T92 War Thunder

The damage model of non-armoured and lightly-armoured vehicles (with up to 25mm thickness of hull armour) has been refined in update vehicles have in fact, quite weak resistance when being hit by powerful high-explosive shells, like shells that contain 700g of TNT. T92 Light Tank, or 76-mm Gun Tank, T92, was an American light tank developed in the 1950s by Aircraft Armaments.At 18.5 tonnes, 5m length, it was designed as an airborne/airdropped replacement for the 5.1 tonnes heavier M41 Walker Bulldog.

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War Thunder T92 USA light tank

Source – https://warthunder.com/en/devblog/current/818

T92 War Thunder

Vyacheslav Bulannikov, Game Designer:

Currently, the US light tank tree cuts off at rank 4. It ends with the M41A1. We’ve decided to introduce a new top-range rank 5 tank to this development line. The presence of a mobile tank in high-rank battles will add a lot of variety to the gameplay, presently, none of the nations have vehicles like this at rank 5.

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T92 War Thunder Cheats

Attualmente, l’albero dei carri leggeri USA arriva al tier 4. Si conclude con l’M41A1. Abbiamo deciso di introdurre un nuovo top di gamma tier 5 per questa linea di sviluppo. La presenza di un carro mobile nelle battaglie di alto rango aggiunge un sacco di varietà al gameplay, attualmente, nessuna delle nazioni ha veicoli come questo al grado 5.

The tank represents a harmonious combination of unusual design decisions which allowed engineers to reduce the tank’s weight and dimensions as much as possible. Even outwardly, this vehicle is very different from its predecessors: the turret is shifted back, towards the rear and the engine forwards; crew members are seated behind the engine. This significantly increases the tank’s survivability. Apart from that, the vehicle has a low profile and decent mobility.

T92 Wot

Il carro armato rappresenta una combinazione armonica delle decisioni insolite progettuali che hanno permesso agli ingegneri di ridurre il peso e le dimensioni il più possibile. Anche esteriormente, questo veicolo è molto diverso dai suoi predecessori: la torretta venne spostata indietro, verso la parte posteriore e il motore in avanti; i membri dell’equipaggio sono seduti dietro il motore. Ciò aumenta significativamente la sopravvivenza del carro. A parte questo, il veicolo ha un basso profilo e mobilità decente.