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Naval ferry barges Anti-air ferrys. Boats: Gunboats Heavy boats Armored gun boats Motor torpedo boats Motor gun boats Motor torpedo gun boats. Large vessels: Frigates Destroyers Light cruisers Heavy cruisers Battlecruisers Battleships.


Release Date:December 1, 2016

War Thunder Naval Forces Release Date

Format: Digital


While I'd like to see subs and aircraft carriers in War Thunder, I'd be very concerned about how they'd work in a player-controlled situation. Submarine warfare is a different kind of naval combat unto itself, and from what I've heard Gaijin doesn't want to do it because it'd mean a lot of redesigns when it comes to how the water works. War Thunder Naval Forces Gaijin Entertainment are introducing a new class of warships to War Thunder Naval Forces - light cruisers. This class will apparently have massive ships and they will have the most powerful armaments out of all warships in the game. Check out War Thunder: Naval Forces, Vol. 1 (Original Game Soundtrack) by Gaijin Entertainment on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.com. Tankers, pilots.and aspiring Captains of War Thunder. We are on the final approach to the start of the Naval pre-Beta Test. There will be large amount of unique vessels from different countries at your disposal, some of which we have already presented to you via our Development blogs.

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1.Destroyers Attack!2.Take No Heed My Countrymen

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3.Leaving Calmer Shores4.Push Through to Tomorrow's Light

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5.The Convoy of Hope6.Which Way the Wind Turns

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7.Presentiment to Battle8.To Your Stations!

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9.Holding Our Brethen's Fate10.Steeled Nerves and Steady Resolve

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11.The Enemy Is Dead Ahead12.Rendezvouz at Sea

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13.Night Attack14.The Gently Marching Sea

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15.Upon the Horizon's Edge16.Carry Ever Onward

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17.Upon a Day to Be Remembered18.They Were True Soldier

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19.Glory Rides Upon These WavesTotal Album Time:39:37

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War Thunder Manual

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War Thunder Naval Forces Guide


The developers of War Thunder have released the patch notes for Update 3.63. While it doesn’t really introduce anything new, it does bring a ton of changes to balance the game better and address some bugs and other issues. So, let’s take a look at the War Thunder Update 3.63 Patch Notes together, shall we?

Update 3.63 Patch Notes in War Thunder


As we’ve already said, the War Thunder Update 3.63 are all about fixing various bugs and fine-tuning the game. It introduces a ton of changes to aircraft, land vehicles, and naval forces. There’s a lot to wade through, so here are the full patch notes, as they appear on the official War Thunder website.

  • Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes
    • Ju 87G-2 — a bug has been fixed where the “Airbrake on/off” warning might be displayed.
    • Saab A32A — the ammo capacity for the Аkan М49 guns has been specified to 720 rounds (180 per gun).
    • Saab-105G — a bug has been fixed where rockets might appear on the same pylon with suspended gun pods.
    • PBY-5 — bomb drop order has been specified.
    • Su-2 TSS, SM.91, B6N1, B6N2, B6N2a, Tu-2 (all series), TB-3 — the firing angles of turrets have been specified.
    • Yer-2 — the visual display of 50 and 100 kg bombs has been fixed in the suspended armament menu.
    • М129 grenade launcher — a bug has been fixed that prevented the grenade launcher from overheating.
    • NS-45 gun — dispersion under overheating has been corrected.
    • М4 gun — overheating time has been reduced.
    • Sk.60b – a bug has been fixed that resulted in the overestimated parasitic drag for pylons with m56d and m49/56 rockets.
  • Ground vehicles model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes
    • SU-85M — a bug has been fixed that allowed a driver’s hatch to be penetrated by an uncocked APHE shell.
    • M26A1 — the incorrect thickness for the internal part of the mantlet has been reduced from 203 mm to 25.4 mm.
    • Tiger II (10,5 KwK) — the position of the centre of gravity has been specified. Previously, the tank was slightly trimmed to the rear.
    • Sherman Vc (Italy) — the weight has been reduced from 37.1 to 35.3 tons. Previously, the weight was calculated with additional armour that was lacking in this model.
    • Type 16 — recoil length and impulse has been reduced.
    • Pz.35(t) — transmission operations have been specified. The reverse gear number has been increased to six. Now the tank can drive forward and backward at the same speed.
    • Ho-I, Chi-Nu, So-Ki, Ta-Se, Chi-Nu II, Ho-Ro — a bug has been fixed where the tank had combat speeds.
    • M3A3 Bradley — a bug has been fixed that prevented rocket type switching.
    • M3 Bradley, M3A3 Bradley, ADATS Bradley, XM8 — transmission operation has been specified, gear ratios have been corrected.
  • Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes
    • IJN Sendai — deck armour thickness has been corrected on the info card.
    • IJN Kako — depth charges have been removed from the x-ray mode.
    • The overestimated damage of the remote fuse charges for the Breda-Bofors type 107 40mm/70 gun and MEL58 40mm/70 gun has been corrected.
  • Other
    • Game interface navigation when using keyboard arrows and gamepad D-pad buttons has been improved.
    • A bug that caused the keyboard layout to no longer be displayed on the login screen has been corrected.
    • A bug that sometimes led to it being impossible to change the nation in the hangar after completing [Enduring Confrontation] missions has been fixed.
    • A bug that made it impossible to interrupt the animation of the player’s vehicle destruction replay while typing in the battle chat window has been fixed