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Ideal for apartments, dorms, and downsizing, these Space Saver Hangers triple your closet space instantly for the ultimate space saving solution. Clothes stay organized, neat and wrinkle-free. Holds 5 garments on 1 hanger. Each pack comes with 10 space saving hangers. Set is packaged in a hanging box. Box measures approximately 4.5' x 2.5' x 16'.

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  • Each super-sturdy space saving hanger holds five regular hangers for five times the storage space! Designed in durable, molded plastic, this closet hanger space saver helps organize closets. Get more out of limited closet space with this convenient set of 4 space-saving hangers. With 5 hooks on each hanger, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without so many hanging options.
  • As Seen on TV Magic Hangers, Set of 10: Ultimate space-saving solution for over-crowded closets; As seen on TV hangers, set of 10, holds a total of 50 garments; Clothes stay neat, organized and wrinkle free; Strong enough to hold 5 winter coats; As seen on TV; Space-saving hangers are durable; Use the hanger set to maximize the space in your closet.

So you’ve got big, ambitious ideas for your very small space. We feel you! It’s a situation so many of us know firsthand. (No, for real, though. My first place didn’t have a single closet.) Space shortages can create a bit of a conundrum. What items will fit where? What might you have to sacrifice in the name of saving space? Luckily, with a little imagination and a wide range of furniture options for your tiny apartment, it’s possible to turn even the smallest of spaces into your dream home.

Start by defining what “home” means to you. Is it a cozy spot to unwind at the end of a long day (or week, or month)? Your favorite spot for virtual hangouts and getting work done? Maybe it’s a space for entertaining your nearest and dearest. Frankly, we don’t understand why it can’t be all of the above and more.

It's all about finding items that are practical, comfortable, completely you — withoutbreaking your budget. To get the ideas flowing, I've curated the best furniture for your tiny apartment from that can help you pull it all together, even in the smallest home spaces.

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Get ready to meet your new favorite closet organizers

When your closet is in order, you feel better, getting dressed is easier, and you can see what you own, so you actually wear all of your clothes instead of just grabbing whatever is closest. Whether you have a walk-in, reach-in closet, or one of the best closet systems available, you can always use more closet organizers. Organizers improve the look and functionality of your closet. Transform a jumbled mess using space-saving hangers, shoe storage solutions, over-the-door closet organizers, and storage bins for clothes, shoes, accessories, and out-of-season storage. Get ready to say goodbye to clutter!

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Best closet storage bins: iDesign Eco Open Front Bin

Slacks Hangers Space Savers

Reach-in storage means there is no lid to contend with, which makes them ideal for frequently used items like socks, sports bras, accessories, and hand towels. This set of two is made of washable plastic and is a smart choice for storing potentially drippy bottles of body lotion or spare shampoos and linen closet organization.

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Best closet shelf dividers: Lynk Chrome Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers are one of the best closet organizers for creating compartmentalized storage as the partition prevents piles of clothing from toppling over. Divide a shelf to stack folded denim jeans, sweaters to hold up purses and tote bags, or towels in the linen closet. At 13 inches tall, you can stack over a foot high without the risk of the stack tipping over.

Best hooks: Command Designer Hooks

A simple stick-on hook can solve some of the most common organizing challenges because it instantly creates a drop zone for things that might get hung over a doorknob or tossed on the back of a chair. Or, hang the outfit you'll wear in the morning on a hook with any accessories, and you'll have what you need to quickly get ready. Hooks also make a great spot to hang dry cleaning until you put it away. Worn once clothes can get hung on the hook, too. These hooks come in a trendy brushed nickel, and they're hard workers, each one will hold up to five pounds.

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Best closet baskets: Whitmor Rattique Small Shelf Tote

Baskets are great for collecting all those whatnots and odds and ends that wind up in your closet or on your dresser, but the problem with traditional straw baskets is that they start to fray after time and can be hard to clean. That's not the case with these plastic-coated wire baskets that can be quickly wiped clean with a damp cloth. And unlike traditional wire baskets, these are cute enough to leave out in the open.

