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There are two types of joint compound that can be used for skim coating: setting-type joint compound and ready-mixed joint compound.

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To Skim Over
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Setting compound is a powder that sets to a very hard finish when mixed with water, similar to the way concrete sets. It comes in setting rates of a few minutes to an hour or more. Ready-mixed joint compound comes wet and ready to use out of the bucket. It takes several hours to dry and is soft compared to setting compound.

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Which compound to choose depends on the surface to be skimmed. For most major damage, the best choice is setting compound. This would include any water-damaged plaster or drywall, and very rough surfaces like drywall textures that will require several coats of mud to smooth out. Use a relatively slow setting compound like Durabond90® for big jobs like this.

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To Skim Over

Use ready-mixed compound for finishing drywall and for minor wall imperfections requiring one or two coats to cover. Ready-mixed is also good for the final coat over any skim coating job. It's easier to spread than setting-type, allowing for a thinner application and it's soft, making a smooth finish easier to achieve when sanding.