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Valuable Bathroom Spacesaver - Mix of a 2-door cabinet with adjustable shelf and open storage shelf. If you want to store towels, paper towels, soaps, shampoos, body wash in your restroom, but don't exactly have a ton of space, consider over the toilet storage cabinet that run vertically instead of horizontally. Instantly create more storage space in your bathroom with the Zenna Home Driftwood 3-Tier Over-the-Toilet Spacesaver in Driftwood and Pewter. Using the normally wasted area above the toilet, this space saving unit adds three shelves of valuable storage to any bathroom. This over-the-toilet storage unit is the ultimate solution for adding more storage space and utilizing an area you wouldn’t use otherwise. 3 Tiers, Limitless Options with 3 tiers of open shelving for your bathroom must-haves (max. Static load capacity of 33 lb), toilet paper, shampoo, towels, and more can all have a convenient and accessible. 2021 Vintage 3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Rack, Tall Bathroom Storage Shelf, Space-Saving, Stable, Industrial Style 24.8 x 9.8 x 65 inches MariaTypeStore 4 out of 5 stars (4) $ 99.90 FREE shipping Add to Favorites 2021 White Modern Over-The-Toilet Storage, Bathroom Cabinet with Adjustable Inside Shelf and Bottom Stabilizer Bar 68.1 x 23.6 x 9.1.

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How high should you hang a cabinet over the toilet is one of the most common question people who buy cabinets for use the toilet often ask.

It is a very important question because you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of buying a cabinet then end up hanging at the wrong spot over the toilet.

You must hang the cabinets at the appropriate positions this will not only make the bathroom décor look very organized but also improve the design of your bathroom.

How High Should a Cabinet Be Above the Toilet?

Most people believe that over the toilet wall cabinets look dangerous when hanged on the wall so far while others may argue that when it is hanged so low over the toilet it doesn’t great and they may end up looking like they were not part of the initial designs of the toilet.

I understand that all these concerns are why my readers have asked me the question, how high should you hang a cabinet over the toilet?

I have been asked this question several times and I am sure this is the right time to answer the question so that everybody will be cleared and the next time you want to buy an over the toilet cabinet you will know exactly where and how to hang it.

Well before we get started with answering your question above I want us to find out if hanging the over the toilet cabinet on the wall is dangerous just like some people think.

We may also want to clear the air on what I think about the cabinets looking out of place when hanged so low on the wall of the toilet.

If you are looking for the answers to your numerous questions about how over the toilet cabinets should be hanged and how high they should be hanged on the wall, then you just need to keep a tab on this screen.

In this article I will be telling exactly the height you need to hang your cabinet in the toilet and the exact procedure to use when hanging them so they are not at the risk of falling.

We shall also discuss the best way to hang your cabinets in the toilet to make them fit into the entire design of the toilet and not look out of place.

If you are ready to get answers to your question then just read on!

Are Over the Toilet Cabinet Hung on the Wall Dangerous?

Like I said a lot of my readers have often wanted to know if the cabinets hung in the toilet have any risk of being dangerous to toilet user because of the way it most times looks like it is going to fall any moment.

People who think in this manner are not often wrong because truth be told if it is your first time seeing an over the toile cabinet hanging directly over the toilet when you are doing your business in the toilet you will think that it is going to fall any moment.

This is why you must get the accurate information before you conclude on any thought. Well, the answer to your question is No, over the toilet cabinets are securely hung on the wall of the toilet and stand no risk of falling from that position.

This is because of the highly secured and effective installation process used to hang the cabinets on the wall.

The accessories used for the installation of over the toilet cabinets are carefully made in such a way that they can hold the cabinet in a secure position over years without having the risk of falling at any point in time.

So if you have ever thought that the toilet cabinet hanging there on the wall could be dangerous because it may fall it is time to let go of that thought as it is not true.

The truth is that the cabinets are strongly secured on the wall and have no risk of falling for any reason.

How High Should You Hang a Cabinet Over the Toilet?

Just as I stated earlier it is important you know the best height and the position to hang your toilet cabinet so that you will encounter any problems in the long run.

