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This guide will teach you how to build your own Theia application.

Theia Ide Github


The detailed list of prerequisites is located at the main Theia repository:


Start with creating a new empty directory and moving into it:

Create package.json in this directory:

In a nutshell, Theia applications and extensions are Node.js packages. Each package has a package.json file that manifests package metadata,like name, version, its runtime and build time dependencies and so on.

Let's have a look at the created package:

  • Its name and version are omitted since we are not going to use it as a dependency, andit's marked as private since it is not going to be published as a Node.js package on its own.
  • We've listed required extensions as runtime dependencies, e.g. @theia/navigator.

    • Some extensions require additional tooling installed,For instance, @theia/python requiresthe Python Language Server to be installed.In such cases, please consult the corresponding extension documentation.
    • Use this link to see all published extensions.
  • We've listed @theia/cli as a build-time dependency. It provides scripts to build and run the application.
Theia ide github tutorial

Consuming VS Code Extensions

Theia ide github free

As part of your application, it is also possible to consume (and package) VS Code extensions.The Theia repository contains a guide on how toinclude such extensions as part of the application's package.json.

An example package.json may look like the following:


First, install all dependencies.

Second, use Theia CLI to build the application. Utc 10 am to ist.

yarn looks up theia executable provided by @theia/cli in the context of our applicationand then executes the build command with theia.This can take a while since the application is built in production mode by default,i.e. obfuscated and minified.


After the build is finished, we can start the application:

You can provide a workspace path to open as a first argumentand --hostname, --port options to deploy the application on specific network interfaces and ports,e.g. to open /workspace on all interfaces and port 8080:

In the terminal, you should see that Theia application is up and listening:

Open the application by entering the printed address in a new browser page.


Plugins not appearing

If no plugins are available in the running Theia instance, it may be that you need to tell Theia where to find the downloaded plugins.The example above sets the --plugins switch in the start command which should be sufficient.However if running theia start directly, you can alternatively set an environment variable to achieve the same thing:

Building native dependencies behind a proxy

If you run the yarn command behind a proxy you may encounter issues in building native dependencies (like oniguruma), in the last part of the build, with the following error stack:

Theia Ide Github Free

This happens because node-gyp does not rely on system/NPM proxy settings. In that case, download the node-headers file using the link provided in the error stack(in the example above and run the build with the following command:

What is Eclipse Theia Blueprint?

Eclipse Theia Blueprint is a template for building desktop-based products based on the Eclipse Theia platform, as well as to showcase Eclipse Theia capabilities. It is made up of a subset of existing Eclipse Theia features and extensions and can be easily downloaded and installed on all major operating system platforms (see below). Documentation is available to help you customize and build your own Eclipse Theia-based product.

What is it not?

Eclipse Theia Blueprint is nota production-ready product. Therefore, it is also not meant to be a replacement for Visual Studio Code or any other IDE.

Theia Ide Github


Warning: Currently Theia Blueprint product is an alpha version. Please consider the current versions as experimental.

Download latestDownload latestDownload latest

Reporting Feature Requests and Bugs

The features found in Eclipse Theia Blueprint are based on Eclipse Theia and the available extensions/plugins. For more details please see the Eclipse Theia Github Repository.Eclipse Theia Blueprint only packages existing Eclipse Theia functionality and installers. If you believe there is a mistake in packaging, something needs to be added to the packaging or the installers do not work properly, please open an issue on Github to let us know.

Source Code

The source code for Eclipse Theia Blueprint is available on Github.


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Please see here for documentation on how to customize Eclipse Theia Blueprint.