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  • All Discussions. If you want to just mindlessly grind out SL very easily then the Ju-288 is what you want, just spawn in, dive towards a base, drop.

The Ju-288 will be faster, or very close in speed, to anything it faces. This means that to catch up with you, an enemy plane must aim directly at you without maneuvering. This means you have a stationary target behind you with a 20mm on the rear of your tail. If a Ju-288 flying anywhere other than away from enemy planes to force that engagement, it's their fault for dying.

Ju 288 C Q-5A Q-5 early Flight Model changes: BB-1, Su-2 (all series) - the flight model has been updated. Engine running modes have been specified. Fuel distribution among tanks has been corrected. Wing, hull, flaps, and rotor blades polars have been recalculated and specified. Aircraft controls have been corrected when flaps are extended.

If the plane behind you maneuvers at all, they bleed speed and fall behind. That's the whole point of it. They're forced to engage you without moving, resulting in free kills if you can aim the rear gun.


Iniciar mysql desde cmd xampp windows. Good to see at least one normal person who doesn't only play Axis understands the issue

Sad to see so many nazi german faction players who don't want their JU 288c nerfed because 'nah brah just redline your engine as fighter that spawns on airfield vs bomber spawn JU 288c lolol'

War thunder reddit really is a cesspool of them sadly, back to the official forums for me, were at least trolls get banned (even if they just come here lol)

F82 364 mph IAS steady EDIT: (with gunpods)

War Thunder Ju 288 Op

Wyvrin 349 mph IAS steady

JU 288c 332 mph IAS steady

EDIT: Tempest 331 mph IAS steady at the tested alt, according to my friend who plays it a lot

Speeds measured at the altitude JU 288c is used in air RB, e.g. 200-500m

Why is it still 5.3?

Of all of those three only two have air spawns, and only JU 288c has bomber spawn allowing it to pick a choose your own adventure type gameplay.

Practically every allied fighter it faces from 4.3-6.3 it will outrun on the deck (where any semi competent JU 288c user will be).

Why is it considered equal to B17, while B17 will face hard counters, such as dornier 335 series, TA series, while there is quite literally only a single (F82) non premium option to counter them, and which also costs twice as much to repair?

When will gaijin raise the BR of JU 288c? After they have milked all the money they can?

I don't even know how to suggest to 'fix' it though since it would need to go to like 6.7 to only sometimes face air it can't outrun (jets) and then it'd only sometimes face prop plane fighters it could outrun, which obviously would make it trash like 99% of the bombers that exist in WT

I know there's plenty of people who cry about vehicles being over powered without offering a suggestion, so post any/all suggestions you might have here and I'll amend them to the forums post too when I get off work


In response to comments:

Not top speed, obviously this post is entirely about flat steady IAS speeds.

I'm talking about flat level top speed, obviously, if you dive from 6km in almost any plane you can reach faster top speeds

War Thunder New Update

Before you say 'but so and so plane can reach a higher top speed in a dive!'

Try this: go into test flight with the allied plane with all modifications, then from take off go to 200m, use virtual cockpit to maintain 0% steady.

Then after you have accelerated to the maximum steady speed the plane can maintain look at the sustained steady flight speed and write it down or make a mental note.

Now repeat with JU 288c, the steady mph IAS speed will be 332 mph IAS

The entire point of this post is that of all the (non-jet) bombers in the game, there are very few fighters that can't maintain a faster steady speed than them, this is flaired for air RB, not arcade where you can use german fighters against german bombers

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War Thunder Ju 288 Speed

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War Thunder Ju 288 Mods

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