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Thunder Show is a series of video produced by the War Thunder YouTube Community focusing on player highlights in the game.

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Every week since the 22 April 2016, the War Thunder Youtube Channel releases a video consisting of highlight clips handpicked by the creators among the numerous clips sent by the War Thunder community.

The Thunder Show airs on Fridays at 04:00 PM GMT (noon in Eastern Time).

Playlist for the whole series can be found here.

Each player whose clip appeared in the show earns 5,000 as a prize. Alongside the videos, every top YouTube comment on the previous video will earn 1,000 as a prize.


Latest videos

Latest three videos!

262VTOL Benefits2021.04.30NEW!!
261Soviet Lowrider2021.04.23
260Old habits2021.04.16

Video Summaries


1. Teamwork - Teamwork, Don't Hit that Pedal too Hard, IL-10 and the Strike Beyond the Grave, and AMERICA INTENSIFIES.

2. Courtesy - The Art of Stealth, Pacifist of the Skies, A Four-Jet Tempest, and The Mighty Pulkzerstorer.

3. No wings- no problem - Stalinium, the Triple A Stuka, Never Give Up, The Bomb.

4. One in a million ricochet - A Swordfishes' Bite, One in a Million Ricochet, Carpet Bombing, and Divine Punishment.

5. The Tickle Of Doom - The Shell of a Tortoise, The Tickle of Doom, Just Another Day at the Job, Stunt Flying.

6. That famous moment - That Famous Moment, The Ultimate Assist, Collateral Damage, and Po-2 in Ambush.

7. Roundhouse Tiger Kick - Roundhouse Tiger Kick, The Quick Three, Easy Dozen, and The Kung Fu Stuka.

8. Illuminati confirmed - Illuminati Confirmed, Explosive Association, Heroic Sacrifice, and German Telepath.

9. A Friend in Need - Something that Money Can't Buy, Helping Helps, 15 Seconds of Fame, and A Friend in Need.

10. Warrior's honour - Mind the Gap, An Equal Opponent, Patience of a Hunter, and Warrior's honour.

11. German Feline Pride - Who Needs Turrets?, The Bigger They are.., Courage and Futility, German Feline Pride.

12. Rise of the machines - Rise of the Machines, Size Don't Matter, The Eagle-Eyed Missile, Strategic Artillery.

13. Ice Fishing - The Fat Cat, Someone Else's Failure, One-Armed Bandit, Ice Fishing.

14. A Wing and a Prayer - Tank Sumo, Accomplice in Fail, A Wing and a Prayer, A Shot Through Time. BONUS: Unorthodox Move

15. Mitchell the Gangsta - Mitchell the Gangsta!, Black Friday, Flat-spin, Art Project.

16. The Golden Rule - Arado's True Purpose, The Golden Rule, Alpha Strike, The Sailing Fortress.

17. Maus Bane - Maus Bane, Submarine transformer, Playing it Right, VHS Nostalgia.

18. Touchdown - Cursed Bridge, Tunnel Vision, Long-Range Rocket, Touchdown.

19. Mosquito's bite - Strike from the Bottom, David and Goliath, Mosquito's bite, Tank Showroom.

Xampp tutorial. 20. Schräge Musik - How to Walk your Pet, Big Guns, Wrong Number, Schräge Musik.