Imagine doing your business in the toilet and then the cabinet dislodges and lands on your head. Oh, that will be very disastrous!

This can only happen if you fail to hang your toilet cabinets properly using the best procedure.

So, if you already have a toilet cabinet and you are asking the question how high should I hang my toilet cabinet so I do not run into any problems while using the toilet.

The answer to your question is what I am about to give you below.

If you have a cabinet that you need to hang over the toilet. You should take an accurate measurement of the available space in your toilet first this will enable you to know the exact place to hang the cabinet in the toilet.

Once you are done with taking the accurate space measurements available in the toilet, the next thing you should do is get a tape and measure out 64 inches from the ground. This measurement is where the base of the cabinet should start from and then you hang the cabinet.

On some occasions, you also need to consider your height and that of the users before you can the cabinet over the toilet. This is to avoid some disadvantages that may occur from you hanging the cabinet so high from your reach.

You do not want to hang a cabinet that you will be jumping up to get something from the cabinet.

I have had a similar experience in the past when I hanged my bathroom cabinet so high that each time I need to get something from the cabinet I will need to get a chair and stand on it before I will be able to get anything from the cabinet.

Tall Over The Toilet Storage

If you have been there before you will understand how tasking and funny it is to do that each time you need to get something from a cabinet in your toilet.

It took me extra efforts to bring down the cabinet and remount again, this time taking appropriate measurements of my height, the spaces in the bathroom as well as that of the cabinet before I mounted it correctly again.

This is what you should do before mounting any cabinet over the toilet, take appropriate measurements of the cabinets and the spaces you have in your toilet and then also put your height into consideration before mounting.

Factors to Consider Before Hanging Your Cabinet Over the Toilet

If you have a cabinet you want to hang over the toilet or you are planning to get a cabinet to hang over the toilet, there are some factors you need to consider before hanging the cabinet over the toilet.

Considering these factors carefully will help you to correctly hang your cabinets without any mistake.

The following factors should be considered

  • The first thing you need to consider before hanging your cabinet in the toilet is the size of the toilet. The size of the toilet is very important because it will determine where and how you should hang the cabinet to avoid errors.
  • The size of the cabinet which ranges from 20 -72 inches is also a major factor to consider when planning to hang your toilet cabinet. You must take note of the size of the cabinet to ensure that space will be available for hanging the cabinet on the wall.
  • Another thing you should take into consideration is your height, you do not need to hang the cabinet at a very high position where your hands may not be able to get to when you want to pick something from the cabinet.

Once you have considered the above factors you will be able to successfully hang your cabinet over the toilet without encountering any issues then or later in the future.

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Installation Procedures For Hanging Over The Toilet Cabinet

Before you can successfully hang your cabinet over the toilet, you are supposed to follow the procedures I will be listing below as they will help you to hang your cabinet easily and fast.

Most of these procedures are often listed on the installation manual but for the sake of this article lets go through the installation procedures here;

  • The first step to successfully hanging your cabinet is to choose the correct installation procedure required for hanging that cabinet. It can be the recess mount procedure or the surface mount procedure. The manufacturers often specify the procedures to be used on the manual guide.
  • You need to decide the area or part of the toilet where you want to hang the cabinet. Some people often prefer to hang the cabinet directly over the toilet while people do not like that. So you decide which one you want.
  • Measure the area you decided to use carefully
  • Locate the stud on the wall where you decided to mount the cabinet using a stud finder.
  • Drill holes on the position where you will insert your screws with a driller
  • Fix the cabinet and then carefully fix in the screws through the hole and tighten the screw to make sure that the cabinet is strongly attached to the wall.

Once you follow the steps above you can easily and correctly install your cabinets over the toilet, that is if you already bought a good over the toilet cabinet.

If you are yet to buy a cabinet then the knowledge of the installation procedure you have got here should be enough to propel you to get a good cabinet out there in the market to maximise your storage especially if you are struggling with storage space in your toilet.

