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22 February 2016

The Panhard 178 tank hunter is a french tank and you know we need more french tanks Characteristics Made: way less then 1143 Crew: 4 main weapon: 47 mm SA 34 canon Secondary weapon: 7.5 mm Reibel machine gun Dimensions: 4.79 x 2.01 x 2.31 m Maximum speed: 72 km/h Total weight: 9.04 tons Armor: co. Tank cannons Tank ammunition Gun stabilizer Ammo racks Tank machine guns Anti-aircraft guns Anti-tank guided missiles. Combat support systems Night Vision Devices SPAA radars Scouting Smoke screen. Mobility Hydropneumatic suspension Towing. Guides Beginner's Guide. Premium vehicles; Bundle & Gift vehicles. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Spanish Civil War to today. The Hunter F.6 is a rank VI British jet fighter with a battle rating of 10.0 (AB/RB) and 9.7 (SB). It was introduced in Update 1.89 'Imperial Navy'.

The top-range British FV4004 Conway SPG, which was created to fight against Soviet IS-3 tanks, will be one of the new additions in War Thunder 1.57.

The Victory Parade in Germany and the new Soviet IS-3 tanks forced the allies to stop and think – if they were to go to war with the USSR, these vehicles would cause them a mass of problems. They had thick armour set at steep angles, round cast turrets and powerful cannons. The Americans and British engineers came up with their own ways of defeating IS tanks. One of these was the FV4004 Conway SPG, with a high turret on a Centurion chassis, it was a British attempt to provide an answer to the heavy tanks of the Soviets. How did it turn out? Let’s take a look at this SPG model in War Thunder.

A Centurion Mk 3 chassis served as the basis for the Conway. The SPG received the Centurion’s armour, ground wheels and engine without modifications. However, the 120 mm L1 cannon with its massive breech required a new turret. The engineers mounted the vehicle’s cannon and three crew members in a rather tall turret, which, in spite of its size, did not significantly add to the vehicle’s weight. The Conway retained the Centurion’s maximum speed of 21.5 miles per hour (roughly 35 km/h).

An undeniable advantage of the Conway over many other SPGs is its rotating turret. At first glance, the turret looks as if it provides no serious protection for the crew, but this is not so. We contacted The Tank Museum in Bovington for technical documentation on the Conway (incidentally, the only prototype of the Conway is also in Bovington). The documents found provide evidence of very reliable protection of the habitable compartment of the Conway’s turret – the front of the turret is over 130 mm thick.

When War Thunder update 1.57 is released, the FV4004 Conway will be placed at rank V in Britain’s SPG branch. Its excellent gun and rotating turret compensates for its low speed. The Conway will receive two types of ammunition: high explosive squash head (HESH) and armour-piercing discarding sabot (APDS). The SPGs crew consists of 4 members.

We’ll find out how the Conway fairs against the IS range and other heavy tanks at ranks IV and V as soon as War Thunder update 1.57 is released. See you on the battlefield!

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While both games are already good as they are, has it ever crossed your mind about which is the best between World of Tanks VS War Thunder? While some may argue that War Thunder may already have gotten the first place right from the start, it won’t end there as easily as you may think. So, whether you’re a veteran of these games already, or just someone planning on trying these vehicular combat games to find their calling, try reading this mini-review to finally nail this undying question once and for all.


World of Tanks and War Thunder are both games that require co-op and tactical maneuvers. However, the War Thunder is not limited to tanks only, since other types of machinery, such as aircraft and sea vessels, are included as well. If you’re a type of player who prefers simulation through realism, then this game is for you. Most of the time, small mistakes can be unforgiving, especially in Realistic Battles. That’s why it’s better to shoot at an area that you consider suspicious, rather than ignoring it. Inland battles face-hugging, ramming, and side scraping is not advised. Furthermore, this game also gives you the chance to simulate real World War II scenarios.

World of Tanks is a different story, because it’s more of an arcade fun game. Here, health bars are present and mistakes can be forgivable, except in extremely competitive battles such as clan wars, stronghold, advances, etc. Additionally, face-hugging, sidescraping, and ramming someone can be a fun experience most of the time. Spotting is also a vital part of this game, especially at higher tiers where entire teams can sometimes be heavily dependent on the light tank’s spotting skills.


Nevertheless, no matter what game you choose between the two, it is still important to know your vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses in order to use it more efficiently and smartly. Both games are excellent in each of their own areas. And whatever you choose depends on your personal preference.

Game Modes

Both games celebrate certain events, especially the historical ones, frequently. But when it comes to other fun and games, we’ll give it to World of Tanks. Halloween events, the well-known Chafee Races, Steel Hunter, and Frontline are just some of them. On top of that, World of Tanks also hosts certain vehicle marathons from time to time. It may require lots of dedication and efforts, but who wouldn’t want to get a premium tank for free?

Land Vehicles And Weaponry

War Thunder Tank Hunter

When it comes to the total number of vehicles, War Thunder is the champ. However, for the purpose of comparison with World of Tanks, we will limit the scope in ground vehicles only. War Thunder features both historical and prototype vehicles that were actually made whereas World of Tanks features even the “paper tanks” – tanks that never went out of the drawing board. Both games also feature fictional tanks, although WoT has more of them.

