War Thunder Fw 190 D13

An experimental model of a high-altitude fighter, it has an engine that is unusual for the series and a turbo compressor in a special shroud underneath the fuselage. This classic Focke with an exclusive appearance can be the pride of your collection or just an excellent piston-engine fighter!

In tandem with the work on the Fw 190 B series, in 1942 an experimental fighter known as the Fw 190 C was created with a DB 603A engine and a turbo compressor placed underneath the fuselage. At the same time, the shape of the fighter’s cowl had to be noticeably altered, and the long pipes of the exhaust collector were placed along the sides of the fuselage up to the turbo compressor. Several experimental models of this modification were built for testing purposes, and the tests themselves went quite well, although there were some problems. First of all, the powertrain and turbo compressor had not been perfected yet, which led to some failures. Second, the huge shroud on the aircraft’s belly reduced its flight characteristics somewhat. It would have taken too much time and effort to eliminate these flaws, so the project was scrapped.

In our game, the Fw 190 C will appear in rank IV of the German air force. It’s a classic Focke with all of the pluses and minuses that go along with it: good speed at high altitudes, a very respectable rate of climb, a high flutter threshold, and excellent control during nose-dives, even at high speed. However, a turning engagement at a low altitude will almost always end badly for the Focke-Wulf – inexperienced pilots often get carried away pursuing the enemy and continue the dogfight at a low altitude, which gets them a trip to the hangar. The Fw 190 C’s armament is similar to earlier versions of the series: two 7.92mm machine guns and a pair of 20mm cannons that are always equipped with ammo belts of terrifying “Minengeschoss” high-explosive fragmentation shells for air combat. In addition, the Fw 190 C has a unique appearance: an elongated cowl, a four-blade propeller, long exhaust pipes along the sides, and a shroud with a large air intake vent. This special event fighter is a real gift for collectors and fans of German aircraft.

Jan 24, 2017 what the f. are all these people talking about turning in fw190s for? Energy fight and use its almost unbeatable roll rate if forced into a fight. The D13 is a beast, easily my best aircraft in SB. I prefer its triple 20s to the split armament on the other doras and it has plenty of ammo for them. See full list on wiki.warthunder.com.

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War Thunder Fw 190 D-13 vs. F-4U-1d Corsair vs. La-5FN Comparison by Hans_J_Marseille

I wanted to make a comparison of three of the best (for me available) planes at the different branches !!

War Thunder Fw 190 D13 Worth It


I know, that the D-13 is a 1944er development, when the Corsair and the La-5FN are more of a 1942er Plane, but this makes the comparison even more interesting:
When we think about of the Fw 190 D-13 as one of the best available german Piston engine Fighter (except the Ta-152). in the other branches are more and probably even better late war models coming like P-51 Mustang or the La-7 which i cant rate at the moment !!

Note: All was taken out of testflight in “Simulator” setting with 20 min Fuel attached.

Fw 190 D-13F-4U-1d CorsairLa-5FN
Low level Speedsuperior (593 km/h)superior (599 km/h)superior (592 km/h)
max. allowed Dive Speed at low alt
(before “Reduce speed” kicks in)
superior (around 920 km/h)superior (around 950 km/h)poor (around 780 km/h)
low level Accelerationvery goodgoodsuperior
Max. sustained Turn Rateaveragegoodsuperior
Max. sustained AoA
(whilst turning, before stalling)
Max. sustained Climb Ratevery goodgoodsuperior
Steepest sustained Climb Angle
(without losing speed)
Roll Rate at low speedvery goodgoodvery good
Roll Rate at high Speedsuperiorgoodpoor
Overall Roughnessvery goodsuperiorpoor
Armamentsuperiorvery goodvery good

Conclusion (not only out of the data, but also following personal impressions when flying with or against those):

1. The La-5FN looks to be a bit overperforming especially comparing to the Fw 190 D-13 in terms of level speed, acceleration and climb rate
2. The Corsair was a fast, very rugged plane, but could she turn really that good ??? Even at lower speeds ???
3. Sadly the Fw 190 D-13 looks to be overall the “worsest” of those three, only superior in roll rate, when it should outperform (in my opinion) both in level speed, acceleration and maybe sustained climb rate
EDIT: but this happens, because both others performs too good… D-13 is fine as she is

NC.900, The Gift French Version.

Note: i know, i didnt tested one of the biggest advantages of the D-13: the HIGH Altitude performance !!
But we all know, currently those fights are not taking place in WT ! Even when they begin in those alts, they quickly moving downwards against tree top level… so in my opinion, its not worth to compare those planes as long as we dont have high altitude strategic bombing raids to fight