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standards/-2019-06-15 18:02:49
yr-mod-tools/-2020-10-05 23:21:35
无敌吱吱/-2020-06-04 22:25:56
0001-Added-highlighting-of-C-11-keywords-and-spec.>3.1 KiB2018-07-19 10:50:13
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all02.7z233.5 KiB2020-01-22 16:36:12
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cmake-3.9.3.tar.gz7.3 MiB2017-09-20 23:59:16
code.tar.gz1.0 MiB2018-10-14 21:12:47
gcc-8.2-manuals.tar.xz21.1 MiB2019-01-14 14:05:23
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git_principle.pdf201.8 KiB2018-08-07 10:53:53
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hohner_280.jpg2.4 MiB2020-12-26 22:44:59
maksim_mrvica-croatian-rhapsody.mp34.4 MiB2019-11-10 20:05:54
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nanorc9.6 KiB2019-08-19 01:19:37
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How to install sourcetree




SourceTree is a nice alternative to the git command line. It is a fast and easy way to work with Git and Mercurial, especially if you are using Git Flow and looking for free software. Managing code workflow in SourceTree is intuitive, and it can facilitate most git tasks in a logical manner. 现在使用GitLab管理项目,简单整理了相关操作。 GitLab. 1.创建组 因为是公司的项目,所以选择私有. Multiboxing eve. SourceTree, free download. SourceTree 3.4.4: SourceTree, a free Mac client for Git and Mercurial version control systems. Our free Git and Mercurial code hosting site with unlimited public and private repositories and i want to thank everyone who signed up to be a trusted tester. SourceTree support is available ONLY from its developer Atlassian Software Systems.