A few years ago I was like you struggling with the space to store my toilet accessories. I am a lover of spacious bathrooms and toilets and I get really upset each time I try to use the toilet and find out there isn’t even enough space for me to relax properly and do my business because of some items lying everywhere on the floor due to lack of space.

I thought long and had on what could be the solution to achieving enough space in the toilet and how to go about it until I came across this toilet cabinet and decided to give it a try.

How High to Hang Cabinet Over Toilet

Initially, I have often thought that those cabinets could be dangerous in the toilet but a trial proved me wrong. I had to also learn the procedures of installing the cabinets and guess what? I did it by myself even if it was my first time.

The KOHLER K-99009 I bought gave me a turn around I began to love anything cabinet because with it I had all the space I needed in my toilet and more.

The KOHLER cabinet is made with rust-free aluminium construction and full overlay mirrored doo in case you are one that often likes to use the mirror.

It is very sturdy and has good storage capacity, that way I was able to store all my toilet accessories and had more space.

It is made with slow close hinges which allows you to gently close the door without slamming.

I enjoyed every bit of features of this cabinet but what I enjoyed most was the vertically adjustable 3X magnifying mirror on the inside of the door because I am one who loves to use the mirror and a skin routine person.

You can also use the mirrored surfaces without closing the door and it equally offers a rust-free aluminium construction that gives long-lasting performance.

The installation method for this cabinet is flexible that is to say that you can either use the recessed mounting or the surface mounting.

It is very ideal for the toilet environment and even the bathroom because of its high end finishing touches.

The cabinet has a dimension of 30-inch height and widths that range between 15-45 inches.

This cabinet is specifically designed for people who love enough space in their toilets and also wants to improve the general design of their toilet using a single cabinet.

If you are in the category of people like this and interested in getting yourself the Kohler cabinet then you can GET IT HERE.

Final words on How High Should You Hang a Cabinet Over the Toilet?

I am sure this article answered your question, how high should you hang a cabinet over the toilet? And also provide you with information on how best to install your cabinet in the toilet for use?

Do you have more questions on how you should hang your cabinet over the wall? Then drop the question in the comment section.

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Discover now our comparison of the best Over-the-Toilet Storage. It is never easy to choose from the wide range of offers. On the market, you will find an incalculable number of models, all at different prices. And as you will discover, the best Over-the-Toilet Storage are not always the ones at the highest prices! Many criteria are used, and they make the richness and relevance of this comparison.
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No. 1 VASAGLE ALINRU 3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Rack, Tall Bathroom Storage Shelf, Space-Saving, Stable, Industrial Style, Rustic Brown and Black UBTS002B01
  • There's Always Space to Discover: It's the blank space above the toilet! Cover it with this toilet rack that combines rustic brown and elegant black colors, and you’ll be able to make full use of the idle space while adding charming flair
  • Crosswords, Toiletries, and Plants: Crosswords or books on the lowest level, toiletries in the middle, and plants or scented candles on top—3 open shelves with raised edges offer plenty of space and protect your bathroom accessories from falling down
  • Year After Year: Good materials speak for themselves. Crafted with robust steel frame and quality particleboard, this 3-tier over-the-toilet rack is durable for years to come
  • Assembly Made Easy: With a simple structure, clear instructions, and numbered parts, you won't have any trouble during the installation, even if you're not good at handiwork
  • What You Get: An over-the-toilet rack from the ALINRU Collection and a clever way to maximize your bathroom space while keeping toiletries within reach for a smooth morning routine
No. 2 SONGMICS Over-The-Toilet Storage, 3-Tier Bamboo Bathroom Organizer with Adjustable Shelves, Multifunctional Toilet Rack, Static Load Capacity 33 lb per Tier, Easy to Assemble, White UBTS01WT
  • PUT EVERY INCH INTO WORK: No need to sacrifice storage just because you have a small bathroom. Opt for this space-saving, over-the-toilet storage, and you’ll get 3 wide shelves to hold all your bathroom essentials, from paper rolls to toiletries
  • WHY BAMBOO? If you think resilience and durability are the only benefits, you’ll be surprised when this refreshing rack crafted of bamboo slats adds an airy feel to your bathroom
  • TALL OR SHORT: Worried about the tall shampoo not fitting in the shelf? It won’t be a problem here—adjust the shelf height to fit your items so your lotions or towels all can find a home here, tall or short
  • SET UP IS A SNAP: No more making yourself dizzy among the numerous parts and screws, as installing this toilet rack is easy as 1-2-3, thanks to its integrated side frames
  • WHAT YOU GET: An over-the-toilet rack with 3 adjustable shelves, an anti-tip kit for a safe home, screw stickers, and straightforward instructions for easy assembly

