War Thunder 1.77

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War Thunder update 1.77 has been detailed by developer Gaijin Entertainment. Alongside some significant graphical upgrades, the Advancing Storm update introduces Dagor Engine 5.0.

Gaijin claims that it will “completely change your in-game experience” bringing with it enhancements to graphics, weather effects and improved landscapes.

We have greatly improved the graphics! The picture has become more voluminous and textured, the shadows now look more life like and on roads and tracks, after rain there are puddles and mud, says the developer. “Relief detailing has transformed the landscape diversifying the terrain already familiar to the eye and thanks to the new algorithm of smoothing and contact shadows; buildings, grass, foliage and other small details look even better”.

War Thunder 1.77

Audio has also been improved so expect the sounds of tanks, planes and explosions to sound better than ever. Check it out in the War Thunder update 1.77 video below.

Two dozen vehicles have also been included in the new Advancing Storm patch for War Thunder. This includes five tanks in the 6th rank tier, including: Т-64B, M1 Abrams, Challenger, Leopard 2K and AMX-30 Brenus.

Here's the full War Thunder update 1.77 patch notes:

War thunder base bombing chart 1.77

War Thunder Update 1.77 Patch Notes

  • Dagor Engine 5.0 — a new version of the game engine brings War Thunder improved graphics and effects.

  • New landscape creation technology for ground vehicle locations

  • New algorithms of landscape texturing and detalization

  • Realistic mud and puddles

  • New anti-aliasing technology (Variance Clipping TAA)

  • Contact shadows and shadows on effects

  • Realistic rain effects

  • Layered fog and mist effects

War thunder 1.77

Other graphical improvements:

  • Dynamic clouds and sun
  • The effects of the bullets/shells hitting the water, ground and other objects has been updated.
  • The traces of HE shells impacting the ground with .50 calibre and higher has been improved.
  • The algorithm for the postFX “Polynom” has been changed. The maximum brightness when using this post-effect has been limited to 2 times the original.

New Ground Vehicles

  • USA Magach 3 (pack), M1 Abrams
  • Germany Leopard 2K
  • USSR T-64B
  • Britain Challenger
  • France AMX-30 (pack), AMX-30B2 BRENUS

New War Thunder Aircraft

Sanjivani 2. USA

  • PT-6 – MTB
  • PT-20 – MTB
  • PT-71 – MTB
  • PT-103 – MTB
  • PTF-7 – MGB
  • SC-497 – Sub-chaser
  • LCS(L)(3) – Landing Craft Support
  • PC-451 – Sub-chaser
  • PT-314 – MTB
  • PT-625 – MTB
  • PT-565 – MTB
  • PT-810 – MTB
  • PT-59 – MGB
  • Asheville – Fast Attack Craft
  • Fletcher – Destroyer
  • Cowell – Destroyer

War Thunder Base Bombing Chart 1.77


  • LS – MTB
  • S-38 – MTB
  • S-38b – MTB
  • R-41 – Minesweeper
  • R-130 – Minesweeper
  • R-301 – Minesweeper
  • SF 40 Leichte – Light Flak-ferry
  • SF 40 Schwere – Heavy Flak-ferry
  • AF D1 – Gunboat
  • AF D3 – Gunboat
  • MZ1 – Gunboat
  • S-100 (1945) – MTB
  • S-100 (1944) – MTB
  • VS-10 – MTB-Hydrofoil
  • Jaguar – MTB
  • VS-8 – MGB-Hydrofoil
  • Albatros – Fast Attack Craft
  • Zerstörer 1936 (1941) – Destroyer
  • Z-20 Karl Galster – Destroyer


  • A new (modular) principle for the formation of sound events for the shots of all guns (including machine guns, automatic cannons, MLRS and ATGMs) of ground vehicles has been added.

  • New sounds for all machine guns on ground vehicles has been added.

  • New sounds for all automatic cannons for ground vehicles has been added.

  • The sounds of all guns on ground vehicles has been reworked.

  • New sounds for MLRS on all ground vehicles have been added. Particularly on the BM-13 “Katyusha”.

  • New sounds for ATGMs on ground vehicles have been added.

  • Reverberation “tails” for the sound of firing on all guns (including machine guns, automatic cannons, MLRS and ATGMs) in order to hear the difference in calibre of the shooting gun have been added. This applies to both sides (enemy, friendlies and your own cannons).

  • The dependence of the sound power of shots on all guns, MLRS and ATGMs on the density of the terrain surrounding the the vehicle. The closer and denser the buildings are, the longer will be the “tail” of the sound of the shot, and the more powerful sound the shot itself has.

  • The effect of global reverberation for interior (cabin, turret) and exterior sounds (field, small buildings) for ground vehicles, aircraft and ships has been added.

  • A clear difference in the sounds of all shots from the gunner’s eye point (resonant turret box, mechanical parts, sleeves) and from third person view (rumbling, openness of sound) has been added for ground vehicles.

  • The effect of occlusion (absorption of high frequencies and a drop in the volume of external sounds) of the gun turret/driver’s cabin for ground vehicles from the eye point of the gunner/driver has been added. However, if the driver is in a closed cabin, and the gunner is in an open air position(or vice versa, in any combination) – this is accounted for by the effect.

  • The dependencies of loudness of sounds of aircraft engines aircraft from distance to listener (player) have been reworked.

  • Layers of ultra-low frequencies for explosions, cannon shots, crumbling structures and tank suspensions have been added.

There's a load more changes in the War Thunder update 1.77 patch notes, so check them out on the official site. They include location and mission updates, changes to aircraft and tank characteristics and aircraft mission tweaks.

There's also some PS4 specific changes, which are as follows:

  • New: backup/restore Control Presets to Save Data.
  • PS Camera/Head Tracking: bug fix that prevented “looking at six” with head rotation.
  • PS Camera/Head Tracking: allow sensitivity boost for improved responsiveness.
  • PS Camera/Head Tracking: new button binding for resetting tracking position.
  • PS Camera/Head Tracking: option to fix camera pivot point while in third-person view.
  • PS Camera/Head Tracking: option to disable head translation tracking (left-right and up-down) and instead use respective axes if they are bound in settings.
  • Squads: multiple fixes and improvements to invitations
  • In lobby mode for aircraft in SB (all mission types), bombers will now use a deferred reward system (a player will receive only a part of the reward for active actions in a battle, the remainder will be allocated on successful landing or when the mission ends with the player in the air). Previously, this system of reward was only used for missions in “Enduring Confrontation”.
  • Changes to flight models:
    • Spitfire (all variants) - Flight stability and yaw controls in AB have been improved.
    • Seafire (all variants) - Flight stability and yaw controls in AB have been improved.
    • Bf 109-E4/E7 - A bug which would cause lower boost during WEP engine mode has been fixed.
    • Typhoon (all variants) - The acceleration of the engine’s RPM has been corrected and now accelerates evenly.
  • Client stability has been improved.

War Thunder 1.77

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.