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Weasis 3.5.3, available for download, contains important changes that require some clarification detailed below. The documentation has been updated, please let me know if it still contains any inconsistencies. Thanks for a very nice DICOM viewer and tool, Weasis is easy to use yet has powerful features. I was unable to save reformats generated by Weasis for further analysis in another tool. I can save.png,.jpg but no DICOM. To reproduce the issue, this is what I did: Start Weasis-portable (I used both linux and windows), version 3.0.2. DOWNLOAD Weasis 3.7.0 for Windows. This enables Disqus, Inc. To process some of your data. Disqus privacy policy. Weasis 3.7.0 add to watchlist send us an update. Download HamSphere for Windows (32 bit only) Download HamSphere for Mac or Linux (jar file) Download iPhone and Android beta versions; Download HamSphere 3.1.5 for Windows (32 and 64 bit) Download HamSphere 3.1.5 for for Mac or Linux (jar file) Download HamSphere 4.0. For users with Basic or Advanced knowledge in Amateur Radio. Download of Weasis-3.6.0-x86.msi (Weasis-3.6.0-x86.msi (external link: SF.net): 41,201,664 octetos) will begin shortly.If not so, click link on the left.

Weasis is a multipurpose standalone and web-based DICOM viewer with a highly modular architecture. It is a very popular clinical viewer used in healthcare by hospitals, health networks, multicenter research trials, and patients.

Weasis DICOM viewer is cross-platform, free/libre and open source software (FLOSS), multi-language and allows a flexible integration to PACS, RIS, HIS or PHR. This multi-platform DICOM viewer runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It allows high-quality renderings with high performance through the OpenCV library.

It has been designed to meet several expectations of clinical information systems and their future evolution regarding medical imaging: providing web-based access to radiological images, as well as covering a considerable number of DICOM types and offering multimedia capabilities.

Weasis can display the content of most DICOM files including multi-frame, enhanced, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MIME Encapsulation, SR, PR, KOS, AU, RT and ECG. It has a high level of DICOM implementation, see the viewer features.

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Release Notes of weasis 2.6.0


  • [WEA-418] - Wrong interpretation of RGB model in jpeg-baseline (compliant to DICOM)
  • [WEA-419] - Selection of key images doesn't work with mulitframe
  • [WEA-420] - Display Reset function set the spatial calibration in pixel
  • [WEA-421] - Weasis cannot start
  • [WEA-422] - Display issue when patient name is different from the one in the xml manifest
  • [WEA-426] - Several fixes for being compliant with Java 9
  • [WEA-433] - Fix inconsistent state of star button in toolbar when selecting or deleting Key Object


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  • [WEA-424] - Allow to read elements of a sequence in the xml (source for the dicomizer)
  • [WEA-425] - Dicomizer: populate image comments with filename
  • [WEA-427] - Update to openjpeg 2.2.0 (improvements in speed and memory consumption)
  • [WEA-428] - Make annotation parameters persistent in display panel
  • [WEA-429] - Option to inverse level direction (down to increase brightness)
  • [WEA-430] - Option to define the default monitor
  • [WEA-431] - Option to apply by default the most recent Presentation State
  • [WEA-432] - Get layouts according to the size and the shape of the view container
  • [WEA-434] - Update native jpeg-losseless library

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  • [WEA-423] - Connection of the dicomizer to a DICOM Worklist