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Sourcetree Merge Tool

Using TortoiseDiff and TortoiseMerge in Atlassian SourceTree

I’m using SourceTree along with TortoiseMerge/Diff, which is very easy and convenient diff/merge tool. But, because it isn’t that easy and convenient to install and configure both tools, I wrote this simple memo-post to have check-list for future reference in one place.

SourceTree Go to Tools Options Diff. Select Custom in the Merge Tool dropdown. Type the path to UnityYAMLMerge in the Merge Command text field. Type merge -p $BASE $REMOTE $LOCAL $MERGED in the Arguments text field. Sourcetree simplifies how you interact with your Git repositories so you can focus on coding. Visualize and manage your repositories through Sourcetree's simple Git GUI. Since now we have used the command line tool to specify this as the global diff and merge tool, SourceTree will use P4Merge as the diff/merge tool. However, a word of caution, SourceTree does come shipped with its own embedded Git client. If that is the case, you will either need to configure the Git instance that comes embedded with SourceTree or use the global one. To check which one is SourceTree using, go here: Click Tools-Options-Git-System Git. Hope this helps. It is quite simple to configure SourceTree to use it as the default mergetool: Open the SourceTree preferences and select the Diff tab Choose Custom both as Visual Diff Tool and as Merge Tool Paste the following commands into the textfields: Diff Command: /Applications/IntelliJ.


  1. Get standalone version of TortoiseMerge/Diff (quite old, since it doesn’t ship standalone since version 1.6.7 of TortosieSVN, that is since July 2011). Links and details in this answer.
  2. Unzip TortoiseIDiff.exe and TortoiseMerge.exe to any folder (c:Program Files (x86)AtlassianSourceTreeextras in my case).

  3. In SourceTree open Tools > Options > Diff > External Diff / Merge. Select TortoiseMerge in both dropdown lists.

  4. Hit OK and point SourceTree to your location of TortoiseIDiff.exe and TortoiseMerge.exe.

After that, you can select Resolve Conflicts > Launch External Merge Tool from context menu on each conflicted file in your local repository. This will open up TortoiseMerge, where you can easily deal with all the conflicts, you have. Once finished, simply close TortoiseMerge (you don’t even need to save changes, this will probably be done automatically) and after few seconds SourceTree should handle that gracefully.

The only problem is, that it automatically creates backup copy, even though proper option is unchecked.

There is an alternate solution to this problem, which uses KDiff3 instead of TortoiseDiff / TortoiseMerge.

Source of this article: Stack Overflow.

I am using SourceTree as a Git client in my windows 7. I faced with a conflict and in order to resolve I click on Launch external merge tool as suggested. A window pops up very shortly and nothing happens then after!


I just tried it on my Mac OS and it shows external merge tool as expected.

under Tools -> Options -> Diff -> External Diff / Merge dropdown box, System Default is selected.

I expect to see the diff merge tool but it never shows up in my windows, anyone know what could be the reason?

Do you have a diff tool installed on your system? Merkava 2.

I've been a mac user for some years, but as far as I know, Windows does not come with a diff tool preinstalled but Mac does. You can try WinMerge for Windows, I've used it in the past and it's pretty nice, and open source.

You can also try the P4 Merge tool from Perforce which is offered for free.

Both options can be selected as a Diff/Merge Tool in SourceTree

Go back before commit and push changes

The push aside, reset is made for this. $ git reset HEAD^ will move your current local head (master, maybe?) one step up in history, while keeping your local files untouched. Then for the push (and you should listen to @jeremytwfortune in his comment), you can (but shouldn't) remove it..

Pull request within one project/branch?


Yes. You can create pull request for separate branches of the same repository. C just needs to make sure to push their changes on a separate branch then, so that they can create a pull request from it to the master branch of the project. But yeah, this is totally..

Extended description text on Git


There is no 'extended description' concept in git. Only the commit message. What happens is that the commit message can have a single line or multiple lines. External tools or websites such as git-cola or GitHub can interpret multiple lines commit messages as: The first line is a short description..

How do I remove Tag in GitLab repository


Obviously you don't have the permission of deleting tags in remote GitLab repo. Either ask for the owner of the repo to grant you the permission of master or let him help you to delete the tag would help..

Using git with Doxygen FILE_VERSION_FILTER


I was looking more for a git command that accepts a file name and outputs how many times that file has been included in a commit. For a file, you can use one of the git log commands in 'List all commits for a specific file': git log --follow..

git: assume unchanged bit not set

While the actual behavior may have changed between versions, this is an implementation detail. Fundamentally, assume-unchanged is a mechanism to allow Git to avoid hitting the filesystem to look for changes. It means that Git may avoid looking at the files, it doesn't mean that Git must avoid looking at..

Can git ever send your code to a repo that isn't yours?


Sourcetree Merge Tool

Doing a git commit locally won't result in your code being sent to any repo, let alone a repo which is not yours. When you do a git commit, Git will add some local objects corresponding to the changes you have made in the current working branch. In order for..

