War Thunder Ipm1

Ie the IP is a M1A1 with a 105mm gun. Which means, it may not have the penetration of the M1A1, although it will like said get the M833 probably so it should penetrate plenty of tanks, but the reload between a 120mm and a 105mm will be marginally better for the IP’s favor. There is nothing more that can be achieved from the 105 mm rifled gun, this is the reason for the M1 Abrams existing. The only Abrams that was intended to use the 105 mm gun was called the XM-1 (GM) and that's why it became a premium tank in War Thunder instead. The Tank, Combat, Full Tracked, 105-mm Gun M1, or just M1 Abrams, is a rank VI American medium tank with a battle rating of 10.0 (AB/RB/SB).It was introduced in Update 1.77 'Advancing Storm'. In-game, the M1 Abrams is a fairly quick main battle tank. It accelerates quickly, and will hold a speed of 32 miles an hour (52 km/h) over rough terrain. XM-1 (GM) XM-1 (Chrysler) M901 Merkava Mk.1 Merkava Mk.2B. M60 AMBT Merkava Mk.3D. Climbing the ranks with American vehicles - War Thunder Official Channel. Pages in category 'USA ground vehicles' The following 102 pages are in this category, out of 102. War Thunder player stats. IPM1 / statistics for the last 1 month. These may be very different from the real, because we are monitoring only those players who use our site.

War thunder ipm1


  • A bug has been fixed with missing sound and visual effects of hits on the destruction of the player’s ground vehicle.
  • A bug has been fixed with missing sound and visual effects of hits on enemy/allied vehicle hits on enemy/allied ground vehicles.
  • A bug that would cause a bomb flight sound to play for listeners on the ground immediately after a drop, regardless of the drop height. Now bombs start to sound at distances of about 500 meters.
  • Engine over-throttle sounds on ground vehicles have become shorter. They are quieter on vehicle stop, and louder, when the vehicle starts moving.
  • Diesel engines on Leopard 2, Leclerc, T-90A, Type 90, T-64, now have a turbocharger whistling sound. The turbocharger layer has also been added to the over-throttle sounds.
  • The turbine sounds for turbine engines of player ground vehicles (Abrams, T-80, Leclerc) have been changed in spectral composition to reduce possible discomfort during long playtimes

War Thunder Ipm1

War Thunder Ipm1

War Thunder Ipm1 Vs M1

Fleet characteristics, damage model, and weaponry changes

War Thunder M1 Abrams Vs Ipm1


War Thunder Imp1

  • Blue-water torpedo reload time in the naval AB has been increased from 60 to 120 seconds.
  • Mine lifetime has been increased from 180 to 240 seconds.
  • Sverdlov — a bug has been fixed with main caliber gun mantlets at middle distances.

War Thunder Ipm1 Review


  • Consoles: Exchange tab has been added to the workshop for ‘New Power’ trophy items.

Ground vehicle characteristics, damage model, and weaponry changes

War Thunder Ipm1
  • IPM1 - an issue with incorrect turret armor resistance in relation to the info card has been fixed.
  • The hull break effect from kinetic round hits on hulls only (possibility from destroyed major modules is still possible) has been removed for the following vehicles:
    • PTZ89
    • WZ305
    • ZSD63
    • AMX-10RC
    • AMX-13 all
    • AMX-13 DCA 40
    • AMX-30 Roland
    • Begleitpanzer 57
    • BMP-1 (all versions)
    • Gepard
    • FlaRakPz.1
    • FlaRakRad
    • Radpanzer 90
    • Ru 251
    • TAM
    • TAM 2C
    • AUBL/74 HVG
    • Centauro
    • Centauro ROMOR
    • Centauro MGS
    • AUBL/74
    • M113A1 (all versions)
    • R3 T106 FA
    • SIDAM 25 (all versions)
    • Type 16
    • Type 60 ATM
    • Type 60 SPRG (C)
    • Type 87
    • Type 89
    • Type 93
    • CV 90105 TML
    • CV 90120
    • Lvkv 9040C
    • Lvrbv 701
    • Pvrbv 551
    • Strf 9040 BILL
    • Strf 9040C
    • UDES 33
    • Chieftain Marksman
    • Falcon
    • FV102
    • FV4005
    • FV438
    • Warrior
    • Rooikat 105 TD
    • Rooikat Mk.1D
    • Stormer
    • VFM5
    • ADATS
    • HSTV-L
    • M1128
    • M163
    • M247
    • M3 Bradley
    • M50
    • M551
    • M901
    • 9P149 Shturm-S
    • 9P157 Khrizantema
    • BMP-2
    • BMP-2M
    • BMP-3
    • Object 120
    • Object 685
    • Object 906
    • SU-100P
    • 2C6 Tunguska
    • ZSU-23-4 Shilka
    • ZSU-57-2

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Itn 263 midterm. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.