Amazon Over Toilet Storage

SaleNo. 3 Honey-Can-Do 4-Tier Space Saver Shelf, Chrome, 24.02' L x 11.02' W x 67.72' H
  • ideal for towels and toiletries
  • brilliant chrome finish
  • creates extra storage space
  • Dimensions: 24.02' L x 11.02' W x 67.72' H
  • Item #: BTH-05281
No. 4

Best Over The Toilet Storage

YAHEETECH Over The Toilet Cabinet, Double Door Bathroom Storage Organizer, Toilet Rack with Inner Adjustable Shelf and Open Storage Shelf, White
  • SPACE-SAVING: this rack shelf organizer is designed to help you take advantage of the large wall space over the toilet. It can be a real lifesaver for small bathrooms/apartments without taking up much floor space. It is a super practical and space-efficient solution to your bathroom storage.
  • ADJUSTABLE: This bathroom over toilet shelving unit provides you with 3 shelves of storage for your toiletries. It features a fixed shelf, a movable shelf and a bottom shelf. You can adjust the height of the movable shelf to 3 heights, i.e. 20.8cm/8.2’’; 24.1cm/9.5’’; 27.2cm/10.7 ‘’ to accommodate items of different heights and to meet different needs.
  • STURDY AND DURABLE: this wooden bathroom shelves over toilet is constructed of P2 MDF all over the structure to enhance the stability and to secure your safety in daily use. It is built to last for years and won’t wobble for regular use.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: This simple bath furniture cabinet arrives at your door as a flat pack with a well-illustrated user’s guide and all fasteners in the package. A screw driver is the only tool you need to piece it up. It usually takes less than 30 minutes to have it ready for use, if you are handy with tools.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Overall Dimension: 24.5x9x65.7’’ (LxWxH); Movable shelf height: 8.2’’; 9.5’’; 10.7 ‘’; Load capacity: Fixed shelf: 9 lb; Movable shelf: 9 lb; Bottom shelf: 11lb; G. W.: 43lb
No. 5 VASAGLE COBADO Over-The-Toilet Storage Cabinet, Space-Saving Bathroom Oragnizer Rack, with Cupboard and Shelves, Steel Frame, Industrial, Rustic Brown and Black UBTS003B01 Rustic over the toilet storage
  • A New Idea for Space Efficiency: Is your bathroom small? Even hygiene products are crowded on the countertop? Let them go up on the wall. This rack can easily fit into the space behind your toilet, exploiting the wall space without eating up floor area
  • A New Look for Bathroom Displays: Storage is basic demand, and smart design is a pro. 3 open shelves keep shampoo, gel, and plant, while the small cabinet offers a home to your comics and magazines, giving you a tidy bathroom
  • A New Method for Various Uses: With the bottom shelf 34.3' from the floor, this rack not only fits most toilets but also stays well over a washing machine up to 23.6' wide. You can prop it up above a side table for more possibilities
  • A New Factor for Added Stability: What good is a rack that wobbles as you grab soap from it? This bathroom organizer made with particleboard and steel is further secured by anti-tip kits for needed stability
  • A New Consideration for Simple Assembly: For more convenience with this bathroom rack from COBADO Collection, we’ve made the assembly easier with labeled parts, clear instructions, and included tools, so you can set it up with no fuss
SaleNo. 6 Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Over the Toilet Saver Cabinet, STORAGE, White
  • STYLISH SPACE SAVER: Features a classic white finish with cross molding on the glass-paneled doors and clear knobs for a beautiful addition to your space
  • ADJUSTABLE STORAGE: Includes a fixed open shelf and an adjustable interior shelf to help reduce clutter and keep your home tidy
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Constructed from durable engineered wood to provide long-lasting use
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Easy, step-by-step instructions and all of the hardware needed for installation are included for quick assembly
  • EFFICIENT SIZE: Measures 8' x 25' x 68' to provide accessible storage without taking up too much space in your bathroom
SaleNo. 7 Zenna Home 9819WWBB Over The Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver, Bathroom Storage with Glass Windows, White
  • CREATES VALUABLE BATHROOM STORAGE: Mix of concealed and open shelves for storage and display
  • ATTRACTIVE AS WELL AS FUNCTIONAL: White finish, tempered glass windows, brushed nickel hardware and decorative doors
  • FITS OVER STANDARD TOILETS: Bottom shelf is 30.75 in. from ground
  • CAN FIT OVER TALLER TOILETS, TOO: For use with taller toilets, add Zenna Home Leg Extensions for up to 4.5 more inches of clearance from ground (Search for model 9319WKT)
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Illustrated instructions and hardware included.Do not use strong detergents or abrasive cleaners, they may damage the surface of this product
No. 8 Spirich Home Bathroom Shelf Over-The-Toilet, Bathroom SpaceSaver, Bathroom Storage Cabinet Organizer, White