21. Jet Tank - Tricky Locust, Mountain Chase, jet Tank, Aerobatics.

22. Team saver - GAZ Under Pressure, Unsteady Hands, IL-2 + 3, Team Saver.

23. Lone Rider - Hide-and-seek, Bomber Mustang, Lone Rider, The War over the Pacific.

24. Wholesale frags - Comrades, Not your target, Wholesale frags, Beauty.

25. Rank this - Deadly splashdown, Binocular threat, Unconventional warfare, Rank This.

26. Petlyakov's might - Petlyakov's Might, The Worst Day, No-Fly Zone, Fight for Glory.

27. Flying carrier - Tank ninja, Attention deficit, Tenacity, Flying carrier.

28. Experience vs youth - Invisible Scorpion, Major Calliber, Experience vs youth, Years After.

29. Save a tiger - Two for the price of one, The unfortunate second, Just strafing, Save a Tiger.

30. ROCKet Climbing - ROCKet Climbing, Deep Infiltration, Tactical Spacing, Moby Dick.

31. All For One - Pay Attention, True Gentleman, Karma Strike, All For One.

32. Offroad Stuka - Offroad Stuka, Bite The Bullet, Opportunities, War Thunder Athletic League.

33. My friend's a boxer - Guns are over, Cut from the same cloth, The biggest AA, My friend's a boxer.

34. Frag boat - Going out with a bang, Frag boat, No propeller - no problem, Nam flashback.

35. The sound of inevitability - Icy precipice, Hostage Sheridan, Bullseye, The sound of inevitability.

36. Down, but not out - Nasty fry, Explosive fail, Down, but not out, Life of a projectile.

37. The Hidden Threat - The Hidden Threat, Instant Karma, Two vs. Four, Perception.


38. Murphy's Law - Hellcat & Hellcat, Murphy's Law, Oh baby, a triple!, The Tempest.

39. Tank Climbers - Tank Climbers, 50. cal Baiting, The Fuse of Victory, Close Call.

40. Chain reaction - It wasn't me!, American Bias, One in a billion shot, Chain reaction.

41. Target Rich Environment - How to hunt IT-1, The worst luck ever, Target rich environment, Winner.

42. One versus dozen - Karma strike, My little friend, One versus dozen, Mobile cover.

43. Tank Rain - Tank rain, Panther as bait, Triple Comeback, The art of night.

44. Ouf of the pan into the fire - All for nothing, Out of the pan into the fire, Epic splash, Fire and water.

45. Too much, too little - Sunchronized flying, Too much, too little, Rocket sniping, Improvized concealment.

46. Fat Ninja - Fat Ninja, First to fire, Skill matters not, The center of the universe.

47. Total Destruction - Total Destruction, Awareness Disorder, Through the Eye of the Needle, War Documentary.

48. Sky Heroes - My house, Vulture like a pro, Proper boom, Sky Heroes.

49. A True Spartan - British Acrobat, Cat Fight, Just As Planned, A True Spartan.

50. Critical damage - Only the best of the best videos of the week.

51. I am not done with you - Stronger together, I'm not done with you, Fist full of frags, Fearless Indians.

52. Wings of war - Leap of faith, It wasn't meant to be, Target cluster, Wings of war.

53. True Chivalry - True chivalry, Suddenly, Last resort, Tragic finale.

54. Space program - Sunk by a bomb, Total reversal, Luck spin, Space program.


55. Fragging with style - Short memory, Master the darkness, Second wind, Fragging with style.

56. Proper use - Learning the ropes, Bridge of doom, Jet karma, Proper use.

57. British trap - Greed kills, British trap, Not a moment too soon, War stories.

58. True Ninja - Grumbling Ack Acker, Vertical payback, True ninja, Someone to trust.

59. The element of surprise - The element of surprise, Stealth tact, No I in the team, Flying Katyusha.

60. In the name of spaghetti - Tank waltz, Self-destruct sequence, In the name of spaghetti, Nigel beatbox.

61. Ricochet master - To be continued, So close yet so far, Ricochet master, Sharing is caring.

62. Bouncing bombs - Road rage, Sitting pretty, Luck level: Epic, Bouncing bombs.

63. Take two - Rolls-Royce's shield, Guns are for the weak, Ricochet of the century, Take two.

64. Out of reach - Heavy arcobatics, Out of reach, Toss 'em here, Tactical spark.

65. Saving ammo - Crouching hippo hidden elephant, Ack act, Saving ammo, New meta.

66. Gone in 30 seconds - Soviet stealth tank, Let me show you a trick I learnt, Gone in 30 seconds, Air war.

67. Reverse Repairs - Cunning, Reverse repairs, Better safe than sorry, The other side of war.

68. The Mutant of Japan - Truck warrior, Oops, Big game hunter, The mutant of Japan.

69. Row kill - Wrong Point, Graceful like a cat, Row kill, Duck war stories.

70. Precise Calculation - Karma Wars, It was him!, Precise Calculation, Dunkirk.

71. EPIC TAIL GUNNER - Torpedoing a tank, Epic tail gunner, Return fire, Modern beauty.

72. Less is more - Gentlemen's code, Less is more, By the skin of the teeth, Improvised smoke screen.