When it comes to vehicle weaponry and mechanics, War Thunder still offers more of them. Vehicles with multiple turrets can be both fired and moved simultaneously. Furthermore, the game’s timeline can extend up to the modern era where anti-tank guided missiles, smoothbore, thermal, and explosive-reactive armor are present. World of Tanks may have the best tanks at Tier X, but the game won’t include vehicles as long as they have “modern” features such as smoothbore cannons and ERA.

World Of Tanks VS War Thunder Grinding System

Both games feature grinding your way to the top in order to obtain the highest tier vehicle of your choice. While it might take some considerable amount of time, the grinding system of both games have their own strengths and weaknesses. In World of Tanks, you start at tier I then obtain combat experience through battles. Besides purchasing premium time, you can also activate different kinds of reserves to accelerate your progress. Moreover, the “blueprint” feature can speed up your grinding even more. Hence, it’s possible to “rush grind” in order to get your tier X vehicle in a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, in WT the best idea to grind effectively is either doing it the “free to play” way, or purchasing products, such as premium time or vehicles. In order to effectively grind, one should stay in the research effectiveness of a certain vehicle, usually within a tier or two. You can also use the boosters that you obtained in crates. Unlocking a full row of modifications also gives extra research points that you will need in the future. That’s why it’s important to ace your vehicles and play in the realistic battles as early as possible. When deciding to purchase using real currency, premium time is much more preferable than premium vehicles because it affects all your vehicles.

Always consider that both games are products of developing companies that want to make some returns as well. So, you either have to grind manually, or spend real currencies to accelerate your progress through means of conversions. Whatever route to take is up to the player.


Maps And Soundtracks


Both games offer tons of maps to play with, and each has their own corresponding soundtrack. However, War Thunder’s maps are not limited in land battles only, since the game also features naval and air battles. The game’s soundtracks may be more inclined in the WWII scenario, but players have the choice to add their own playlist in the settings menu. Making an attack run on a Hind while playing Ride of the Valkyries? No problem!

On the other hand, World of Tanks’ maps may be restricted in WWII to Cold War era ground battles only, but their soundtracks are far better than their counterpart. Some of the examples are soundtracks of Prokhorovka and Studzianki. Most of the game’s music has a blend of classic and modernity to it, and every detail is as good as the map’s details themselves.

War Thunder Survivor

World Of Tanks VS War Thunder Graphics

Both games feature excellent graphics that would definitely make gaming more immersive and enjoyable. In World of Tanks, developers paid more attention to the actors – the tanks themselves – rather than the environment. The game also offers 4K and ray tracing. While the damage visuals and dents are already good for such a game, War Thunder may be better at that aspect. In WT, the damage physics is far better than its counterpart. The guns even blow up if you shoot at them. Due to the realism, it offers in one of its modes, it is vital to notice every detail and see further to have that first killing shot rather than being shot at first. On the other hand, WoT’s graphics can be way too better in terms of overall graphics and aesthetics. Therefore, having a decent gaming rig is recommended if you want to witness the beauty each game offers.

World Of Tanks VS War Thunder Mods


Mods play a huge part in making both games more enjoyable and newer. They help eliminate blandness and burnout that is normally felt after long term hours of playing the same game. While keeping these things in mind, World of Tanks have a strong stand in its Fair Play Policy so it’s highly encouraged to only visit their official Mod Hub for the best and cleanest mods around. In it, you can download various mod packs to partially or totally rework your gameplay experience.


Just like its counterpart, War Thunder also supports modding. They can range from sights, sounds, to various skins to make your vehicle more unique. Since they also have a strong stance against forbidden modifications, ban waves also happen from time to time.

As previously said, both games have full support of various mods and modpacks to make gameplay more interesting, unique, and a lot easier. However, while you can, for instance, put some Hello Kitty camouflage in your Maus Tank, only you can see it and no other players in the game unless they have the same, identical mod as yours.

Referral Programs

While playing solo can be enjoyable, both games have referral programs to make it even better. Competitive gameplay can be more fun when playing with your friends, right? That’s because you can directly coordinate with them, and execute various tactics more effectively. War Thunder offers silver lions or golden eagles for every friend that reaches the second, third, and fifth rank.

Meanwhile in World of Tanks, if both commander and recruit work together to earn 1500 referral points from fulfilling the three assigned stages, rewards can include bonds, emblems, camo patterns, badge, 2D style, inscriptions, and even a premium tank. The commander receives a special badge for his/her efforts as well.

Final Say

War Thunder Tanks Hunter Award


As a player of both games. I would say that not all games are perfect. While one of them might satisfy you and fit your playstyle, the other one might fail to do so. It’s all in a matter of player preference. Overall, both games are good from a neutral perspective. Some quirks that are present in both games may need a fix, but they will. World of Tanks just had their 10th anniversary this year, and the game is far from dying. Meanwhile, War Thunder’s New Power update announcement has shed some light for the game’s overall player base. I am looking forward to continuing to play these games that I love for many more years to come.

War Thunder God Mode Medal

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