to go about it and that manual explains exactly how simple to assemble it is. When adjusting the chair, it solely depends on your preferences. Honestly, who wouldn’t want one of these?


One of the most important factors while going to purchase a chair is keeping your comfort at the foremost part of your brain. Lucky for you, this chair has all the necessary features to ensure your comfort while working for long hours.

Workpro 1000 Office Chair

The seat is also made using breathable materials. The wire mesh ensures sweat does not accumulate on the chair. Therefore, you will not feel uncomfortable when working due to the dampness all over the seat. Its consistent nature affects buyers. Since anyone can determine the seating position of the chair as per his wish.

The good amount of support in the backrest enhances more comfort due to its relatively nice adjustments. Not to forget the armrests have gel padding to reduce fatigue. Other conditions that might result from sitting for long hours while working in the office.

Workpro 1000 Office Chair


This makes maneuvers easily while getting your work done. Because it is constructed with good long-lasting materials thus tends to serve its purpose for a long period. Double wheels allow smooth-rolling from one place to another in your work area. So be able to perform your tasks quickly for your convenience.

Its weight is considered as about 250lbs. This is an added benefit that you can comfortably carry anywhere around the office. Since it does not require any hard work. No need to break a sweat!


  • No dampness since the mesh is breathable preventing you from getting sweaty.
  • The wheels aids in rolling smoothly.
  • Adjustable up to the height you desire.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Less back pain.


  • The armrest needs to adjust at least every week.
  • The seat has no cushion thus slightly uncomfortable.
  • Putting together the wheels requires a little effort and force.

FAQs. for Workpro 1000 Chair Review

How many tools are required to set up the chair?

The hex wrench is more appropriate and surprisingly the only tool required. In addition to that, it only comes with the necessary tools to assemble it that is, the screw, five screws indicated clearly how many go for the armrests and headrests.

How long can one sit on this chair without getting tired?

Honestly, on a personal level, I can go up to 8 hours without experiencing the discomfort of any kind due to some of its features such as the headrest since it does a great job supporting the neck preventing any sort of pain and the wheels are also excellent for swiveling your way around your workspace.

Workpro Chairs Manual

Does assembling need any internet help or knowledge?

The good thing about this chair is that it does not require any special skills in the order set it up and in addition to that, it comes with a manual guiding one on how to go about the process considering that the steps are quite simple and can be easily understood.

Workpro 1000 Series Chair Manual

Are there any demerits to getting this chair?

to be adjusted at least once every week. After all, they cannot be permanently adjusted thus keeps moving. Other than this, it is quite a good chair and very comfortable too since it adapts easily. However, be rest assured you will not regret purchasing one.

Final Words

Many people prefer the Workpro 1000 chair because it is more suitable for people that need lower back support. One of its many qualities is that it works quite well on hardwood floors as well. Even if you move while working, it prevents you from sliding. As a result, you can avoid unnecessary accidents due to falling. Also, you can use a quality chair mat for the carpet, when you need to use it on the carpet floor.


Workpro 1000 Chair Assembly Manual

The seat has a breathable mesh preventing damp rolls and pleasant to touch. Every user finds it quite comfortable and adjustable so why be left behind while you can go get yours? Regardless of your size, whether big or small, hurry and get your chair you sure will not regret it all.