73. Fortune's whim - Fortune's whims, Soviet tech genius, Failceptor, Fires of democracy.

74. External stimulus - External stimulus, I've got your number, Tank pinball, Tank beats plane.

75. Blitzkrieg - Guess who?, Living shield, Glove's off, Blitzkrieg.

76. Tank angel - Complete reversal, Best teammate ever, How to spawncamp, Tank angel.

77. Too much effort - Soviet steel, Too much effort, Not how it was planned, The skies of Africa.

78. Tactical Genius - Tea ninja, Road cut short, Tactical genius, A job well done.

79. Little defender - Weight difference, Almost made it, Frag-o-rama, Little defender.

80. Silver Angel - Tank hide & seek, Foot sweep, Berlin Drift, Silver Angel.

81. Snug Fit - Snug Fit, Right on time, Shells are faster, Tea time.

82. Up the ante - Acrobatic stunt show, Head-on master, Up the ante, Priority target.

83. Eureka - Eureka, Crown's commandos The bite of King Cobra, Hot winter of Volokolamsk.

84. Napalm in the morning - You won't regret this, Not enough room, Hey, I'm still here!, Napalm in the morning.

85. Only the fast survive - Chilling around, Eye for an eye, Only the fast survive, Surviving all the odds.

86. Lucky strike - Gods of stealth, Just as planned, Lucky strike, Heroic exploit.

87. Bad joke - Dead zone, Bad joke, The unstoppable, A look from above.

88. What went wrong - To be continued.., What went wrong, HE Rain, The Way of the Samurai.


89. Live bait - Live bait, Closing the gap, Mouse hunter, Alternative approach.

90. Holiday fireworks - Where did he go?, New decorations, Floating orchestra, Holiday fireworks.

91. Frag delivery service - Size matters not, Frag delivery service, Hello from beyond, But.. how?

92. Tank action hero - Teamwork vs mass, Perseverance, Tank action hero.

93. Torpedo from beyond - Doom gorge, Almost made it, Torpedo from Beyond, North African Campaign.

94. Crime and punishment - Crime and punishment, Lend me your gun, Sabretrap, Undercover.

95. Hiding in plain sight - Hiding in plain sight, Looking the wrong way, Scratch six, Mig Alley.

96. How to start a battle - Fast draw, Jink master, How to start a battle, Combined arms friendship.

97. Flat power - Flat power, Fickle fortune, Aid unlooked for, Mind your spacing.

98. Tiger tamer - Tiger tamer, Living cover, Aggressive attack, Double airshow.

99. French boxing - Well, hello there!, Pick someone your size, French boxing, Tough guy.

100. The Vulture - Dancing under the sun, I'm smarter than you think, Operation: Dead Shield, The Vulture.

101. Fight fire with fire - Merry go round, Caribbean drift, Fight fire with fire, Extra frag.

102. Underrated - They react to movement, Numerical advantage, Underrated, Lone wolf.

103. Let's pretend it a tank! - Driving to the airfield, Kugelblit's Superblitz, Let's pretend it's a tank, Don't worry, I got you!

104. Best luck ever - Best luck ever, Double takedown, So close, French tag team.

105. The sneakiest ZSU - The sneakiest ZSU, Full contact aerial combat, Forest of tanks, Tactical tug of war.

106. Torpedo for a Leopard - Thanks for the assist, Tank low riders, Torpedo for a Leopard, True grace.

107. Next stop - hangar - Next stop: hangar, Sinking tanks, Roundhouse to the face, Victory is ours!

108. Naval invasion - Fire on my position!, Dodging 101, To the last round, Naval invasion.

109. Cat and mouse - Three to one, Cat and mouse, New record, Cold war.

110. Overkill - Tank marines, Overkill, Victory at any cost!, Honor guard.

111. Soviet Retro - Cloak and dagger, Helping help, This is not over yet, Soviet Retro.

112. Lucky Fellows - Zero to hero, Lucky Fellows, Enemy diversion, That's my pagoda!

113. Fishing in the city - Fishing in the city, Bad day, Separating the chaff, Close air support.

114. Almost made it - Bomber's payback, Almost made it, The hand of Death, France's secret documents.

115. Be careful, Mr. Max! - Don't even breath, Karelian Shootout, Two rockets - two frags, Be careful, Mr. Max!

116. Also an option - Push it to the wall, A german Spartan, Caught in the moment, Also an option.

117. The Torpedo Lord - Don't even breathe, Stockholm syndrome, The Torpedo Lord, Cat Wrangler.

118. Tank stuntman - I got your number!, Dead Hand, War Thunder Chronicles.

119. Prank this - Prank this, Plan B, Frag spin, What if..?

120. No escape - No escape, Tank sandwich, Combat spacing, Operation Citadel.

121. Deadly small - Season migration, Missed it!, Deadly Small, Stalin's Organ.

122. Still have it! - Mr Churchill and friends, Lost in a fog, Through the needle's eye, Still have it!

123. You Call THAT a Big Gun? - At Home Among Strangers, An Explosive Dodge, You Call THAT a Big Gun?, Totally Calculated.

