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Ultra-thin toppings ideal for adding color and texture to new or existing concrete

A stained concrete microtopping adds warmth and richness to a residential floor.Concrete Arts in Hudson,WI

Cement-based microtoppings and skim coats can be used both indoors and out to provide a clean canvas for decorative treatments, such as stains, dyes and stenciled patterns. Some systems come pretinted in a wide range of colors, while others can be custom tinted by mixing in the desired amount of liquid coloring agent. Interesting color variations can be achieved by applying layers of different hues.

Microtopping applications

Popular applications for microtoppings include adding color, texture and slip resistance to pool decks and patios and giving existing concrete floors a decorative makeover.

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Applying a Mircotopping
Time: 04:57
See tools and techniques for applying a squeegee-grade microtopping.

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How to skim coat concrete

Microtoppings are easily applied with trowels, squeegees, brushes, or rollers, depending on the desired look. They can be applied in layers as thin as 20 mils (a mere 0.02 inch), or you can apply several coats to create a textured broomed or troweled finish.

The key to success is the proper surface preparation and applying the overlay at the right thickness. After application, a microtopping can be topically colored with concrete stains or dyes. They can also be used in conjunction with stencils to create intricate designs.

Featured Products

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Rapid Set Skim CoatRepairs, levels, and smooths concrete for applications.
Thin Micro-ToppingProduces durable surface to color or stain
Self Leveling OverlayFind the overlay to meet your project's needs
¼” Stamped OverlayCan be applied indoors and outdoors
T1000 Stampable OverlayFor use with resurfacing concrete floors and hardscapes.
CimentArt MicrocementCan be applied to indoor or outdoor floors
Flooring & Coating SystemEpoxy Flooring System designed for concrete
Microtop Concrete OverlayCan be sprayed or rolled on and accepts coloring
Decorative Concrete Made EasyBuildable overlay with superior adhesive properties

Project examples


Gray Microtopping and Glass Enhance a Concrete Patio

When resurfacing this patio with a charcoal-gray microtopping added drama while making the surface easier to clean and maintain. The dark gray made the perfect backdrop for the ocean-blue glass tile that runs like rivulets through the patio and encircle a fire bowl.

Decorative Coatings and Concrete Company LLC in Aurora, CO

Pool Deck Goes from Boring to Beautiful with Microtopping

This pool deck was transformed with a microtopping polymer with added color.

Decorative Coatings and Concrete Company LLC in Aurora, CO

A Game Room Floor Gets a Winning Surface

This basement floor was resurfaced with a stained microtopping. To achieve a rustic effect the microtopping was applied by trowel and a layering technique was used to apply the various stain colors.

The Skim
Microtopping Videos

Applying a Skim-Coat Overlay
Time: 07:32
Learn about tools and techniques for mixing the skim coat.

Microtopping Installation
Time: 04:53
Learn how to prepare a previously carpeted concrete floor for an overlay.

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