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Sometimes, you don't want to clone a repository from the server. This tutorial video will walk you through how to create an entirely local repository. I'm attempting to use SourceTree to clone a private repo belonging to github organization of which I am a part. I have full permissions to view and commit to the repo, I can see it online when I log in, AND I can clone just fine with the command line and also via the github desktop application. It only fails in SourceTree.

To add your supply request file, do the following:

  1. From your BitbucketStationSupplies in Bitbucket, click Source to open the source directory. Notice you only have one file, supplies.txt, in your directory.

    • A. Source page: Click the link to open this page.

    • B. Branch selection: Pick the branch you want to view.

    • C. More options button: Click to open a menu with more options, such as 'Add file'.

    • D. Source file area: View the directory of files in Bitbucket.

  2. From the Source page, click the More options button in the top right corner and select Add file from the menu. The More options button only appears after you have added at least one file to the repository. A page for creating the new file opens, as shown in the following image.

    • A. Branch with new file: Change if you want to add file to a different branch.

    • B. New file area: Add content for your new file here.

  3. Space saver bags website reviews. Enter supplyrequest in the filename field.

  4. Select HTML from the Syntax mode list.

  5. Add the following HTML code to the text area:

    We are requesting additional supplies. Please send us the following:

    • space ice cream

    • nerf darts

    • telescope light shield

  6. Click Commit. The Commit message field appears with the message: supplyrequest created online with Bitbucket.

  7. Click Commit under the message field.

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