124. Three-point shot - Wasted opportunities, Too cool, Three-point shot, Symphony of destruction.

125. Mass hysteria - Gotcha!, No wing, no prayer, Mass hysteria, Target acquired.

126. Gunnery Master - Lucky tyke, Bullseye!, Gunnery Master, Proper positioning.

127. Delivery service - Follow the plan, Dancer, Delivery service, Leave no man behind.

128. Old School - Jacking up, Strike from beyond, Rocket payback, Old School.

129. BMP smash - American Devastation, Tail's overrated, BMP smash, This point is MINE!

130. There's always a way - Glide fight, There's always a way, Ricochet this!, Chimney sweeper.

131. Top of the line - Hydropneumatic wonder, Subtle difference, Classic, Pacific nightmare, Top of the line.

132. Deadly Draft - No armor too tough, Deadly Draft, Uncertainty, Final Salvo, Thunderbolt's Chronicles.

133. Battle Stories - That's new, Ups and downs, Torpedo done right, Defence turret, Battle Stories.

134. RAMPAGE! - Down but not OUT, Nice boom!, Getting in line, Missed me?, RAMPAGE!

135. Just like the movies - Just like the movies, Right on the money!, Safe route, Bad luck, Big catch.

136. Close Combat - Still Swinging, Close Combat, Leaper, Bonus frag, Six shooter.

137. Epic Shots - Engine of progress, I got you, man!, Surprise helo, Epic Shots, Look at my horse!


138. TACTICAL FLY BY - An excellent pass, Tiny speck, Tactical fly by, They see me rollin', The final defense.

139. Skill vs Rank - Live bait, Skill vs Rank, The longest duel, Parting gift, Not close enough.

140. Rich Harvest - Righ Harvest, Strength in numbers, Resonance, Tenacious crawler, Dead on arrival.


141. Supersonic - Faster than ever, Ghost tanker, Supersonic, Save your ammo, Comrade!, Keep the change.

142. Panacea - Friend-or-foe, Code duello, Italian tank genius, Panacea, Guess shot.

143. Sixth Sense - Plenty of barrels, Godlike, Connecting people, Sixth sense, parting gift.

144. Sniper-cripple strikes back! - Two for one, I'll manage, Sniper-cripple strikes back!, Dead hand, Multi-strike!

145. Party crasher - Deadeye cowboy, Instant karma, Tank interceptor, You had your chance!, Party crasher.

146. Stealth Fighter - The Yeet Shot, Fly-by, Stealth Fighter, Trading missiles, VHS mixtape.

147. High Precision Bombing - Mobile cover, high precision bombing, no scope, The last laugh, Flying rocket artillery.

148. Duck vs Jumbo - Standoff distance, Duck vs Jumbo, The Quickest Ace, Raising the stakes, Take my breath away.

149. The Hell Kitty - Slow killer, Deadzone, The Hell Kitty, Frags in bulk, Tank ace.

150. Vengeance - Hungry jet, Blockbuster movie, Big catch, Vengeance, Winged obstacle.

151. Thanks a lot! - All guns fire!, Epic teaser, Glider-Fighter, Thanks a lot!, Panzer nerfer.

152. You can't escape fate - You can't escape fate, Desert cat, 5600 meters shot, Improper use, Just a moment.

153. Epic Mishap - Scratch two, Little, but wild, Epic Mishap, Missile command, Guncam footage.

154. Epic frag - One for two, Evasive kill, Golden goal, Flip of death, Extra frag.

155. Die hard - Die hard, Water sports, Hello there!, Blast from the past, i'll take this too.

156. Tanks don't fly - Very close air support, Tight formation, The beast within, Cat rescue, Tanks don't fly.

157. Spaghetti Western - Chill, man!, Rocket twister, The hero of old, Spaghetti Western, Thanks, bud!

158. Danger Close - Line kill, High precision, Epic save, Well, hello there!, Danger Close.

159. Missing proper - Fire correction, Height makes right, Extra bank, Italian ninja, Missing proper.

160. Oopsie! - Oopsie!, Grand finale, German steel, Simulator madness, What a chance.

161. Tank spear - Comrade Stalinium, Bothersome flies, Tank spear, Crash X5, Kick me.

162. Teaching respect - Teaching respect, Tank CQB, Check your frag, Total chaos, Bounce that!

163. Wait, what? - It's a draw!, Wait, what?, Eagle-eyed shot!, Kept you waiting, huh?

164. Dodge master - Tight bombing, Chain reaction, Lucky Joe, Slippery Yak, An eye for an eye.

165. Kick me - I can see you, Miding your space, Carpet bombing, Three for two, Kick me.

166. I can see you - Surgical accuracy, Live bait, The more, the merrier, Time and time again, I can see you.

167. One tank army - On-rails shooter, Four bombs, four targets, One tank army, Little Gent, Capping like a pro.

168. Desert storm - Heavy AA, Never outgunned, Economy shooting, Desert storm, Tenacity.

169. No fly zone - Send it!, Skilled enough, Deth from above and below, AA Rockets, No fly zone.

170. He's good! - Hahaha, classic, He's good!, Good manners, My backup weapon, Out of control.

171. Tactical flip! - Tactical flip!, Dead hand, Know thy enemy, Awesomeness, 1+1=0.

172. All you need is ZiS - Open fire!, Bombproof, Oopsie!, All you need is ZiS.