What is the difference between stop tracking and discard file in git SourceTree


In SourceTree, selecting 'discard' on a file just throws away your local changes; stop tracking removes it from the repository. However, as long as you have deleted the file on your local drive, and you can see that deletion in the 'Staged Files' section of SourceTree, it will be deleted..

“Arguments to path.resolve must be strings” when calling 'gitbook build' from a Git hook


Some further consideration brought me to the right direction: Invoking a Git hook has a different login context than working on the server's command line. So running set > some-file in both contexts revealed significant differences in environment variables. Some experiments turned out that it was export HOME=/home/git that had..

Contributing to open source project on github


You commit to your local repository; in order for your changes to appear on github, you need to git push them.

Fix git branch after another developer did a reset


If I understand this correctly, the other developer's local branch looks like this (reverse chronological order): +- (F) His last commit (Required) +- (E) His commits 2, 3, 4, etc .. (Required) +- (D) His commit 1 (Required) +- (C) Your commit 2 (To be discarded) +- (B) Your commit..

Git submodule fail because of link to unexisting revision


That means A has recorded a gitlink (special entry in the index) referencing a SHA1 of the submodule B which was never pushed to GitHub. When A used B in a local clone, B was at 32a0a80. A was pushed, but B was not. Hence the issue. Normally, a git..

How to download files from git repository?


Installing git in a new dir should be the best option: If your repo is already initiated, check your remotes: git remote --v $ git remote --v heroku ssh:// (fetch) heroku ssh:// (push) Check the list you have there. The first parameter, is the remote name, then you should write..

Git sees duplicated modified file


Look again carefully AreaChart.js and Areachart.js are different files. One has capital C and other has lower case c character. Since Git is case sensitive, and your filesystem is case insensitive, you will only see one of these on your filesystem. If you only want one in Git, you should..

Getting code from my forked repository


Having a look at your repository in it looks like it doesn't have a branch called dev-fullauth. Instead there is a branch dev-bugfix. But you must not name your branch including the dev- prefix. Rename your branch at github from dev-bugfix to bugfix and then your require section would..

Composer package not found in private repository


Your required version is almost certainly incorrect as you have a minimum-stability of dev (which is rarely a good idea). .. 'require': { 'pico/pico-core': 'dev-dev' //ensure the dev branch actually exists }, .. Here's a useful guide to composer stability flags:

gitignore in PHPStorm


Most likely, certain files inside those directories were already added to version control before the directories were added to .gitignore; note that the files listed as ignored in the command line and the ones being modified in the UI are not the same. You can remove them from source control..

choose authentication for git pull

Sourcetree Merge Tool Winmerge


There are two ways of setting up SSH keys on GitHub. User level at or repo level: View the repository on GitHub, click Settings to the right, then Deploy keys, and add your public key..

Is there a way to push to a remote Git repository without having to fetch its objects?

To the best of my knowledge there is no way to do what you want. When you try to push some commit to a remote repository Git will detect whether your current branch is behind its remote counterpart and it that case it will prompt an error: ! [rejected] master..

Why does rebasing unset my current branch and does not complete?


I fixed conflicts and committed the changes: That's where you went wrong. git rebase --continue expects the changes to be in the index, but not yet committed. Since you already committed the changes, git rebase's own attempt fails, because there are no changes left to be committed. You should..

Why can I view some Unix executable files in Mac OS X and not others?


Executable files may be scripts (in which case you can read the text), or binaries (which are ELF formatted machine code). Your shell script is a script; git is an ELF binary. You can use the file command to see more detail. For example, on my nearest Linux system: $..

How to get rid of .ignore file in Git?


.gitignore is just like any other file under version control, so yes, you can delete it. However, keep in mind that it probably has entries in it that should be kept, so instead of deleting it, I would just modify it so that your jar files are no longer ignored.

How to push local git repo to remote branch?


You need to make sure that local repo branch name matches the remote branch name. When you create a new local repo the name of the branch is called master, and that probably already exists in the remote you are trying to push to. To rename your local branch see:..

Git post-receive hook is not executed


The hook file is incorrectly named post-reveive.

How can I get the last commit in all tags?

Simply checkout the name of the branch for which you need the last commit. So if you are working on master, do git checkout master. (Edit: after getting more illumination of the problem from the comments, it is not as easy as above). OK, so my guess is that you..

Why does git checkout modify the index without being documented as such?

From the man page you pasted in your question: The <tree-ish> argument can be used to specify a specific tree-ish (i.e. commit, tag or tree) to update the index for the given paths before updating the working tree. So you can see, it does clearly state that the index will..

Custom post-receive hook with gitlab


on the file so it is owned by the 'git' user. I have no git user on the webserver.. all other git related files are owned by my user or root. That is because oyur webserver is a client of the GitLab server. The documentation you reference is for..

Sourcetree Atlassian Download

Is it possible to connect to remote DB while working in localhost?


Yes, of course it is. You'll need to whitelist your development servers on the remote server's firewall and allow remote access to the database. If you're using cPanel, there are options there to do so, but you may need to speak to your host as well.

Why doesn't “go get…” work while “go get…” OK?


