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AJ6035 LED wooden clock troubleshooting guide

Wood Alarm Clock,Electronic Digital Clock LED Display,Wooden Wireles Charging Pad Clock,Multi-Function Alarm Clock, Wireless Charging clock AndrewstoreGoods 5 out of 5 stars (1). Some users of wooden clock alarm compliments that they feel refreshed and full of potential in the morning when they replace the phone alarms with UE-128 (a wooden clock model). Check Price on Amazon People had abandoned the annoying tunes of androids and responded to the wooden alarm clock at such a high-rate, that the company proudly. Amazon Links Buy it here: Digital Wood Alarm Clock Wooden Led Light Minimalist Large Display w. In order to fit the clock, many wood on the walls needed to be removed. Another problem was the display, which was much to far backwards, making it hard to see the display from an angle, due to the wood.

Screen issues

Wooden alarm clock led

1. How to adjust the brightness of the LED screen?

In fact, the brightness adjusts automatically due to the clock's time. In another word, you cannot adjust the LED word's brightness manually.

Amazon prime photo cloud. The level 1 brightness: 0:00 - 5:59, 23:00 - 23:59

The level 2 brightness: 6:00 - 6:59, 18:00 - 22:59


The level 3 brightness: 7:00 - 17:59

2. How to set the LED screen lit?

The AJ6035 LED clock LED screen features the sound weak up function, so at most of the time, the screen is extinct to save energy. When there is a sound, the screen will light up. You can also change the power- saving mode to the screen always lights mode:

Press the physical Down button, when the screen changes to --: sd interface, long press the Down button, then the screen will keep lighting all the time.

When you want to apply the power-saving mode, the setting method is same as above.

Thermometer issues

1. The temperature is different with other thermometer's result.

● This clock features an inductive thermometer inside the wooden box that you cannot adjust the temperature yourself. If there is some error, that's normal.

Wooden Alarm Clock Instructions

Wooden Alarm Clock

● Also, the wooden box is closed, so generally, the temperature that the thermometer tests is a little bit higher than the general ones.

● The thermometer is not that exact as the professional thermometers, such as the mercury thermometer.

Wooden alarm clock wireless charger

2. The temperature never changes.


Please take off the batteries and then reinsert them to restart the clock. Or shut off the power to turn off the clock, then reboot it again. If the thermometer doesn't work as well, there must be something wrong with the component. Please contact the after-sales service for help.

Alarm clock issue

How to turn off the alarm clock?

When the alarm clock is ringing, simply press any of the physical buttons (on its back) to stop it.

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