173. Jinx this! - Jinx this!, The chosen one, Signature move, Beneficial exchange, Payback.

174. Plan B - Plan B, Counter-shot, Blending in, Off to a good start! The mystery.

175. The Unstoppable - Still kickin’, The Unstoppable, That's how it's done!, Good prize, Wait, WHAT?!

176. Wind of change - Good doctor, Ace flying, Seeing double, Low silhouette, Wind of change.

177. Speed is life - Speed is life, Going somewhere?, Capture Theory, The final blow.

178. I'll do it myself! - Counter-fire, I'll do it myself!, Two in one, Roundhouse kick, Narrow split.

179. Contour chasing - Too little, too fast, Keep your distance, Contour chasing, Lottery winner, The beauty around us.

180. Plenty of help - Baffling the enemy, Tight fragging, Blending in, Plenty of help, Extra armor.

181. Two surprises - Better than pro, My favorite cover, Stealthy Scorpion, Old tech, best tech, Two surprises.

182. ASU Hunter - The Hot Gates, Mishap, Experiment successful, ASU Hunter, Operation Live Shield.

183. Mine! - Mine’s bigger than yours, The right choice, Inconvenience, Is it a bird, is it a plane?, Mine!

184. Death Spin - Little vermin, Splashdown!, Too low, mate, Not your target, Death Spin.

185. Epic Heli - Epic Heli, Reversal done right, Active protection tank, There is a way, Deliverance.

186. Chance meeting - Double triple, Last man standing, Chance meeting, Gun of god, Curveshot.

187. Killer bird - That's a set-up, Double the gun double the fun, The last resort, Killer Bird, No chance.

188. Bomb vs Jet 101 - Turret bait, Plan B, Bomb vs Jet 101, Movie classics, Field demotion.

189. Power of 30mm - Kick me, Meeedic!, 30mm Power, Arado to the rescue!, The first rule.

190. Double dropshot - Longshot, Hot pursuit, Double dropshot, Close shave, Daredevil.

191. Luck or skill? - Luck or skill?, Alpha kill, Get off my six!, Long range rocket, Found ya.

192. My favorite spot - My favorite spot, Nobody expects the Inquisition!, Jumbo, an army of one, Turret is overrated, Just my size.


193. Old vs New - Ok, this works, Super Saver, Old vs New, Count to four, The Rear Gunner.

194. It is evolving! - It is evolving!, Master class, Flip this!, More than a bang, Splash damage.

195. Everything for the team - Exposed, Out of my way!, Eighteen to one, Mighty salvo, Everything for the team.

196. Lucky rocket - One, two, three, Hold the line, Lucky rocket, Two barrels, two kills, The hang of it.

197. Death from above - Doubling the stakes, Death from above, Accurate miss, MGs are overrated, Mobile artillery.

198. You can't hide from me - Touché, You can’t hide from me, Sweet, sweet revenge, Make it thirty.

199. Perfect alignment - Fragging, Alternative approach, HE’s for the win, Perfect alignment, Mobile bunker.

200. Fortune favors the bold - Bring him here, Make it two, Fortune favors the bold, Mountain hunting, Slippery devil.

201. My house! - Like threading a needle, Protective revenge, Cheer up!, Stiff resistance, My house!

202. The Luckiest Streak - One solution, The Luckiest Streak, Defensive technique, Rocket master, Mass collision.

203. Sneaky, sneaky Meteor - Sneaky, sneaky Meteor, Saving private Maus, American tenacity, Ouch!, The best of the best.

204. Just in case - Awkward moment, C-c-c-combo, Just in case, My lucky charm, No step backwards!

205. Little Big Mistake - Little Big Mistake, Deck Surfing, Bridge of Hope, Bomb + Shell, ATGMs are overrated.

206. Otomagic - Otomagic, Close shave, Recipe of victory, Greed kills, Manual control.

207. Stars and spangles - Mating display, Stars and spangles, Up close and personal, Flying bandit, Out of control.

208. Social distancing - Stiff competition, Social distancing, Smart Bullpup, Master of evasion, Long range covering fire.

209. Easy does it! - Double dip, Lucky-unlucky, Easy does it!, One in a million, In the heat of battle.

210. Double Fail - Double fail, Tactical flight, All out attack, This should work, Nice shot.

211. Head Trick - Ace wingman, Chasing death, French SWAT, Double kill, Head trick.

212. Launch of Faith - What could go wrong, It's all in the angles, Lucky crash, Spray and pray, That was close.

213. Ballistic miracle - Also possible, Look who I found, Triple badaboom, Ballistic miracle, Judy!

214. MiG Power - MiG Power, Leopard AA, Alpha strike, Easy-peasy, Long range ordnance.

215. One way or another - Self-saver, Trench war, One way or another, Surgical precision, Mano a mano.

216. Outranked - Outranked, Yank me!, Happy fall, Until the last round, Airborne Katyusha.

217. Master artillerist - Master artillerist, Unlikely, Seize your chance, Lucky raid, All in.

218. Punishment for greed - 4 for the price of 1, Self-propelled house, Punishment for greed, Japanese strength, Soviet drift.