The root cause has been found: Because my computer use a web proxy, so I need to set proxy in environment variable: C:Usersxiaona>set https_proxy= C:Usersxiaona>set http_proxy= C:Usersxiaona>go get -v Fetching Parsing meta tags from (status code 200) get '': found meta tag main.metaImport{Prefix:' tih/pool.v2', VCS:'git',..

I rewrote my program and need some suggestions for my git repo

you might want to merge these two repository. here is a answer about how to do this: How do you merge two git repositories? although I will still ask if I have rewritten everything and is better version why I need to worry about the old version. ..

Need help doing a git merge

Your changes would be lost if they pulled in new changes. Git is actively trying to prevent that, so it forces you to either blow away the changes or stash them for later. Stash the changes: git stash save Then your collaborator can pull the changes into their branch. If..

Configure Git to use a .pem key from a specific location


From the git(1) man page: GIT_SSH If this environment variable is set then git fetch and git push will use this command instead of ssh when they need to connect to a remote system. The $GIT_SSH command will be given exactly two or four arguments: the [email protected] (or just host)..

Not able to create staging instance on heroku [duplicate]


In your Gemfile group :production do gem 'pg', '0.17.1' gem 'rails_12factor', '0.0.2’ end and also remove gem 'sqlite3' OR group :development, :test do gem 'sqlite3' end Because heroku can't install the sqlite3 gem. But you can tell bundler that it shouldn't be trying to except when developing. Then run bundle..

How to get previous version using git and VS Express for web 2013?


You can get a specific version via git checkout [commit_id]. You can undo that commit with git revert [commit_id].

Hide sensitive information from git changes


What you probably are looking for is a filter. You set these up in your .gitattributes file to run one substitution upon adding a file to the staging area, and another substitution upon checkout: The image is from the .gitattributes section of the Git book, which has details on how..

Cannot get my post-commit script to run (git)


For the remote repository you should use the post-recieve hook. I think the post-commit hook is only run on the clients, and not on the remote repository. From the docs post-receive This hook is invoked by git-receive-pack on the remote repository, which happens when a git push is done on..

Write Access for user on all repos on Gitolite


myreponame.git doesn't exist on the server currently, but I'd like to be able to add it automatically just by using the remote add origin command. That is not how you add a new repo with gitolite. You need to modify your conf/gitolite.conf file of your gitolite-admin repo, in order..

How to release binaries on Github for different plattforms as seperate downloads?


All Releases are tied to Git tags. You can either choose an existing tag, or let GitHub create a new tag from an existing branch when the Release is created. You can create releases and attach one or more artifacts (e.g., your binaries) via the GitHub API; see the docs..

Git undo changes made in a specific folder

If you want to undo the changes, do git checkout app/code/core/.

Working with 2 git repos simultaneously

Assuming upstream is the name of the upstream remote and that you want to merge in its master branch, I think it should be as simple as: #fetch upstream changes git fetch upstream #go to the branch where you'll integrate them git checkout your_development_branch #merge in upstream changes git merge..

How to undo a successful “git cherry-pick”?

A cherry-pick is basically a commit, so if you want to undo it, you just undo the commit. when I have other local changes Stash your current changes so you can reapply them after resetting the commit. $ git stash $ git reset --hard HEAD^ $ git stash pop #..

SVN: Adding a new branch to the “Choose items” list


Don't do 'checkout' to add the folder. That is creating a new, nested working copy that is completely separate from your top-level working copy. Instead, use 'update to revision..' and there will be another 'choose items' button which you can use exactly as before when you first created your working..

Managing git repos



Yes, that's the common way to do it. They only get notified if they are on github or other collaboration platforms.You could easily just clone the repo, do your stuff and nobody will have knowledge of that. This depends on your changes. Merging back typically is done in a..

How to pull files and only override conflicts


Doing a git pull should do the right thing, as long as you haven't done git add on the files you don't want in to have under git. I suggest putting the names of those files in a .gitignore. If you are running into a specific problem with using git..

How do I view the list of commits that haven't been pushed yet?


If you do a git log origin/master.HEAD, it should show you all the commits that have not been pushed (assuming you are on master, of course).

Override .gitattributes text=auto in Windows


.gitattributes overrides all config settings, so it really can't be overridden; it is the 'overrider,' so to speak. While you can simply remove the line, this will cause inconsistent behavior on other developers' machines if they have core.autocrlf=true. So the best bet would be to add the following line to..

Trying to understand git upstream branch

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You are mixing up two different concepts of git here. The remote and the branch. Remote [default: origin] Think of the Remote as another computer or another person. Specifying something like origin will tell git who to send your current set of changes to. Branch [default: master] You use branches..

Sourcetree Launch External Merge Tool

How to tell git-svn that files are NOT binary


Sourcetree Download Windows 10

The binary attribute 'macro' is a shorthand for -diff -merge -text (see gitattributes docs). In opposite to the the text-attribute which influences the line ending conversion of files between the repository and the working copy version, the diff and merge-attributes do not influence how Git stores files. The latter two..