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Object 279
TypeHeavy tank
Place of originSoviet Union
Production history
No. built3
Mass60 metric tons
Length6.77 m (22 ft 3 in)
length11.085 m (36 ft 4.4 in) with the gun
Width3.400 m (11 ft 1.9 in)
Height2.639 m (8 ft 7.9 in)
Crew4 (driver, loader, gunner, commander)
Armor319 mm – 217 mm (turret front and side)
(at 30° – 50° from vertical)
269 mm – 93 mm (upper hull front)
(at 45° – 75° from vertical)
258 mm – 121 mm (lower hull front)
(at 45° – 70° from vertical)
182 mm – 100 mm (hull side)
(at 45° – 65° from vertical)
130 mm M-65 rifled tank gun L/60
(24 rounds)
14.5 × 114 mm KPVT coaxial machine gun
(800 rounds)
Engine2DG-8M diesel engine
1,000 hp (750 kW)
300 km (190 mi)
Maximum speed 55 km/h (34 mph)

The Object 279Kotin[1] (Объект 279 Котин) was a Soviet experimental heavy tank developed at the end of 1959.

This special purpose tank was intended to fight on cross country terrain, inaccessible to conventional tanks, acting as a heavy breakthrough tank, and if necessary withstanding even the shockwave of a nuclear explosion. It was planned as a tank of the Supreme Command Reserve.

  • Tanks like the Object 279 should always be a reminder that high penetrating rounds are no replacement for knowledge of enemy weak-points.Discord: https://dis.
  • The Object 268 is a rank V Soviet tank destroyer with a battle rating of 7.3 (AB) and 7.0 (RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.69 'Regia Aeronautica'.The Object 268 is a self-propelled gun based on the T-10M heavy tank featuring a 152 mm M-64 cannon.
  • 279 makes 1,000 HP @ 2400 RPM. AMX-13(HOT) Makes 270 HP @ 3,200 RPM. The Object makes 2200 ft-lbs tq. The AMX makes about 440. Obj has 37ft-lb/ton, and AMX has 28ft-lb/ton. Not exactly a 'trivial difference'. The Object, as a heavy tank, should be.
  • 🔎 This is not an April Fools prank. The Object 279 has been officially announced to be a reward for an event that's ongoing from today to the 13th of April. This Soviet experimental heavy space.


The tank was developed at the Kirov Plant in Leningrad by a group headed by the engineer L. Troyanov. The work on the tank started in 1957, which was based on a heavy tank operational requirements developed in 1956, and a pre-production tank was completed at the end of 1959.[2]

This unique tank boasted increased cross-country capability. It featured four-track running gear mounted on two longitudinal, rectangular hollow beams, which were also used as fuel tanks. The tank suspension was hydro-pneumatic with complex hydrotransformer and three-speed planetary gearbox. The track adjuster was worm-type. The specific ground pressure of this heavy vehicle did not exceed 0.6 kg/cm2 (~8.5psi). The track chain, running practically along the whole track length provided for increased cross-country capabilities on swampy terrain, soft soils and area full of cut trees, Czech hedgehogs, antitank obstacles and the like.

All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. My teams still stomp even if there are IS-7's and Obj-279's. Probably just the players and tanks you use against them. Chemical based shells and darts work fine. Apr 9, 2020 @ 12:42am.

The tank was equipped with the powerful 1000 hp 2DG-8M diesel engine, enabling the 60 metric ton tank to attain 55 km/h (34mph) speed, with active range of 300 km (186 miles) on one refuel. It also had auto fire-fighting systems, smoke laying equipment and a combat compartment heating and cooling system.


The tank hull, with a maximum armour thickness of 269 mm (10.6 in), was covered by a thin, elliptical shield protecting it against APDS and shaped charge ammunition, and preventing it from being overturned by the shockwave in case of a nuclear explosion. It comprised large cast irregular shape structures of variable thickness and slope. The all-cast front part of the hull was rounded in shape with thin armour panels against HEAT projectiles, which ran around the edges of the front and sides of the hull. The sides of the hull were also cast and had similar protective armour panels.

The all-cast turret, with a maximum armor thickness of 319 mm,[3] was rounded and had anti-HEAT protective panels. The turret ring was also heavily protected. The tank was equipped with chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) protection.


The tank was armed with the 130 mm M-65 rifled gun. The secondary armament was a 14.5 x 114 mm KPVT coaxial machine gun with 800 rounds.[4] The weapons were stabilized in two planes by a 'Groza' stabilizer. Object 279 carried 24 rounds of ammunition,[5] with charge and the shell to be loaded separately.[6]

The gun was provided with a semi-automatic loading system with a rate of fire of 5–7 rounds/minute. Firing control system comprised optical rangefinder, auto-guidance system and L2 night-sight with an active infrared searchlight.

An improved variant of the gun was later tested on the experimental tank Object 785 in the late 1970s.


An Object 279 prototype on display at the Kubinka Tank Museum

One of the reasons that this tank project was abandoned, as with other heavy tank projects, was that the Soviet military stopped operating with heavy fighting vehicles of that type, tanks and similar, as of 1960. Since then, the heaviest ones are kept at about 50 metric tons of weight, that is without counting in any extra equipment such as additional reactive armor, mine clearing devices (mine ploughs, mine rollers) etc. On July 22, 1960, at the demonstration of new technology on the range of Kapustin Yar, Nikita Khrushchev strictly forbade any tanks with a weight of more than 37 metric tons to be adopted by the military, having thus written off the entire program of heavy tanks that had proven to be so successful.[3]

Adding to this decision was that Nikita Khrushchev himself was a supporter of an alternative – guided missile tanks, the most prominent of which was IT-1. Furthermore, the Soviet military wanted tanks with a suitable weight for crossing their own bridges, in case of homeland defence situations similar to those that occurred during World War II, which at that time seemed to be unreliable for heavy vehicle crossings. Another reason was that a number of serious deficiencies of the running gear appeared during the trials. These deficiencies included low nimbleness, efficiency loss during swampy area crossings, complex and expensive production, maintenance and repair, and impossibility of reduction in the overall height of the tank.[7]

Surviving vehicles[edit]

  • Russia: One example of the tank survives as a non-functional display at the Kubinka Tank Museum.


