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SourceTree is a nice alternative to the git command line. It is a fast and easy way to work with Git and Mercurial, especially if you are using Git Flow and looking for free software. Managing code workflow in SourceTree is intuitive, and it can facilitate most git tasks in a logical manner. Go to the Sourcetree website and click the download button. From the ZIP file you download, click the application file (EXE for Windows or DMG for Mac) to download. After you install, you'll have to agree to the Atlassian Customer Agreement and hit Continue. You need an Atlassian account to use Sourcetree. As of 22 Feb 2018, GitHub has disabled support for weak encryption which means many users will suddenly find themselves unable to authenticate using a Git for Windows which (impacts versions older than v2.16.0). I am using Sourcetree. If you would like go your previous commit, you can just double click on previous commit. After that, if you want you can create a new branch and merge with your old branch. Improve this answer. Follow answered Dec 9 '20 at 19:53.

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Configuration for use with gerrit requires modifying a repos origin push to :


this worked great with 3.1.3 and earlier versions. Now, we just get a push window with absolutely NO branches or anything so it is impossible to push changes unless auto-pushing using the checkmark to push directly upon committing. This is ok in normal scenarios, but as soon as you enter complex scenarios like wishing to ammend a checked-out commit that someone else has pending in gerrit, which requires creating a local branch, we normally have to manually tell it to push it to the correct refs/for/correctBranch. this is now impossible. See screenshots that I will add as comments to the issue to see the 3.1.3 behaviour and the latest behaviour (same in all versions more recent than 3.1.3)

Please correct this, it forces our teams to remain on 3.1.3 just to function.

is cloned from

SRCTREEWIN-12850Sourcetree for windows DOES NOT WORK for ALL VERSIONS after 3.1.3 with gerrit repositories.

SourcetreeSourcetree Old Version

Sourcetree Download License

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Sourcetree Older Version

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Sourcetree Old Version


Sourcetree 3.1.2 Download

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