Utc Clock Widget

After looking for a decent digital Zulu/GMT/UTC dashboard widget for quite some time I finally settled on one. It was ok but bloated and slow. I would have to wait quite a while for the widget to load whenever I brought up the dashboard. Finally I decided that I would have to take matters into my own hands and write my own. So I fired up DashCode for the first time and began hack-n-slashing at the templates to figure out what was what. What I didn't know at first was that widgets are mostly written in JavaScript which I am not at all familiar with.
  1. How to make a digital clock in HTML? Customize it to fit your website or blog with our clock image generator. Choose the location, color, and size. Would it be a 12-hour or a 24-hour time format? Do you need it to show seconds? When all is set up, just press the “Get code” button and embed it.
  2. UTC Clock is a simple app that shows the local time, along with the current UTC time in a 8601 ISO Standard. UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time) was made the world standard for time in 1986, replacing Greenwich Mean Time. UTC clock features a world map as the background, and displays the date as well as the time.
  3. U Boat Clock Widget MKI for Konfabulator 1.5. Keep track of time with this beautiful dual-pane clock that allows you to monitor two time zones a. Apr 18th 2016, 15:33 GMT.
Long story short, a lot of research and trial and error later I came out with two different widgets. The first just displays the time in the system's local time and the time in Zulu. The second

Utc Clock Download

I should have them up for download soon. In the mean time if you want one of them I can email it to you.

Utc Clock Widget

Get the current Zulu/GMT/UTC Time, UTC Date and offset anytime, in any time zone. Super quick and convenient tool for pilots, military personnel, sailors, etc. Includes iPhone app, Home Screen Widgets and Apple Watch app with complications showing the Zulu hour right on the watch face. UTC Clock extension for Google Chrome. An extremely simple extension that adds a button for GMT/UTC Time in your Chrome toolbar. Link to the font used in the screenshot in the developer website. Italian tanks war thunder.

World Clock App For Desktop

EDIT: Download them here: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=6ae184932b00d12cd2db6fb9a8902bda