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Object 279
Soviet Union
1,500 gold
Stats - Stock (Renowned)
300 mm
Hit Points:
270 / 240 / 60
Turret F/S/R:
400 / 305 / 90
55.00 km/h
Acceleration 0-32kph:
7.99 s
30 deg/s
400 m
Accuracy (Spread):
-9 / -1°
Turret Traverse Speed:
26 deg/s

The Object 279 is a tier 5 PremiumMain Battle Tank originating from Soviet Union. The Object 279 is not available to purchase in the in-game dealer trees and has only been sold outside of the game in the web shop during certain sales or events.

  • 2Player Recommendations
    • 2.1Pros and Cons

Features[editedit source]

  • Heavy armor: this vehicle's armor bounces more shots and takes more hits.
  • High caliber: the high caliber weaponry deals an increased damage.
  • Terrain resistance: this vehicle has increased maneuverability.
  • Adjustable suspension: allows you to adjust ground clearance manually.
  • Smoke generators: generate a smoke screen around the vehicle.
  • Trained crews: vehicle goes with 5 level crews.

Player Recommendations[editedit source]

Pros and Cons[editedit source]

Pros[editedit source]

  • High durability
  • Powerful gun

War Thunder Obj 279 Ps4

Cons[editedit source]

  • Long reload
  • Mediocre acceleration and traverse speed

Upgrade Suggestions[editedit source]

Appserv xampp. Premium vehicles in Armored Warfare come fully upgraded.

Retrofit Suggestions[editedit source]

Commander and Crew Skill Suggestions[editedit source]

  • Commander:
  • Driver:
  • Gunner:
  • Loader:

War Thunder Obj 279 Edition

Armor[editedit source]

Object 279 Stock Armor
Reputation CostCreditsHull Armor (F/S/R)Hull CompositionTurret Armor (F/S/R)Turret CompositionERA TypeERA Modifiers
Object 279's hull and turret are considerably thicker compared to other heavy tanks. They were equipped with spaced armor that provided protection against 122mm armor piercing munitions and 90mm shaped charge projectiles at any firing range.

Firepower[editedit source]

130mm M-65 Cannon
Shell nameTypeReputationDamageArea of effectPenetrationMax AccuracySpeedReload
130mm 53-BR-482 APAPStock6300m300mm0.15°908 m/s10.8s
130mm 3VOF43 HEHEStock4703m42mm0.20°785 m/s10.8s

14mm Secondary Weapon
Shell nameTypeReputationDamageArea of effectPenetrationVelocityAccuracy (Fully Aimed)Reload TimeShells in MagazineReload within MagazineBurst Fire Rate
14.5mm BS-41 APAPStock200m45mm855m/s0.15°5.00s400{{{reloadm}}}s300.00rd/min

Mobility[editedit source]

NameReputation CostCreditsMax SpeedReverse Speed0 to 32km/h0 to Max SpeedHull TraverseFire Chance
UTMZ 2DG8-M 1000 hp Diesel EngineStockStock55km/h{{{reverse}}}7.99s{{{0-max}}}30.00deg/s{{{firechance}}}

Upgrades[editedit source]

Premium vehicles in Armored Warfare come fully upgraded.

Special Ability[editedit source]

NameActivation TimeDurationReload TimeAbilityChanges
Adjustable Suspension
0.25 s0 s0 sTwo suspension modes with different setings of acceleration, traverse speed, spotting range, camouflage factor, and accuracy decay rate.-

History[editedit source]

Class: Heavy Tank (Prototype)
Developed: 1957-1959
Service: N/A
Vehicles Built: 1
Operators: N/A
Historically, the Object 279 was one of the last Soviet attempts to produce a Heavy Tank capable of defeating pretty much anything it encountered on the battlefield of the late 1950s. The tank’s strange UFO-like shape was optimized to make its frontal sector completely impervious to enemy armor-piercing or HEAT shells and its massive 130mm M-65 cannon was perhaps the most powerful tank gun of the era. Another rather unique feature was its four-track suspension that allowed it to retain extremely favorable ground pressure and thus off-road capabilities – when going forward.
In reality, steering was very difficult and put a lot of stress on the whole system, resulting in very poor agility as well as reliability issues. The suspension system was also hydro-pneumatic and thus capable of lowering the tank to a static position. And last but not least, the tank was equipped with a NBC system, allowing it to not only survive in irradiated environment, but also, thanks to its distinctive shape, to withstand a nuclear blast shockwave. While certainly impressive, the tank was also extremely expensive and suffered from a number of issues. It was thus never mass-produced and the only surviving prototype is located in the Kubinka tank museum.

Variants[editedit source]

  • Object 279 Banner Bearer : This variant fires red smoke instead of grey smoke, visual camo net (no camo bonus provided), and Soviet Victory Banner flag on its turret.
The Object 279 'Banner Bearer', a Premium variant that was purchasable starting May 2018.
  • Object 279 Mir
    Object 279 Mir

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