The Mordus Headhunters Level 3

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Faction: Mordus

The level 3 mission 'What Comes Around Goes Around' has had the frigate NPC’s changed to Cruisers. The repair outpost in the level 3 mission 'Break their Will' has had its hitpoints increased significantly. The acceleration gate in the level 4 missions 'The Mordus Headhunters', 'Silence the Informant' and 'Smuggler Interception' has been. I got the mordus headhunters today. I fly a vagabond for lvl3 so normally this is not a problem. After todays patch the mission has changed to a semi-deadspace two-stage mission. First stage is no problem, some cruisers and frigs but not very hard. Then I used the gateway to the second stage. A lot of Mordus ships are clustered around a few.

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Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/therm
Extras: Web/scramble: Mordus Bounty Hunters
Recommended damage type: Kin. Secondary: EM/EXP. Avoid: Therm (at least for battleships).
Recommended Close Range Projectile Ammo (-50% to 0%): T2, Fusion, EMP, Titanium Sabot. Avoid: Phased Plasma, Depleted Uranium L
Recommended Long Range Projectile Ammo (+60% to +80%): T2, Carbonized Lead, Proton. Avoid: Nuclear
Recommended ships: Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi, Ishtar, Paladin, Megathron, Kronos, Sleipnir.The Mordus Headhunters Level 3
Video: - Nightmare
Loot Note: Approx 3,400 to 4,000 plus m3- Cap Boosters (all types), assorted ammo (Hybrid/Missile), T1/Named Modules

Eve Online The Mordus Headhunters Level 3

Pocket 1

Group 1 (15-30km -AGGRO-)

The Mordus Headhunters Level 3

Group 1 aggros upon arrival..
5x cruisers (3x Mordus Leopard,. 2x Mordus Lion,)
3x battleships (2x Mordus Phanit, 1x Mordus Gigamar.)
  • Solo - Group 2 may aggro when you attack Group 1
  • Fleet - Group 2 WILL aggro Fleet member attacking Group 1

Group 2 (Left rear - 65-90km)

6x frigates (4x Mordus Glasius, 2 Mordus Bounty Hunters)
5x cruisers (3x Mordus Mordus Puma, 2x Modrus Lion)

Group 3 (Right rear - 76-90km)

6x frigates (4x Mordus Katana, 2 Mordus Puma, 2x Modrus Gladius)
4x cruisers (4x Mordus Bobcat)
2x battleships (2x Mordus Siquestori)
Mineable Asteroids:
Lots of Plagioclase, Pyroxerxes, and Veldspar in a nice belt about 40km long.

Pocket 2

4 Groups - Groups will not aggro till fired upon.

Group 1 (front - 35km)

10x frigates (5x Mordus Sabre, 3x Mordus Katana, 2x Mordus Bounty Hunter (web/scramble), )

Group 2 (back left - 60-70km)

5x frigates (5x Mordus Bobcat Gladius)
12x cruisers (3x Mordus Cheetah, 5x Mordus Bobcat, 2x Mordus Lion, 2x Mordus Puma,
5x battleships (1x Mordus Sequestor, 3x Mordus Phanti, 1x Mordus Gigamar)

Group 3 (back right - 80-100km)

(Killing group 3 completes Mission)
4x frigates (4x Mordus Katana)
5x cruisers (3x Mordus Leopard, 2x Mordus Lion)

The Mordus Headhunters Level 3

3x battleships (2x Mordus Sequestor, 1x Mordus Mammoth)

Eve Online The Mordus Headhunters Level 3

Group 4 (back center - 106-121km)

7x Frigates (5x Mordus Katana, 2x Mordus Bounty Hunter)
8x Crusier (5x Mordus Cheetah, 3x Katana)
  1. Group 4 will maintain lock once Target Painted or fired upon, but you must be within 40km of spawn location or group will return to spawn location.
  2. Group 4 can change lock after returning to Spawn Location.

Using Sentry drones within about 80km of a group causes the whole room to aggro. However, in each stage it's possible to position yourself distance-wise so that you can happily take out at least the first group without aggro'ing the others (except as noted).
  • Pocket 1: Kill all ships.
  • Pocket 2: Kill group 3 (the group with the Mordus Mammoth.)

The following tip may not be applicable to this rewrite - Corrections would be appreciated
For the people using abbadon apocalypse, and paladins w/megapulse lasers. there is a very safe way of doing this mission, room 1 and 2:
  1. Get into weapons range of the bounty hunters around 55km with radio. attack and kill both of them. this will aggro the entire room, once the attack starts then turn left and fly parallel with the incoming group.
  2. Target priority should be Frigates, cruisers and then battleships once they reach 20-25km. light drones will make short work of the frigates