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Syncthing Synology Package
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Syncthing Download


Syncthing Synology Package Download


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I'm trying to make syncthing work on my synology nas, the problem is. Optional: I rebooted because I didn't know the port for the package, it's port. How do I create an external volume using docker compose? 2nd December 2020 docker, docker-compose, node-red. Packages auto upgrade via the Synology package manager. QNAP NAS (QTS)¶ Syncthing QPKG (Qnap Package) available for ALL models x86, x8664, Arm (all including new models). RockStor¶ Docker container and registry entry. ClearOS / WikiSuite¶ Syncthing is part of WikiSuite, and thus packaged for ClearOS. Cloudron¶ Syncthing is available as a 1-click install on Cloudron. Hyken technical mesh ergonomic chair. For those unaware, Cloudron. This is the basic Syncthing distribution, providing a command line / daemon like. If so, please install the apt-transport-https package and try again. I'm trying to install SyncThing as a package according ot this page.After hitting the 'Install' button, I get ' Failed to install 'Syncthing'. This package is not published by Synology Inc.