War Thunder M10

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  • The M10 Achilles of the British 7th Armoured Division. The M10 SPG with a rotating turret was modernized in Britain before the Normandy landings. Soon in War Thunder!
  • As part of a daring sabotage operation by German special forces in the Ardennes, several Panther tanks were disguised as US M10 Wolverine SPGs. The deed was done in true German style, with attention given to even the most minor details. As a result of this ruse, even at short range the German tanks looked very much like the American SPGs.

General History

After US entry to the war and formation of the Tank Destroyer Force, a new vehicle was needed to equip the new battalion, by November 1941, the Army requested for a vehicle with gun in a fully rotating turret after earlier temporary model were considered too poorly designed.

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The prototype of M10 was conceived in early 1942, delivered in April of the same year, after some change to the hull and turret, it was selected for production in June 1942.

War Thunder M10 Achilles Arcade

Mounted a 3-inch(76.2mm) Gun M7 in a fully rotating turret on a modified M4A2 Sherman tank chassis.

It was still used despite the increasing number of Panther and other more armored vehicle fielded.

A total of 6406 M10 (including M10A1) were produced. Some saw action in 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

War Thunder M10


Xampp mysql setup. Powerful gun capable of penetrating almost any vehicle at it BR, in a rotating turret allow it attack without the need of moving the entire hull.

Large gun breech can sometime absorb a round entirely.

5 crew members, it is possible to have survive after the combat compartment was annihilated.

Relatively good mobility allow flanking attack.

War Thunder M10 Skins


Open top turret, crew vulnerable to strafing from air.

War Thunder M10 Gmc

Slow turret traverse speed, so it cannot react quickly to flank attack.

Large gun breech can be damaged easily, life threatening when occur at close range.


Try stay hidden and behind friendly, where you can utilize your gun long range capabilities.

Hull down tactic is a good tactic for it good gun depression.

M10 Gmc


War Thunder M10 Gmc

The M10 is a capable TD, it have great gun for it BR and decent mobility, but is well suited as a support vehicle.

War Thunder M10 Panther

War thunder m10 skins

(Note above stats is for RB)