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War Thunder has the most comprehensive list of authentic war planes for players to enjoy. Currently, there are over 350 planes spread among 5 nations. The more fighter planes an account has unlocked, the higher the price it’ll fetch, and the more you’re going to want to purchase it! War Thunder player stats. Tags: warthunder, war thunder, wt, for gamer, gaming, eat sleep war thunder, eat sleep warthunder, kv2, kv 2, eat sleep, eatsleep, computer game, repeat, war, thunder. This was supposed to be done yesterday but 1.63 dev server round house kicked my plans in the face. Also special thanks to necrons for sending in his repla.

First of all, i want to apologise for my English, it's not my native language, but for some reason i just want more people to know about this situation and maybe hear some thoughts of yours.

So, with Chinese tree we got a few new premium tanks. The one i want to talk about is top-tier T-62 with number 545. This tank is not just some museum exhibit, bought or built by China, it has very particullar story behind it, which is makes it THE WORST choice for Chinese premium imo, but we'll get to that after short backstory.

In year 1969 Chinese soldies crossed USSR border intended to take Damansky island. Just a very small (really small) island close to their shore of Ussuri river (the border was on their shore), it was part of USSR by 1860 treaty. USSR soldiers tried to get closer to invaders on the frozen river, near the island, in attempt to make them leave. They had a lot of situations like this in the past, Chinese really wanted that piece of land. But now it wasn't just some kind of 'i'll just stand on your land for a bit', it was an armed ambush. Chinese attacked Soviet guards, which led to a firefight between rest of Soviet border post and Chineses. By the end of march 2 the island was under Soviet control, with 31 dead and 39 from Chinese side.

Damansky island

On march 15, Chinese tried to take island again, now with more people. With 4 APC, 45 guards tried to hold the island. Group of 4 T-62 from neighbor post tried to flank attacking enemy. This group was led by colonel Democrat Leonov, commander of the tank number 545. He distracted the enemy, but unfortunately his tank was immobilised and hit with RPG-2. Crew decided to leave the tank, but it's loader, Aleksei Kuzmin and Democrat Leonov were killed by sniper fire. Many soldiers were awarded for their courage shown during this and earlier fight, five of them were awarded with top honour title of the Hero of the Soviet Union. There was no higher reward than this in Soviet Union, it's a national hero.

The tank of Democrat Leonov, T-62 545

Later, iirc on march 17, Soviet side tried to evacuate their T-62, but Chinese opened fire from their shore, making it's impossible to tow the tank. 1 soldier died during this attempt. Later Chinese towed this damaged T-62 545 to their side and studied it. They couldn't recreate this tank, but they used the knowledge they got in their further projects. This tank was partly repaired, partly with Type-59 details, wheels for example, but never really served under Chinese flag and having it in Chinese tree is like having Mouse in Soviet's, but that's not the main problem.


The problem I see here, is that Gaijin decided to put the tank, on which our national hero fough his last battle in the tech tree of nation responsible for his death. For me, it just doesn't seem like a right thing to do. Some people in RU community see here disrespect for a national hero, some offended by it, some ok. But for some comedic reason, Gaijin even decided to put a title 'Defender of the Empire' for preordering this tank. They giving you a 'Defender of the Empire' title, with the tank that this Empire stole (no politics) during it's invasion in neighboring country. Am i just overreacting, or it's just completely messed up?

The way i see it, they didn't bother much making Chinese tree, they just copied a bunch of vehicles, but they were needed something for top-tier premium, and conviniently they had this only one T-62 in Chinese museum, which never served on Chinese side. They decided to slap a '545' decal on and sell it for $55. This is not even 'that' T-62, it's just a regular T-62 which is indentical to Soviet's T-62 to the pixel, except this decal.

War Thunder T62 Vs T55a

Ingame T-62 545
Real one

They were too lazy, or greedy, to make something interesting, something that not just a copy, but they put themselves into stupid situation. Now a lot of people on RU forum tried to put some sense in their heads. My topic, where i proposed them to do something about this tank, had 472 replies in less than 24 hours, until it was closed as we got CM answer. I've got 80 likes on first post in a single day, which is a lot by this forum standarts. You need only 30 to get topic considered as 'important', which raises your chances for developers respond. But now we have some responces from our CM. They're actually pretty ok with the situation. A lot of people aren't but they see no problem here, the tank is just 'a trophy', the tank number just indicates that particular T-62 that stands now in Chinese museum, but it's not associated with the man who stand his last fight in it. He even accused one of the users, which supported change of this tank, in 'tarnishing us'. I do understand the fact that different people can have different opinions on things, and this particular thing is very person depending, but how do you think, it this the right way to do business? To save few bucks on new model and add some lazy premium that some people see as some kind of mockery? And with this title? What's your thoughts? How would you react, if Gaijin decided to add your national's war hero vehicle to the nation which irl killed that hero? I know it's just a game, and that we have some trophy vehicles already, but this is first particular trophy iirc, and it doesn't feel right to me.

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