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Update 3.63 has arrived for War Thunder, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

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On the PS4 version of War Thunder, this update is known as version 3.63. Officially though, this is update This patch was released on all platforms on May 5th, 2021.

No new content has been added today as most of the update is fixing bugs and issues. Many vehicles in the game have had balance changes in order to make the gameplay experience better for all players. Eve online real money trading.

You can read the full patch notes posted down below.

War Thunder Update 3.63 Patch Notes

Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • Ju 87G-2 — a bug has been fixed where the “Airbrake on/off” warning might be displayed.
  • Saab A32A — the ammo capacity for the Аkan М49 guns has been specified to 720 rounds (180 per gun) (report).
  • Saab-105G — a bug has been fixed where rockets might appear on the same pylon with suspended gun pods.
  • PBY-5 — bomb drop order has been specified.
  • Su-2 TSS, SM.91, B6N1, B6N2, B6N2a, Tu-2 (all series), TB-3 — the firing angles of turrets have been specified.
  • Yer-2 — the visual display of 50 and 100 kg bombs has been fixed in the suspended armament menu.
  • М129 grenade launcher — a bug has been fixed that prevented the grenade launcher from overheating (report).
  • NS-45 gun — dispersion under overheating has been corrected.
  • М4 gun — overheating time has been reduced.
  • Sk.60b – a bug has been fixed that resulted in the overestimated parasitic drag for pylons with m56d and m49/56 rockets.

Ground vehicles model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

  • SU-85M — a bug has been fixed that allowed a driver’s hatch to be penetrated by an uncocked APHE shell.
  • M26A1 — the incorrect thickness for the internal part of the mantlet has been reduced from 203 mm to 25.4 mm.
  • Tiger II (10,5 KwK) — the position of the centre of gravity has been specified. Previously, the tank was slightly trimmed to the rear.
  • Sherman Vc (Italy) — the weight has been reduced from 37.1 to 35.3 tons. Previously, the weight was calculated with additional armour that was lacking in this model.
  • Type 16 — recoil length and impulse has been reduced (report).
  • Pz.35(t) — transmission operations have been specified. The reverse gear number has been increased to six. Now the tank can drive forward and backward at the same speed.
  • Ho-I, Chi-Nu, So-Ki, Ta-Se, Chi-Nu II, Ho-Ro — a bug has been fixed where the tank had combat speeds.
  • M3A3 Bradley — a bug has been fixed that prevented rocket type switching.
  • M3 Bradley, M3A3 Bradley, ADATS Bradley, XM8 — transmission operation has been specified, gear ratios have been corrected.

Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

  • IJN Sendai — deck armour thickness has been corrected on the info card.
  • IJN Kako — depth charges have been removed from the x-ray mode.
  • The overestimated damage of the remote fuse charges for the Breda-Bofors type 107 40mm/70 gun and MEL58 40mm/70 gun has been corrected.


  • Game interface navigation when using keyboard arrows and gamepad D-pad buttons has been improved.
  • A bug that caused the keyboard layout to no longer be displayed on the login screen has been corrected.
  • A bug that sometimes led to it being impossible to change the nation in the hangar after completing [Enduring Confrontation] missions has been fixed.
  • A bug that made it impossible to interrupt the animation of the player’s vehicle destruction replay while typing in the battle chat window has been fixed

If you want to know more about this update, you can visit the official website. War Thunder is out now for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and Xbox One.

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War Thunder Best Naval Nation 2020

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War Thunder presents special event: from October 23rd 15:00 GMT (08:00 PDT) to October 24th 15:00 GMT (08:00 PDT):

x5 EXP bonus for the first victory for all nations

+30% EXP bonus for destroying naval units

[Operation] Iwo Jima (Historical Battles difficulty). Plane set-up:
Team А (USА): F4U-1a, F4U-1d, F4U-1c, F6F-3, SBD-3, TBF-1c and B-24D

Team B (Japan): A6M3, A6M3 mod.22, A6M5, A6M5 ko and G4M1

By the summer of 1944 the war in the Pacific had turned against the Japanese. A series of clashes with Allied forces had forced the Japanese military into a retreat, surrendering much of their early gains in theatre. The home islands of Japan itself were now within bombing range by air, which had a devastating effect on the propaganda-duped morale of the Japanese people who had been told that the war was almost won.
Faced with the decision of how best to continue the advance, the island of Leyte in the central Philippines was chosen as the Allies’ next strategic target. The US Navy’s 3rd and 7th Fleet, supported by elements of the Royal Australian Navy, clashed with the First Striking Force of the Imperial Japanese Navy in what some historians have quoted as the largest naval battle in history.
This epic confrontation resulted in a crushing defeat for the Japanese, who suffered over 12,000 casualties – more than four times as many as the US Navy’s losses. From the air, stand out feats included the Japanese attack on the USS Princeton, and the now legendary exploits of Cdr David McCampbell. A Japanese D4Y ‘Judy’ bomber hit the light carrier USS Princeton with a single 550 pound bomb; the bomb crashed through the wooden flight deck and the damage was so severe that the ship had to be abandoned and destroyed. Furthermore, secondary explosions occurred whilst the cruiser USS Birmingham was attempting to provide aid, resulting in a further 233 killed. The standout moment from the air was when McCampbell led twelve Hellcats against a force of 60 Japanese aircraft; the US Navy pilots shot down half of the Japanese force including a staggering nine aircraft attributed to McCampbell in that single confrontation.
After the largest losses ever suffered by the Japanese Navy, the stage was now set for the US 6th Army’s amphibious assault of the Philippines…

About the author:
Mark Barber, War Thunder Historical Consultant
Mark Barber is a pilot in the British Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm. His first book was published by Osprey Publishing in 2008; subsequently, he has written several more titles for Osprey and has also published articles for several magazines, including the UK's top selling aviation magazine 'FlyPast'. His main areas of interest are British Naval Aviation in the First and Second World Wars and RAF Fighter Command in the Second World War. He currently works with Gaijin as a Historical Consultant, helping to run the Historical Section of the War Thunder forums and heading up the Ace of the Month series.

War Thunder Best Naval Nation