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Best shelf risers: SONGMICS Shelf Organizers

Add a shelf riser to instantly double your shelf space. Risers elevate smaller items making them easier to see, but risers have other uses as well: in your clothes closet, you can divide tall stacks of clothes, so you'll have access to what you want without un-stacking and then re-stacking. Or group similar items together for easy identification, i.e. place folded denim by hem length, longer pairs on the bottom, and the shorter ones on top. These are also a smart pantry organization idea. The best part is there is no installation necessary, just place it down and you've doubled the shelf space.

Best closet shelf clothes file: BoxLegend Clothes Organizer Tray

Rummaging through a stack of folded clothes messes up the pile, then you waste time refolding. Use this tray to 'file' folded shirts, t-shirts, and pants, one item per tray. Simply flip through the files to get what you want, while the other clothes stay perfectly neat. With ten slots this organizer tray can hold all your frequently used folded items.

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Best closet baskets: YBM Home Under Shelf Basket

This is one of the best small closet ideas out there: slip an under-shelf basket onto a fixed shelf. You'll make use of the few inches on the underside which means more places to store stuff. Use the basket to store small items that could easily be lost in the closet like scarves or fill the basket with your commonly used items like socks.

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Best hanging shelves: The Big One Closet Organizer

If you'd like more shelf space without having to install fixed shelves, add a hanging shelving unit. This sturdy hanging organizer provides six, roomy, easy-to-reach shelves. If you are getting in on the capsule wardrobe trend, you'll have plenty of storage for your folded mix-and-match pieces, or pick out your work outfits in advance and place each selection on a separate shelf. If you'd prefer more closed storage, simply add on a bin or two.

© via Tangkula 7 Tiers Vertical Shoe Rack

Best shoe organizer: Tangkula Vertical Shoe Rack

No more searching on the closet floor for a matching pair of shoes. A vertical shoe rack is one of the best closet organizers to get the shoes you wear most often up off the floor where you can see them. One of our favorite shoe storage ideas, this space-saving shoe rack holds the seven pairs you reach for all the time. The narrow footprint, less than a foot, means you can find space for this organizer in any size closet.

Best clothes hangers for saving space: MySweetHome Space Saver Hangers

If you need to fit more clothes on hangers, and let's be honest, who doesn't; this space-saving hanger is for you. The cascading style has space for five regular clothes hangers; just release one end and you'll see all your options. The ingenious style saves room on your bar while using more of the vertical space, which tends to be more readily available in most closets. It is also a convenient way to keep out-of-season clothes in the back of the closet. You get ten hangers with five slots each, so that's 50 articles of clothes in the space of just ten hangers—talk about space-saving!

© via Rebrilliant Dallin Velvet Non Slip Standard Hanger Set

Best non-slip clothes hangers: Dallin Slim Velvet Hangers

Say goodbye to that heap of fallen clothes on the closet floor: The flocking on these velvet hangers holds the garments neatly in place. Other benefits are that their ultra-thin profile gives you up to 50 percent more hanging space and the uniform look of matching hangers gives your closet a boutique feel. These come in a pack of 100, which is enough to makeover your clothes closet and the hall closet too. Yep, these are sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of winter coats.

© via Closetmaid Double Hang Closet Rod

Best double hang bar: ClosetMaid Double Hang Closet Rod

Magic hanger

Create double the space to hang twice the amount of clothing in under five minutes with this double hang bar that solves the 'no more hanging space' problem. This is a no-tools-needed upgrade, simply clip this rod to your existing closet rod, then expand the height and width to fit your space and you are done. It's also, one of the best kid's closet ideas because the lower-level bar puts clothes at the right high for them to reach. Great news, this organizer is built to work on both wood bars and wire closet rods, so it will work in all closets.

