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Stash is a web application that hosts your git repositories for you – you might think of it as a git “server”. SourceTree is a GUI “client” that allows developers to work with git repositories on their local computers. SouceTree has the ability to clone repositories from your Stash server (or any other git server).

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The well-known SourceTree succeeds at showing unnamed stashes, but as you can guess, the list isn’t friendly to browse: Yes, git stash apply git stash pop Unlike git stash pop, git stash apply does not remove the stash from the list of stashes, which can avoid some loss. To Stash changes in SourceTree we can go to the 'Repository' menu (right of File & Edit) then 'Stash Changes'. Also in Terminal the command is simply 'git stash' Stef Joosten Apr 30, 2017 I think the problem here is that stashes may get hidden by moving around the panes in the screen.

Usually you would host one instance of Stash and grant all of your developers read and write access to some projects and repositories hosted on it. Developers would then download and install SourceTree on to their development machines themselves and use it to work with their own local copies, or “clones”, of the repositories hosted on Stash.

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Sourcetree Stash Untracked Files

  • Recovering the Stash I started off my research at the source of all developer knowledge A.K.A. StackOverflow where I discovered this question Retrieve deleted stash in Git using SourceTree an exact depiction of my problem. Reading through the answers, I discovered that a stash is just another commit in your repo and that deleted ones are orphaned.
  • How to pop a stash in SourceTree? Sergei Kulagin May 09, 2020. How to pop a stash in SourceTree? I stashed some work on a branch, now Stash button is greyed out and both - stash list nor pop are nowhere to be found. Like Be the first to like this. 1 answer 0 votes.

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