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Show: Today's Messages:: Show Polls:: Message Navigator TestNG plugin not showing test results in testNG output view message #1705081 Tue, 11 August 2015 22:32. After you have installed TestNG eclipse plugin, you need to create a TestNG run configuration. From the menu bar select: Run Run Configurations. Select 'TestNG' from the list and select 'New Lanuch Configuration'. In there select class, method, whatever you want to run. On the next screen, type TestNG in the search box and click ‘GO'. Eclipse will display the TestNG plugin. Click on Install. However, the latest Eclipse package is not coming with the TestNG plugin. In such a case, you can download TestNG JAR files to the system and add them as libraries to the Java project.

If you don’t make any test methods public, then when you run your tests, the TestNG tab near the console tab will show that zero tests were run. Create a launch configuration for your test Go to the top menu bar and click the down-facing black triangle to the right of the Run button (a green circle with a white triangle in it). There are two ways in installing TestNG in Eclipse. First Way on installing Eclipse is using 'Install new software' option. Second way is using 'Eclipse Market Place'. This option will be available in new versions of eclipse. NOTE: If your using eclipse latest version, please use Eclipse Marketplace option which is very simple, explained at.

In this section of TestNG tutorial, we will see how to do the initial setup of TestNG using Maven and Eclipse.

TestNG Maven Setup

Create a maven project and add the below TestNG dependency. You may check the latest available version here.

TestNG Eclipse Plugin

Assuming we are using Eclipse as the IDE, let us now add the TestNG Eclipse plugin as well. This will help us perform the execution quickly. Open Eclipse and Navigate to Eclipse Market Place under Help option. Jiffy lube oil types. Now, search for TestNG and install the “TestNG for Eclipse” plugin.

Testng Class Not Showing In Eclipse

Testng Not Showing In Eclipse

Testng Not Displayed In Eclipse

Accept the license agreement and finish installation. It will ask you to restart Eclipse after installation. After restart, search for TestNG in new projects section and you will be able to see the plugin like below.