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See full list on Latinum – the ultimate Ferengi currency in the Star Trek universe. As discovered in the sixth season Episode of DS9 “Who mourns for Morn?“, the truly valuable component of gold pressed Latinum isn’t the outer shell, but the inside which is filled with a silvery liquid – similar to quicksilver in appearance – that is the Latinum itself. The outside is composed of gold, which is.

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Amazon product photography. So I’ve hit an L60 wall on Mirror Uhura, where she needs four 3* gold-pressed latinums. The only mission I have open that drops them (according to the wiki) is Epic Iconian Insider.

I had to spend some time leveling up my Cretak to get past the elite version of the level. So it wasn’t open before yesterday. None of the other missions (regular or rare drop) seem obtainable due to skill checks—or not having unlocked their higher versions.

The drop rate on Iconian Insider has hit 0 o 17 this morning.

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Star Trek Online Gold Pressed Latinum

However, I already have 2 of the 4 I need. Anyone know where they could have come from—and if I can go get more? Is there a location not listed on the wiki?