Over The Toilet Storage Ikea

  • QUALITY AND CLASSIC SPACE SAVER: This Bathroom Cabinet over the Toilet Constructed with Quality Manufactured Wood and Decorative beadboard paneling and silver knobs add style and charm to this multipurpose cabinet .
  • FUNCTIONAL BATHROOM SPACE SAVER: This Wood Bathroom Space Saver features Storage cabinet With Doors for Storing Towels and Toilet Paper out ff Sigh , The Adjustable Shelf Inside can accommodate different sized items and Additional Open Shelf at The Bottom for Easy Access or Display
  • ELEGANT AND CLASSIC DESIGN: This Over -The-Toilet Cabinet Conveniently Fits Behind Most Toilet Setups , Including anti-toppling fitting to wall for added stability, The Classic White Finish and Construction Brings a Modern and Elegant Look to any Home. Coordinates with Matching Bathroom Tall cabinet , Bathroom Wall Shelf and Bathroom floor cabinet with doors (Sold Seperately).
  • GUIDE FOR ASSEMBLY: Detailed Instructions Will Guide The Assembly Step by Step, All Parts and Accessories of the Bathroom Storage over Toilet are Numbered and Easy to Distinguish.
  • Overall Dimensions about the Bathroom Shelf Organizer : 24.8'(L) x 9'(D) x 66'(H), Assembly required ( instructions included) .
SaleNo. 9 Honey-Can-Do Over-The-Toilet Storage Shelf, 3 Tiers BTH-05079 Over The Toilet Storage, Over The Toilet Towel Storage, Metal Over The Toilet Storage, Over The Toilet Storage Shelf
  • Creates vertical storage space—above toilets or other furniture
  • Three sturdy shelves for towels, plants, and other storage needs
  • Neutral chrome finish
  • Dimensions: 9.5” L x 23” W x 60” H

Tall Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

No. 10 Zenna Home 2523NN Over the toilet storage, 23.25 x 64.7, Satin Nickel
  • ADDS VALUABLE BATHROOM STORAGE: 3 shelves create flat storage for linens, toiletries and decorative accessories in the space above your toilet
  • FITS OVER MOST TOILETS: Bottom shelf is 34.25 in. from ground, so spacesaver fits over most standard and taller toilets.Cleans easily by using a damp cloth
  • STURDY, ATTRACTIVE AND RUST RESISTANT: Steel construction, visually interesting “cross-style” design, and a rich, rust-resistant satin nickel finish
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Includes spacesaver and all mounting hardware
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Assembles in 20 minutes; instructions included

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