219. Too rational - Just a couple millimeters, Too rational, Nice bonuses, Straight up, Rocket challenge.

220. Seagull vs Cheetah - Playing at giveaways, Genuine support, The luckiest anti-aircraft gunner, One in a million, Seagull vs Cheetah.

221. Reckless driving - Reckless driving, Tank mêlée, Air dominoes, Flashback time, Jet barrel.

222. Bomb for your team! - Double trouble, Bomb for your team!, Danger to all, Long shot, Pick-me-up.

223. Torpedo rain! - Torpedo rain!, An uncommon usage, Proper crash, Know your distance, Enemy meatshield.

224. Top gun - Top gun, Wrong place wrong time, Surprise surprise, Crazy bird, Triple crash.

225. Going right through - Gotta go fast, Captain Neo, Unstoppable, Anti-aircraft torpedo, Going right through.

226. Wrong time, wrong place - To infinity and beyond!, Wrong time, wrong place, Brushed away, Snatched, Not again.

227. Task failed successfully - Task failed successfully, As a duck takes to water, Too accurate, One little gray bird sitting on a wall, Don't mind if I do.

228. Smoky biplanes - Out of the blue, Tanking déjà vu, I believe I can swim, Dire straits, Smoky biplanes.

229. A miss and a hit - Nice drop!, A window of opportunity, Driver sub arrived, Useful after all, A miss and a hit.

230. The Lake Monster - Crashed, but undefeated!, Double luck!, Direct hit, The Lake Monster, Catch me if you can.

231. Bodyguard for the Volcano - Tight-knit, Real Swedish quality, Bodyguard for the Volcano, Grenade APS, 4 for the price of 1.

232. Monster kill - Too close for comfort, Here's your package, Out of the blue, Size matters, Monster kill.

233. Three sad cats - Bad elevation you say?, Three sad cats, Lucky shot, Dish best served in the hangar, Bomb a bomber.

234. Dive into the aims - When you see the rivets, You underestimate my power, Two mines, six frags, Little boats can inflict great damage, Dive into the aims.

235. Quick reflexes - Stumbling bomb, Accidental rescue, Quick reflexes, Last moment effort, Skip bombing.

236. Pro-active fire - Good holes, What was that?, Flying artillery, Pro-active fire, Reloading!

237. Air bodyguard - See that pixel over there?, Phantom menace, Double efficiency, Air bodyguard, Part-time job.

238. Matter of fuse time - No rockets? No problem, Good score, Unpredictable, Matter of fuse time, Leap frog.

239. Log in, log out - Clean shot, The old-school way, Right hands, Log in log out, Thanks for your help!

240. Master at work - Master at work, Wreaking havoc, Non-standard solutions, All your base are belong to us, Die hard.

241. You can't see me - I'm not done yet, Pulverized!, Highly unlikely, Shell shock, You can't see me.

242. Smile for the missile! - Had it coming, Beyond stalling, Literal bodyguard, Missed it!, Smile for the missile!

243. Dashing Javelin - Quantity beats quality, Winner of the javelin, A blast from the past, Forget the cannon, man the machine gun!, Rider on the storm.

244. King of the Underdogs - Happy-go-lucky, Lost by winning, King of the Underdogs, Collateral damage, It's a prank bro.


245. German quality - German karate, Updated beauty, German quality, I haven't even taken off yet, Ballistic computer.

246. Nice parking - Nice parking, By a hair, Perfect serve, One last thing.

247. Bait and switch - Missed, then hit, Bait and switch, Missile madness, Get down Mr. President, To shreds you say.

248. Give me a break! - One would suffice, Emergency skills, Metal ace, Master of surprise, Give me a break!

249. Wait, I could do that! - Wait, I could do that?, Frags Must Flow, One WMD, gentlemen, as you asked. Somersault, Apex predator.

250. Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun - Threading the needle, Last resort, Self-fulfilling prophecy, Just in case, Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun.

251. Even The Bots Can Do It - Even the bots can do it, Torpedo basketball, Is it difficult enough yet?, Fire in the hole, Touchless knockout.

252. All According To Plan - Definitely planned, Farewell, Bring it on, Lucky devil, Pro hunter.

253. Underestimated Machine - Underestimated machine, Going somewhere?, Scratch your belly, Caught in the fire, To each their own.

254. Wrong way - Wrong way, Ninja's mistake, No recoil, no miss, Proper treatment, Heat flares.

255. Unexpected turn of events - Part of the map, part of the village, Calculated, This yours?, Wait, you can do this?, Unexpected turn of events.

