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It’s a brave new era for free to play titles with games like Path of Exile and Warframe receiving significant updates that most paid DLC to shame. However, there’s one title that hasn’t always gotten its due but maintained strong popularity – Gaijin Entertainment’s War Thunder, a dogfighting MMO that’s cross-platform and offers campaign missions, competitive multiplayer and much more for the price of nothing.

In summary, Ultra graphics setting is highly achievable with this GeForce RTX 3070 card, but what monitor resolution are you looking to play War Thunder at, because you can get 163 FPS at Ultra 4K.

With the game’s availability on PS4 and upcoming Xbox One launch, we were curious about the resolution and frame rate it could employ on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Speaking to Gaijin CEO Anton Yudintsev, we asked if there would be separate modes for 4K and 1080p TV owners as some games have been doing as of late.

Yudintsev replied that, “Currently we run more than 30 FPS in 4K on Xbox One X. As for now, there is no separate mode for 1080p TV, but Xbox One X runs with supersampling antialiasing on 1080p (providing similar to 4K resolution quality of picture).”

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What kind of advantage does the Xbox One X offer over the Xbox One in terms of raw processing power? Yudintsev notes that there’s a huge improvement over the “current” generation and that 4K only makes the battles that much more exciting.

“Microsoft advertises the Xbox One X as the ‘world’s most powerful console’, and it certainly is a huge improvement over the ‘current’ generation, the Xbox One, especially GPU raw power. In regards to War Thunder, the Xbox One X is capable of running the game fluidly in 4K resolution, which allows Xbox players to enjoy the epic battles of War Thunder to the fullest extent,” said Yudintsev.

What are your thoughts on War Thunder, especially with the Xbox One launch coming up? Let us know in the comments below.


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