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The Zero vs the Hellcat

The M18 Hellcat's design is truly exceptional - and beautiful! In War Thunder, the vehicle has been authentically recreated to match its historical counterpart as good as possible within our simulation, both visually and performance-wise. Click on the images for full resolution. In looking at the Hellcat in War Thunder in this brief article, we will be concentrating solely on its performance in Arcade Battle. Like its historical counterpart, the War Thunder Hellcat possesses a number of key advantages, but also a few shortcomings. First and foremost, the Hellcat is a true multirole aircraft. Eve online morphite.

In aerial duels the American F4F Wildcat found itself completely outmatched by the Zero. The Zero was nimble, fast, and well-armed, the Wildcat was sluggish and maneuvered like a tin can. The poor performance of the Wildcat meant that U.S. Navy pilots had to leverage their aircraft’s better survivability against the Zero’s maneuverability.

In 1943, the game changed when the American F6F Hellcat entered the war.

The Hellcat outclassed the Zero as soon as it rolled off the production line. Faster, better armed, and with superior armor, the Hellcat dominated the Zero on paper and proved its worth in the skies of the Pacific Theater. The tables were flipped.

However, the Zero had one advantage left: It’s pilots. With years of combat experience, from the Pacific Theater to China and Burma, Zero pilots were grizzled veterans fully able to exploit their aircraft’s capabilities against the formidable new American fighter. Hellcat pilots would soon find out that, in spite of their aircraft’s superiority, Japan’s aces could still put up a tough fight.

Pilot these aircraft and many others in War Thunder, the Massive-Multiplayer Online game that brings World War II vehicle combat to life. In War Thunder, each aircraft holds its unique historical characteristics, so you’ll feel like a real WWII pilot.

But it doesn’t take a real pilot to play War Thunder. Numerous game modes give beginners and experienced gamers the opportunity to dogfight at their own level.

Will you choose the formidable Hellcat, the plane that won the Pacific air war, or the maneuverable Zero, Japan’s plane of aces?


Exploit your aircraft’s unique characteristics to your best advantage, use real dogfighting tactics to get the jump on your foes, and immerse yourself in history as you fly the most iconic fighter planes of World War II in War Thunder

M18 Hellcat War Thunder

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