War Thunder Asu 85

War thunder asu 85

/// NOTICE: This video is intended for a 'Mature Audience' only. In this War Thunder video tutorial, I roll out in the ASU-85, Russian, Tier-4 Tank Destr. I don't have the ASU-85 but seeing that its the only thing that can seem to penetrate smth that is at the t-44-100 tier I decided to start grinding for that. I soon came to see that the ASU-85 doesn't really have a good reputation because of the horrible penetration it provides at 6.7, but obviously times have changed and its 6.3 now. Arcade Battles review of the Russian SPG, the ASU-85. How do you play it? What are its strengths and weaknesses?Join War Thunder for free:http://warthunder.c. Oct 9, 2015 - Soviet ASU-85 in Afghanistan War 1979-1989.

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ASU-57 was the first series-produced SPG in the USSR that was developed specially to be delivered by air for airborne landing troops. The ASU-57 – aviadesantnaya samokhodnaya ustanovka, or air-landing self-propelled gun – will be a new addition to the Soviet light tank line and will be situated before the PT-76 on the tree.

The ASU-57 is one of the most unusual vehicles that has been added to War Thunder. It is a small-calibre, but still very dangerous SPG, whose main advantages are its small size, mobility and rate of fire. Light bullet-proof armour, a crew of three, an unusual configuration and built to be as light as possible – every aspect of this vehicle was designed to ease its landing by parachute. Curiously, the ASU’s power train was an M-20E automobile engine used in the Pobeda (Victory) civilian car, but it was armed with a semi-automatic Ch-51M cannon, practically identical in its ballistic characteristics to the ZiS-2.

The vehicle came into service in 1951, until it was replaced by the more powerful ASU-85. Outwardly, the ASU-57 differs from Soviet SPGs from the end of the war in its small size and open cabin. It carries just 30 rounds for its cannon, but its reloading speed and ballistics are simply astounding. Remember the incredible 57mm ZiS-2 cannon on the early Soviet ZiS-30 SPG? The ASU-57 plays like a post-war version of the ZiS-30 – advanced and time-tested, with good mobility, maneuverability, a low profile and an absence of the lingering destabilization when stopping that annoyed players so much, a particular problem of the aforementioned anti-tank SPG.

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What will the strategy of the ASU-57 be? To quickly take a convenient position from which to fire 57mm rounds at the opponent and then instantly hide from enemy fire. To take an enemy position and set up an ambush. With its excellent rate of fire, to support attacking allies. And most of all – to avoid going head-to-head against the enemy: the ASU-57’s armour, to put it mildly, is non-existent. Katia sae eve. In everything else, the vehicle promises to be very interesting.

Expect the ASU-57 in one of the upcoming patches to 1.59 'Flaming Arrows'. Good luck on the battlefield and see you there!

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ASU-85 soviet tank destroyer

The SU-85/ASU-85 was a light tank destroyer. The vehicle was developed during the Cold War Era (designed from 1951, produced from from 1959) and replaced the obsolete open-top ASU-57. The ASU-85 was based on PT-76 amphibian tank, but without the amphibious capabilities. This tank destroyer was fitted with a new engine, the YaMZ-206V V-6 inline water-cooled diesel 210hp (op. range 230km, max on road speed 45km/h). The armor was very sloped on front and 45mm thick. The armament consisted of a D-70 (2A15) 85mm gun mounted in casemate with an elevation from -4.50° to +15° and the traverse was 15° either side. There was a coaxial machine gun with a combat load of 2.000 rounds. Main gun and coaxial machie gun were aimed by means of the TShK-2-79 sight. The tank was equipped for night time fire by a TPN1-79-11 sight, used in combination with L-2 IR. The commander was provided with two observation devices: TNPK-20 (day) and TKN-1T (night). In the early 1970s, some vehicles were fitted with a DShK-M 12.7mm heavy machine gun with 600 rounds and received the NATO designator ASU-85 M1974. The original designation was SU-85M or ASU-85M. The ASU-85 could also be equipped with smoke generators BDSh-5.

Source – Zaloga, Steven J., Hull, Andrew W. and Markov, David R. (1999). Soviet/Russian Armor and Artillery Design Practices: 1945 to Present. Darlington Productions; http://www.wikiwand.com/en/ASU-85

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SU-85 / ASU-85 era un cacciacarri leggero. Il veicolo venne sviluppato durante la Guerra Fredda (dal 1959) e sostituì l’obsoleto ASU-57. L’ASU-85 era basato sullo scafo del PT-76 anfibio, ma senza le capacità anfibie. Questo cacciacarri è stato dotato di un nuovo motore YaMZ-206V V-6 inline water-cooled diesel 210hp (autonomia 230km, velocità massima su strada 45km/h). La corazza era particolarmente inclinata sulla parte frontale e spessa 45mm. L’armamento consisteva in un cannone D-70 (2A15) 85 millimetri montato in casamatta con un’elevazione da -4,50° a + 15° e un brandeggio di 15° su entrambi i lati. Vene installata una mitragliatrice coassiale con un carico da combattimento di 2.000 munizioni. Il Cannone principale e la mitragliatrice coassiale miravano per mezzo di un telemetro TShK-2-79. Il carro è stato attrezzato il combattimento notturno grazie a un telemetro TPN1-79-11, usato in combinazione con un L-2 infrarosso. Il comandante venne fornito di due dispositivi di osservazione: Tnpk-20 (giorno) e TKN-1T (notte). Nei primi anni 1970, alcuni veicoli sono stati dotati di una mitragliatrice DShK-M da 12,7mm con 600 proiettili e ricevette la designazione NATO ASU-85 M1974. La denominazione originale era SU-85M o ASU-85M. L’ASU-85 potrebbe era anche dotato di fumogeni BDSH-5.