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From War Thunder Wiki. Jump to: navigation. USS Atlanta (CL-51) USS Baltimore (CA-68) USS Bennion (DD-662) USS Brooklyn (CL-40). The USS Baltimore (CA-68) (1943) is a heavy cruiser in the United States that was developed after the beginning of World War II and took many actions in the Pacific Ocean. It boasts excellent protection, three triple gun turrets, nine 203 mm guns, and extremely strong anti-aircraft protection.

Gaijin Entertainment announces the start of the Operation W.I.N.T.E.R. player event in War Thunder

The USS Baltimore entered service in 1943 and immediately began performing combat missions in the Pacific. Until the end of World War II, Baltimore was in the midst of naval war, taking part in a number of US operations. After a short 'vacation' it was re-commissioned in 1951, but did not take part in the new, Korean War.

The Baltimore class was based partly on USS Wichita, a heavy cruiser from 1937, which represented the transition from inter-war to World War II designs. It was also based partly on the Cleveland class, a light cruiser that was then being built. ⚓The USS Baltimore is one of the top rewards of the W.I.N.T.E.R ev. The firepower is quite strong with nine 203mm and twelve 128mm guns, but it really shines for anti-air coverage with twelve quad 40mm Bofors and twenty four 20mm Oerlikon!

Interested in purchasing something from the War Thunder Store? You can use this link and get a 3% discount on your next purchase: As we. Hi guys, I've been playing German tanks after getting in to War Thunder, coming back from a long break from playing. My current German tech tree looks like this and I've nearly got the F2. I like playing the StuG III F so I was considering getting the StuH but then I saw it has a 105MM howitzer at BR 3.7, I took it for a test drive and the default AP and HE can destroy a T-26, so yay. Stuh 42 war thunder.

. Six new rare military vehicles have been added to the game, these are the Italian Ro.57 Quadriarma fighter, a French E.B.R. 75 wheeled tank, Japanese submarine chaser the Type K-8 (1942), a Soviet MiG-21 PFM, the South African Class 3 wheeled ground vehicle and the heavy cruiser USS Baltimore (CA-68). Players will be able to fight for them as well as for skins and other cosmetic items up until January 11th.
Ro.57 is a classic twin-engined heavy fighter of the early WWII period. The aircraft is able to survive heavy damage, still being able to complete a combat mission and return to the airfield even with one engine.
E.B.R. (1954) is a light reconnaissance armored vehicle with the oscillating FL.10 turret, automatic loader and a 75 mm gun on the Panhard 8x8 all-terrain vehicle chassis. The original all-terrain Panhard was developed right before WWII but the occupation of France did not allow the vehicle to be put into production. After the war the base of this vehicle became the basis for several curious army vehicles. They were quite successful and stayed on active duty in several countries until the 2000s.
MiG-21 PFM is an interesting MiG-21 variant produced in the 1960s. The MiG-21 PFM has a radar, carries rockets and bombs, as well as air-to-air missiles and the new to the game Kh-66 air-to-surface missiles.
Class 3 is a wheeled combat vehicle prototype produced to compete for the South African Army contract. It’s also the heaviest wheeled tank in War Thunder

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right now.The vehicle has spaced armor for the hull and turret, the armament of the tank consists of a 105mm cannon with a fire control system from a Leopard 1 tank, anti-air machine guns and smoke grenade launchers.
Type K-8/Class No.13 Kusentei (1942) is a 1942 version of a submarine chaser typical for the WWII era Japanese coastal fleet. It stands out for its good survivability - even with an almost complete lack of armor, the large size and large crew allow the ship to withstand a fairly significant number of hits.

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USS Baltimore (CA-68) (1943) is a US heavy cruiser that was developed after the start of WWII and saw a lot of action in the Pacific. It boasts good protection, nine 203 mm guns in three triple-gun turrets and extremely powerful anti-air defences. USS Baltimore is protected from air attacks by 12 quad 40mm Bofors mounts, and 24 rapid-fire 20mm Oerlikon autocannons.
Operation W.I.N.T.E.R. tasks are performed while playing random ground, air or naval battles and are rewarded with various prizes, including vehicle coupons. Players can use these coupons to unlock the vehicles for their own account, or sell them to other players on the Gaijin Market.
For a full list of prizes and more details on the event are available at the official website.
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