256. A Tiny Tim for a Big Crowd - Almost, A Tiny Tim for a Big Crowd, Found ya!, Against the odds, Mass tank destroyer.

257. The Bigger They Are - Trimmed, Denied!, Smart Missile, The bigger they are.., Got'em anyway!

258. One-way traffic - We don't need no education, Weird use for ‘Weird music’, Look at me, I am a SPAAG now, Zis is an ambush!, One-way traffic.

259. New tricks - Dauntless Sherman, Brake check, Bull's eye, Now you see me, New trick.

260. Old habits - Old habits, How did THAT happen?, New trick, Useful after all, To perfection and beyond.

261. Soviet Lowrider - Pumped up, Master of the Sea, Soviet lowrider, Darn fine crit, Not on my watch.

262. VTOL Benefits - Sights Off, VTOL Benefits, Learning from Mistakes, Chariot of Fire, Old School Cool.

How to submit your clip to the show

The instructions on how to submit a video are told at the end of every show, but here are the steps:

  1. Record and put together a video with a maximum of 3 minutes length. ATTENTION: The submitted video must be made by you, must be published for the first time, visible to everyone and must not violate any copyright laws.
  2. Subscribe to the War Thunder Youtube Channel and hit the 'Like' button of their most recent Thunder Show video.
  3. Upload your video to Youtube and send a direct link to [email protected] The covering email should contain your in-game nickname and the email address registered with your game account, so we can send you the rewards should your submission win!



The initial format of the show (Episode 1-129) was divided into categories:

  • The Funniest Video
  • The Best Fail
  • The Most Epic
  • The Most Original

The current format of the show (Episode 130-current) got rid of the categories to air more clips (5 instead of 4).


Thunder Stream: The Voices of War Thunder - War Thunder Official Channel
  • A new voice actor hosts the show since episode 211.
  • Shawn was the regular voice actor for 4 years (April 2016 - May 2020, 211 episodes: 1 to 114, 117 to 210 and 214 to 216).
  • Bruce (The Shooting Range) voiced episodes 115 & 116.
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It is desirable to complement War Thunder Wiki articles with thematic videos to expand their themes. At the same time, the wiki does not have the feature to directly upload videos like images. Therefore, the desired videos must be first uploaded to a video hosting site, such as YouTube.

You can insert an external video into an article in the following ways:

  • 1Visual editor
  • 2Wiki text editor

Visual editor

Insert video gallery

To insert a video gallery through a visual editor, go to the 'Template' section of the 'Insert' menu.

In the dialog box that appears, select the template Youtube-gallery and click the 'Add template' button.

In the next window, the 'Field name' box, enter the number 1, then click on the appeared block with the name '1' with the caption 'Unknown field.' After these actions, another input box will appear on the screen, where you should enter the ID of the video from YouTube into it. You can get it from the video URL as follows:


The bold text will be the ID of the video.

Then, in the 'Field name' box in the 'Add more information' section, you need to enter the number '2' and click on the appeared block with the same name. Now in the new input box that appears on the screen, you can add an explanatory note to the video. You can continue adding these text by inserting digits in order (3, 4, 5, etc.) to infinity, with each odd field will be considered a video ID, and each even field will be considered as the description for the preceding number/video. Nevertheless, an infinite number of videos in the article would look somewhat inappropriate, so it is advisable to limit their number to three or four. An example with three inserted videos and their descriptions:

After all the parameters are specified, click the 'Insert' button

Insert single video

To insert a single video through the Visual Editor, you need to go to the “Templates” section just like in the previous example, but this time choose the Youtube template.

In the required 'url' field, you need to insert the ID of the video from YouTube, the receipt of which was shown in the last example. For the template, the additional parameters 'align,' 'size,' and 'caption' are also available in the 'add more information' section, the setting of which can be adjusted from the field box shown afterwards.

After all the parameters are specified, click the 'Insert' button.

Wiki text editor

Insert video gallery

Using the wiki text editor, you can insert a video gallery using the following code:

{{Youtube-gallery <ID1> <Caption1> <ID2> <Caption2> <ID3> <Caption3> ..}}


  • ID - Identifying numbers of the YouTube video. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8_8L-F44ts&t=54s
  • Caption - Caption that will be displayed under video.

The number of videos in the gallery is not limited, but it is recommended to insert no more than three.

Usage example:


{{Youtube-gallery 0-J5Vg0SxLc Victory is ours! -ndHK-sKUkw Unforgotten: T-44<br>'Start up and move out!' in Kubinka 8MoVAKl9uFc Update 1.47}}


Victory is ours!
Unforgotten: T-44
'Start up and move out!' in Kubinka

Camodo Gaming War Thunder Videos

Update 1.47

Read more about the template: Youtube-gallery.