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Best over the door organizer: Room Essentials 15 Pocket Overdoor Organizer

Don't overlook potential storage opportunities. If your closet door pulls open, add an over door organizer. It gives you 15 roomy, see-through pouches you can use to organize all sorts of things, including scarves, belts, ties, costume jewelry, and even swimsuits. Or try it in the bathroom to hold lotions, hair products, and soaps. Because you can see and quickly find and reach what you need, keeping your closet tidy is a lot easier.

Best small size shoe storage: Interlocking Shoe Box System by Rebrilliant

Leaving all your shoes on the floor of the closet is a sure way to make a mess, plus it can damage your shoes. The solution? Store away the shoes that are worn less often. These hard plastic boxes are sturdy, and each has a clear, drop-down front window, so you can see what's inside and, without un-stacking them, pull the pair you want to wear. Bonus: your shoes will be dust-free and damage-free.

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Best large size shoe storage: Drop-Front Shoe Box

Using stacking storage boxes to organize less frequently worn shoes will gain you lots of usable closet space. Plus, shoes will be protected from scuffs or being crushed. Replace the pile of shoes on the closet floor with drop-front stackable boxes. For larger shoes, choosing a box designed specifically for the longer and wider width is important, otherwise, they may not fit through the drop front opening, or they may not fit in the box at all.

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Best soft storage bin: Sorbus Fabric Organizer Bag

Most out-of-season clothing pieces are best stored in one of the best closet organizers: soft-sided stackable bags. Choose ones with clear windows and you can see what's inside without opening it, which means no more wasting time looking for a specific item or re-buying something you already own because you can't find it. It zips closed to keep items inside dust-free and the lid is attached so it won't get lost. Unlike hard-sided plastic bins, these collapse when not in use, though we find it hard to imagine that will ever be the case.

Best hard side storage bins: IRIS Stack & Pull Storage Box, pack of six

Hard-sided plastic bins are a necessity when storing away delicate items that could be damaged or crushed in storage. Boxing them up lets you keep less frequently used items within reach but out of the way. Tidy up your closet by storing hats, embellished tops, and other fragile items inside this set of six stacking bins. The built-in handle on the totes makes them easy to grab and the buckle-up latches secure the lid.

© via Ziploc Space Bag 6 Count Travel Variety Pack

Best space saver bags: Ziploc Spacebag Pack

Compression bags allow you to store out-of-season clothing, pool towels (during the winter), or bulky bedding and throw pillows in just a fraction of the space. Items take up a lot less room, once you use a vacuum cleaner to suck the air out of the bag. The extra-large vacuum bag can hold a queen-size bedding set or more than a dozen sweaters. You get six bags, in a variety of sizes, so you are sure to find the one you need.

© via Mdesign 2 Level Food Storage Lazy Susan Turntable

Best turntable: mDesign 2 Level Lazy Susan Turntable

Space Saver Hangers At Walmart

Smaller items can easily get lost on a closet shelf and retrieving items towards the back without knocking things over isn't the easiest task. Stick a turntable on the shelf, then spin the item you need right to the front. The trays have edges that keep your items in place as you spin the smooth gliding turntable. Try a turntable of wristwatches in the clothes closet or a spinner of beauty products in the linen closet.

© via Rubbermaid 3 Foot To 6 Foot Deluxe Closet Organizer Kit

Best closet systems: Rubbermaid Deluxe Closet Organizer Kit

There is one product that can improve your basic closet set-up more than any other, the Rubbermaid Closet Kit, one of the best closet organizers. Fully adjustable, from 3-feet to-6-feet, this easy to install organizer works for walk-in and reach-in closets. The series of hanging bars and 12' deep shelves give you flexible storage with enough space to hold bins and containers and lots of stacked clothes. Consider this kit for all the closets including clothes, hall, linen, and utility. The best part is you can add pieces from the closet collection to personalize the storage. If you need more bins, baskets, shelves, or even a boot organizer, just add it on.

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