Sourcetree Mac 10.13

Sourcetree Mac 10.13

To celebrate the new year (admittedly a little belatedly), how about a new major version of SourceTree for Windows? We have a doozy for you to start off 2014.

Easy data transform. We were surprised how fast Easy Data Transform is. It processed our 100,000 rows of data in just seconds, where our existing solution needed minutes. It took us less than an hour to transfer a script that filters and merges different datasets to Easy Data Transform. A script that initially took us days to write and test in our existing solution.

git-svn support

Sourcetree Mac 10.13 Update

Sourcetree 3.2.1 should be supported on macOS 10.13 and is available from the download archives page. If for some reason you're not able to access all the versions on the archive page, here's a direct link to that version. SourceTree 3.0 (198) on Mac OS X 10.13.6. Symptom Severity: Severity 2 - Major Description. I’m seeing extremely high CPU usage (up to 115% according to Activity Monitor) using Sourcetree 3 Beta (198) on macOS High Sierra (10.13.6). This happens even when there are no Sourctree windows open.

  1. – Giraldi Oct 10 '16 at 10:13 @Giraldi since those in the pull queue would be new commits is ok that they stay after the rever, if you also want to undo commits that you didn't pulled yet you should first pull and then revert. – dminones Oct 11 '16 at 12:49.
  2. I recently updated to Sourcetree 2.7 (144) and I've noticed very high CPU load when operating on a Bitbucket HTTPS git repo - just typical commits and pushes. It first came to my attention when I noticed the fan on my Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.2 machine was blasting after using Sourcetree for just a.
  3. However using the command line git command is tedious, and SourceTree from Atlassian is probably the best graphical git manager available. Project browser. SourceTree can manage multiple repositories at once, and, to access them, a multi-level hierarchical browser is available: Regular view.

You can now use SourceTree for Windows to interoperate with your old Subversion projects via git-svn. This works by letting you work with a Git repository locally, but you can interact with a remote SVN repository via clone, push, and pull, thereby combining the benefits of a fast and flexible local DVCS, while still collaborating effectively with your projects that are still running legacy repositories.

Command line interface

You can now call SourceTree.exe from wherever you installed it on the command line, and by default it will open up the nearest containing repository for your current directory. You can also specify a different path, and ask SourceTree to immediately navigate to certain views or run certain commands, like so:


The commands you can use are as follows:

Opens the clone dialog with the provided URL.
Opens the repository at the File Status view.
Opens the repository at the Log view
Opens the repository at the Search view. If <pattern> is specified, immediately searches for that text.
Opens the repository and then opens the log for <file>.
Opens the repository and immediately goes to the commit dialog.

You might wish to add SourceTree’s install directory to your path to make this accessible anywhere.


Thanks to your response to our call for translators, SourceTree for Windows 1.4 now comes in six languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and Russian. The latter three are not 100 percent complete yet, but the major elements are translated; If you’d like to help fill in the remaining blanks, please join in the translation effort!

Patch file support

You can now create and apply patches within SourceTree – You can work effectively with patches comprised of uncommitted working state, and with patches containing one or more complete commits. SourceTree gathers all the options for generating a patch into an easy interface, and does the work of recognizing the relative paths and strip options when you’re applying a patch so you don’t have to work it out manually.

You can find the patch features on the Actions menu, labelled Create Patch and Apply Patch.

Archive support

Would you like to export a full copy of your source without all the Git/Mercurial history and metadata, either at the current state or at some other point in history? Archive is the feature you need for that, available either on the main menu (Repository > Archive), or on the context menu against a commit in the log (right-click a commit and pick Archive).

Sourcetree Mac 10.13 Download



Sourcetree Mac 10.13 Torrent

We want to make SourceTree an even better product for you, and to do this we’d love your help in finding out how you use our product. In the latest version you’ll get a popup asking if it’s OK to gather some data about how you use the product. We want to emphasize that no personal data is taken whatsoever.

Sourcetree Mac 10.13 Torrent


We also added a bunch of other smaller things, such as:

  • An optional spell checker in the commit dialog
  • The ability to bookmark open repositories which you opened with File > Open or via the command line
  • Configurable conversion of tabs to spaces in the diff view
  • Improved multi-monitor support
  • and more…

We hope you like the new version of SourceTree for Windows!