War Thunder Videos My Comodo Gaming

Insert single video

War Thunder Videos Baronvongames

G.55 Silurante

You can insert a single video through the wiki text editor using the following code (example of the result to the right):


  • url - link or video ID (required)
  • caption - Caption under video
  • align - center, left, or right (left by default)
  • size - video size in pixels (default is 300)

Lines with optional parameters can be deleted.

Read more about the template: Youtube.

Insert video with #ev

The basic tool for inserting video contained in the EmbedVideo extension and able to work with a large number of video hosting sites. Example of inserting a video in #ev:

{{#ev:Site ID or URL Width Alignment Caption}}


War Thunder Gameplay Videos

  • Site — the name of the service that hosts the video (see the table under the spoiler below)
  • ID or URL — the address of a specific video
  • Width — width of the video in pixels (640 by default)
  • Alignment — align the video to the left, center, or to the right with their respective parameters
  • Caption — Caption under video

SiteSite name Sample ID Sample URL
Archive.org Videosarchiveorg electricsheep-flock-244-80000-6 https://archive.org/details/electricsheep-flock-244-80000-6
Bambuserbambuser - Broadcastsbambuser_channel - Channels 5262334 http://bambuser.com/v/5262334
Beambeam - Streams RocketBear https://beam.pro/RocketBear
Bingbing 31ncp9r7l http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/adorable-cats-attempt-to-eat-invisible-tuna/31ncp9r7l
Blip.tvblip - Blip requires the full URL to the video page and does not accept the raw ID.http://blip.tv/vinylrewind/review-6864612
C3TVmediacccde 32c3-7305-quantum_cryptography https://media.ccc.de/v/32c3-7305-quantum_cryptography
CollegeHumorcollegehumor 6875289 http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6875289/batman-says-his-goodbyes
Dailymotiondailymotion x1adiiw_archer-waking-up-as-h-jon-benjamin_shortfilms http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1adiiw_archer-waking-up-as-h-jon-benjamin_shortfilms
Daum TVPottvpot - Obtain the URL or ID from the share menu URL. s9011HdLzYwpLwBodQzCHRB http://tvpot.daum.net/v/s9011HdLzYwpLwBodQzCHRB
Div Sharedivshare
EdutopiaEdutopia content moved to YouTube. Please use the youtube service selector below.
FunnyOrDiefunnyordie c61fb67ac9 http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/c61fb67ac9/to-catch-a-predator-elastic-heart-edition
Gfycatgfycat BruisedSilentAntarcticfurseal http://www.gfycat.com/BruisedSilentAntarcticfurseal
Hitboxhitbox Washuu http://www.hitbox.tv/Washuu
JW Playerjwplayer cr5d8nbu-8ZpoNmmJ https://content.jwplatform.com/players/cr5d8nbu-8ZpoNmmJ.html
Kickstarterkickstarter elanlee/exploding-kittens https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/elanlee/exploding-kittens
Metacafemetacafe 11404579 http://www.metacafe.com/watch/11404579/lan_party_far_cry_4/
Nico Nico Videonico sm24394325 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24394325
RuTuberutube b698163ccb67498db74d50cb0f22e556 http://rutube.ru/video/b698163ccb67498db74d50cb0f22e556/
SoundCloudsoundcloud use full url https://soundcloud.com/skrillex/skrillex-rick-ross-purple-lamborghini
TeacherTubeteachertube 370511 http://www.teachertube.com/video/thats-a-noun-sing-along-hd-version-370511
TED Talksted bruce_aylward_humanity_vs_ebola_the_winning_strategies_in_a_terrifying_war http://www.ted.com/talks/bruce_aylward_humanity_vs_ebola_the_winning_strategies_in_a_terrifying_war
Tubi TVtubitv 318409 http://tubitv.com/video/318409
Tudoutudou mfQXfumwiew http://www.tudou.com/listplay/mfQXfumwiew.html
Twitchtwitch - Live Streamstwitchvod - Archived Videos on Demand twitchplayspokemon http://www.twitch.tv/twitchplayspokemon
Vimeovimeo 105035718 http://vimeo.com/105035718
Vinevine h2B7WMtuX2t https://vine.co/v/h2B7WMtuX2t
Yahoo Screenyahoo katy-perry-dances-sharks-2015-024409668 https://screen.yahoo.com/videos-for-you/katy-perry-dances-sharks-2015-024409668.html
YouTubeyoutube - Single Videosyoutubeplaylist - Playlistsyoutubevideolist - Video List pSsYTj9kCHE
Youkuyouku XODc3NDgzMTY4 http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XODc3NDgzMTY4.html

We do not recommend embedding YouTube videos using #ev.

War Thunder Sign Up

Once the code for the video is complete, add the code
afterwards, then the text will not flow around the video.

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