Ssl For Xampp

  1. Install SSL on XAMPP and make your XAMPP hosted website secured. HTTPS works with XAMPP as good as any other server or control panel. XAMPP, ideally a developer's tool is seldom used to host a real website.
  2. Installing an SSL certificate on XAMPP Prior to certificate installation, please make sure that the CSR was generated, and the certificate was activated, validated, and issued. The certificate needs to be downloaded from your account or email. You can then use the files provided there for installation.

In this video, I will teach you that 'How to Install XAMPP on windows (7/8/8.1/10) and make it completely secured'. Also 'How to install SSL.

The previous section describes how to change default Apache port number in Xampp, in this section we will also change default SSL port number in Xampp. This article will be straightforward as all the details about changing port and opening editor, config files, saving them, is discussed in details.

The default SSL port in Xampp is 443, unless the port number is used by another program, we can use the default SSL(Xampp) port number. If we need to free-up this port number for something else, we can change the port number, and choose any free port number, for this article, we will choose new SSL port number from 443 to 4431.

The files involved to change the default SSL port in XAMPP is

  1. httpd-ssl.conf file in Apache config (3/4 instance)

And the final one is in XAMPP control panel, configuration(4/4) instance

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(1/2) Changing httpd-ssl.conf file in Apache config

Click the config button beside Apache in Xampp Control Panel, and it will open-up options for several configurations. Click httpd-ssl.conf file, and as we have notepad++ as default editor, notepad++ will open the httpd-ssl.conf file.

Find 443 in httpd-ssl.conf file in text editor

In this file, there will be three occurrence of 443 in the line numbers 36, 121, and 125.

Ssl For Xampp

Find and replace all the port numbers from 443 to 4431 with Ctrl + H or manually in the text editor.

(2/2) Change httpd configuration in Xampp Control Panel

The final occurrence to change SSL port number is in the Xampp Control Panel.

Start SSL with new Port

After saving the configuration in Xampp control panel, start the Apache, now we have SSL in new 4431 port.

In this article, we have seen how to change default SSL port in Xampp.

Create ssl cert for localhost

SSL is supported in XAMPP and WAMPserver through the OpenSSL toolkit.

You can easily enable SSL by following the steps below.


1) Open the file “httpd.conf” in a text editor. The “httpd.conf” file is located in “C:xamppapacheconf”. (The path shows XAMPP is installed in “C:”. If you have installed XAMPP in some other directory, you can go to “..path-to-xampp-directory..xamppapacheconf”.)

2) In the “httpd.conf” file, find the following line:

Delete the “#” (hash symbol) from the line and save the file. If there is no “#” leave the file as it is.

3) Open the file “php.ini” located in “..xamppphp” in a text editor. This is the the php configuration settings file.

Search for this line:


Uncomment it by deleting the semicolon(;) at the beginning. Save the file.

4) Restart Apache. Now you can use https from your browser. Your browser might warn you that the security certificate is not trusted. You can ignore this warning while in localhost.

For WAMPserver:

1) Open the file “C:wampbinapacheApache2.4.4confhttpd.conf” in a text editor.

(In the path above, you might have a different Apache version in place of Apache2.4.4.)

Search for the line:

Delete “#” from the beginning to uncomment the line. Save the file.

Ssl xampp server

2) There are two “php.ini” (Configuration settings) files in Wamp.

Free Ssl For Xampp

One at “C:wampbinapacheApache2.4.4binphp.ini” and the other at “C:wampbinphpphp5.4.16php.ini”. (Your Wamp installation might have different versions of Apache and PHP in the paths.)

3) Open the files in a text editor. Find the line:


Delete semicolon(;) from the beginning. Save the files.

Ssl for xampp download

4) Restart WAMPserver and Apache.

Create Ssl Cert For Localhost

Note: There are some issues with WAMPserver 2.4 (It contains different OpenSSL files and the procedure above may not work.)