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  • The online, free to play combat sim War Thunder just had a huge new release, adding in an entirely new nation with China and plenty of upgrades elsewhere. This website makes use of cookies to enhance your browsing experience and provide additional functionality - More info Deny Cookies - Allow Cookies.

War Thunder continues expanding its roster of countries available with the 'Ixwa Strike' update out now that brings with it South African armoured vehicles.

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This is everything i have seen about a new nation. This is from the Russian Q&A in October in 2018. When will the Swedish or the Chinese nation be in the game. Approximately this year or in the Following? More likely in the following. That's pretty interesting, and a good choice.

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For ground vehicles there's 24 new with this update including a special South African subtree within the British ground forces and includes the likes of the SARC Mk.VI, Ratel 90, Ratel ZT3-A2, Olifant Mk1A and more. There's multiple new aircraft too like the F-5A, Mirage IIIE and the F8U-2 plus a few new additions to the naval forces. There's also a whole new map the Seversk-13, which is a mixed battle map so it's reasonably big allowing for armoured vehicles and aircraft to compete for supremacy.

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It's not just new additions though as there's masses of tweaks to the behaviour of damage models, flight model changes for various aircraft, the aircraft class 'Attacker' has been renamed to 'Strike Aircraft' and extended with the addition of a large number of vehicles, there's a few visual tweaks too like effects of shells on hard surfaces being improved, lots of sound work went into it too like new sound design for all aircraft weaponry, new explosion sounds for the visuals of shells hitting different surfaces, bombs have different sounds depending on mass and much more.

War Thunder New Nation


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Overall, it's a huge upgrade for the game.

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Full changelog can be found here.

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